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Buspar.. multiple panic attacks


So idk what had happened the past 3 or 4 days but my panic attacks have gotten so bad! Literally like 3 or more a day. I finally had my doctors appointment yesterday and told him how I was feeling and that I pretty much had a panic attack in the waiting room(in my head.😣)

Anyways the panic attacks always pass, and I know that. And I also know by now that they are indeed panic attacks... I'm not dying.. im not having a stoke... I'm having panic attacks. So the problem is getting to where I don't keep having them

So I told my doctor that I wanted to actually TRY the buspar again, the first time I honestly didn't try it long at all. So he said that would be fine and he also wrote me a prescription for paxil. He said if the buspar didn't seem to help after a few weeks then give the paxil a try. He said it wouldn't take as long to kick in and it's a little stronger.

Last night I took my buspar as I was told, and went to sleep right away. This morning I woke up feeling a little nauseous, but thats okay.. I can deal with that, if it's even from the medication

I think I've finally got to the point where I think.. it's okay to lean on the help of medication. I'e tried to self help over and over for over a year & i just can' get out of the last little rut I'm in. So gonna take my medication & work this out. Here we go

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It took me a long time to accept meds and I’m on very low dose Lexapro. I feel amazing. I’m now able to work on my anxiety where the thought of even trying before was too much. I do not like any meds in my system but I was causing more harm to myself emotionally and physically than good without them. Everyday I challenge myself a little further to desensitize. I am able to enjoy outings now and it’s amazing to stand in the line at the store and have conversations instead of feeling like I may pass out. I no longer hyper focus on my health nor do I have repetitive obsessive thoughts. It’s been a life saver.

Elizabeth04 in reply to DeeM3

Thanks so much for your positive response. This is what I want to achieve. I am on a very low dosage as well, hoping for the very best

Thanks so much. I'm on 5mg as well. They told me to start of with half a pill at night then go up to the whole pill after a week.

I'm praying it works for me as well.

Hi.... sorry it has taken me this long to respond. Ok if one thing isn't working then yes your Doc should have something else for you to try. I have been taking Prozac (10mg) now for a week after changing from another pill that didn't work for me at all. I have taken Paxil in the past and that also did a fine job for me controlling my anxiety. Now I have a feeling that Ill have to go up to 20mg`s of Prozac to completely bring up my Seritonen (sic) levels to where I will be feeling ok all day.

Best advice I can give is that some pills work for people and some don`t. You may have to try Paxil and give that a go and see.. Now sometimes we have to look outside ourselves for help either in counselling or with a pill that will help balance out our Brain chemistry...Don`t be afraid to look for help Liz....Best wishes and Much Love to you Steve.

Elizabeth04 in reply to shadow45

Thanks so much

This is only my 2nd day on the buspar. So far I don't see any difference.

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It takes about 3 weeks to notice a change and 6-8 weeks to notice an even bigger difference. I’ve been taking Buspar for about 22 days and I felt the effects within 10 days. I take both doses by 2pm (since I wake up at 5am for work), and I take 50mg Vistaril at night for sleep and they seem to work very well together. Just wait, during the first 10 days I didn’t feel anything. It’s not for short term fast acting treatment. If you need faster treatment I need to ask your doctor about benzos.

Elizabeth04 in reply to Hidden

Thank you. I've been on klonopin for a year, trying to find something besides benzos 😞

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Klonopin is one of the best anxiety meds but unfortunately it’s very hard to get off of. I wouldn’t mind trying it or Valium for anxiety. Buspar is similar but it takes almost 2 months to relieve all the symptoms and it’s a 50/50.

Hi elizabeth i have had great luck with paxil very little to no side affects been on it for 9 years helps me huge

Elizabeth04 in reply to bjbj

Thank you. My doctor told me that might help me better. May give this a couple days then give paxil a try

Stay positive don't give up keep your mind busy ...we are always here to help

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