Ugh having A rough day once again today tierd physically and emotionally Tierd of whats going on want to be me again

Hey wassup guys tierd of this everyday heart thing its just annoying and feel like if i dont get to the bottom of this something might happen to me i know im only 20 years old but the way my acerlerates so fast its start from my heart to my neck it gets tites and my body and back moves uncontrably to try to relax and breath in and out so i can calm down my heart rate but it starts beating super fast for any little thing i get dizzy aswell like right now i feel a bit dizzy and confused of whats going on with my body and heart sort of like i have a heart problem or a nervous system problem because its like the left and right side of my neck gets tite and pulse starts beating really fast on my neck and heart aswell that i can feel it in the middle of my throat like where thyriod is but its annoying already plus even when im laying down in bed i could feel it beating slow but i could just feel on my chest and throat so say if i move it speeds up really fast like when i got out the train come up the stiars and was walking home i came home checked my blood pressure was 120 and pulse was 117 per min i dont get whats the problem also get sympthoms with it , pressure chest and sharp pains then it leaves dont stay for long Muscle spasms all moving different places of my body , shortness of breath sometimes feeling like im not breathing headaches , pulse moving behind my legs while laying down plus this all happen aftef massive panic attacks from smoking weed ever sense it change how my body works all these things are happening and i been 7 months clean with out smoking and barely drinking so i dont get what is really the problem because this happens everyday daily like 4 times a day Sometimes its like i get these nervous feeling in my body that i dont know how to relax and my heart it acerlerates so fast that i feel like im going to past out like i dont know what is really wrong with me anymore thanks guys for being here and hopefully i pray to god i get better and move on with my life .


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  • You have made your choice, Johnny, between issuing graphic lists of your anxiety symptoms or taking steps to rid yourself of these bad feelings. Sadly you have chosen not to take the road to recovery but instead continue with the endless lists of endless ailments. You say you pray to God to get better but God helps those who help themselves which you have chosen not to do.

    Once again no mention of even a single positive step you are taking to bring about your recovery. You have chosen not to help yourself that way, just continue with the long, regular descriptions of your symptoms. You say that you don't know what is really wrong with you. Refusal to help yourself is what is really wrong with you.

  • Oh my, Johnnie. Having another very difficult day. Your anxiety took you on a real carnival circus ride today. Your heart is ok, You know that doctors have checked your heart. But your anxiety is clever and still messes with your mind and convinces you that your heart is in trouble. It's 7:30p.m. and time for you to eat something and try to relax from your exhausting day.

    Ok? Ok.

  • im tierd my neck hurts my back hurts my head aswell my heart just dont stop and relax just speeds for no reason

  • Johnnie, we know you don't feel good. But you won't

    take medication prescribed to help you, so I'm not going to mention that anymore. All I can do is tell you I'm sorry you have such bad days, and suggest you try to do some deep breathing. Good night Johnnie. :)

  • Let it ease your mind that 120 is an excellent top number for blood pressure and a pulse of 117 just means you've been physically active such as walking or you've had an adrenaline rush which is the culprit behind the feeling of anxiety. True arrhythmias of tachycardia (fast heart rates are quite a bit higher than 117). I've known several people who've had their heart rates go over 200 beats per minute. Until you face the true source of your issues.... ANXIETY... nothing will get better.

  • I too get heart palpitations just like you do, dizziness, chest discomfort, difficulty breathing, etc. The worst thing you can do is constantly think about it. I know that the more I think about it the worse the symptoms get. Especially when I think that something is wrong with me. It makes me more anxious, which increases the symptoms, and then makes me more anxious...see where I'm going with this? The more anxious you are the worse the symptoms will be. Try taking magnesium, I take it everyday and it seems to help me. Also exercising and staying active. Best of luck!

  • what is the magnesium for ?

  • If you're having muscle twitches, it will help with it. Also it will help reduce heart palpitations. There is a study out that it helps reduce them. I had muscle spasms, especially in my eye. My eye twitched all the time. I started taking magnesium and it went away. I would talk to your doctor about it first before taking it everyday but I'm sure it will help you. Obviously the best solution is to reduce the anxiety but thats easier said then done.

  • Yeah because my sympthoms are daily everyday something is always wrong physically with my body .

  • Do you drink coffee? Alcohol? I would stay away from any stimulants. Eat healthier and you should see your symptoms reduce.

  • i barely drink caffine i drink water like right now im laying down and oressure comes and goes and some deep pain right where my heart is beating at im getting worried im sitting uo now because it getting me a bit worried like it was sharp pain i dont know why its doing that .

  • Have you been checked out by the doctor?

  • yeah like 4 5 months even saw a cardiologist said my heart is fine just a little bit arrythmia but not a dangerous one went to alot of ers they say its anxiety disorder i went to the ER the other day to see wassup with chest pain they said EKG came back fine and told me just to keep up with my cardiologist make appointment just to keep him posted so i have one agust 2nd . but i dont know this pain on my chest that comes and goes scares the heck out of me makes me jump and wanna get up from bed

  • I hate to say it but its most likely anxiety. I had a bad heart palpitation at work the other day, I thought I was gonna pass out. But its all anxiety induced. You need to find ways to mitigate your anxiety. Ask your doctor about the magnesium and find ways to reduce your anxiety (hobby, exercise). Exercise is also good for the heart.

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