My heart use to beat really fast extremely fast for anything now its beating really slow lately i dont know its wierd

my heart for some reason everyone knows i use to have rapid heart beat now it did went a little bit a way but feels like my heart is beating really slow i could barely feel it i went up some stairs didnt feel my heart going atleast a little bit fast probably its because i was use to feeling it fast but now it wierd and in my head all i keep thinking what if my heart just stops of no where or i have a blockage where the blood funtction with the heart and its blocking slowly and i dont know i keep having that in my head because also i been having left arm pain like bad aches then it calms down then comes sometimes out of no where .


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  • Hey there! So this sounds like no wrote it lol! Throughout my struggle with anxiety I always had a heart fixation and that was my main fear. Heart symptoms were my main symptoms too. Of course I had all the tests in the world done with nothing abnormal. I had an episode of Depersonalization which scared me WAY more than the weird heart sensations and then that became my anxious fixation. I don't get racing heart or any Heartt symptoms at all anymore.... so I'm wondering if it's because I lost my fear of them because I was too busy worrying about something else?! I don't have all the answers but just know that I've had the same shift and have been checked many times and nothing is wrong with me! I actually got scared because my heart WASNT racing or skipping whichbis craziness lol. Anxiety has a way of making us fear everything.... trying to just be happy about my heart calming down and not over complicate it.

    Also, funny enough.... I'm a registered nurse and what you are describing sounds nothing like a blockage 😉.

    Hope you feel better soon! You aren't alone

  • Thank you so much lol i think maybe im to much worried about my health and any little sympthom but also my vision is unreal or dream like everything looks strange and its daily and head feeling wierd

  • If you're taking your Paxil and beta blocker the way you should be, then that's just your heart slowing down to the normal speed and the adrenaline rushes that cause it to go fast going away. That's a good thing! You shouldn't be able to feel your heartbeat at all, so when you don't feel it, that's a good thing. I know it's hard when you're used to feeling it pounding because it at least reassures you in a strange way that at least it's still beating. Take your pulse. If it's at least 60 beats per minute, you're golden. Just let the medicine do its job. Breathe deep in through your mouth and out through your nose on 1-2-3 counts. Also ask your doctor/therapist about a fast acting anxiety medication like Xanax or Ativan. You can take them with your Antidepressants and your beta blocker but they'll help within minutes.

  • i havent took the beta blocker in a while and i took the paxil lastnight probably its just my body is tierd of beeing nervous or something ?

  • Well you have to take the Paxil at the same time every day or you'll get worse side effects and they won't help. It has to build up in your system before it becomes effective.

  • yeah it says take one before going to sleep

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