Wassup everyone Feeling like i have thyriod problems or something im feeling a little worried

Soo for some reason i feel like something is wrong with my thyriod like i could feel it beating on my thyriod sometimes hard and fast in my throat the whole day today and feel like im going to stop breathing or choke or something can someone tell and give me advise i been doing good its just little things get me anxious and also when i eat greasy food its get me anxious like really nervous the docters three months ago or 4 they said my thyriod and heart is good but still feel like something is wrong also does anyone get this rondom leg thats just start shaking with out even you doing it just do it by self when i satdow or was tieing my shoes it just start shaking my one leg for no reason and with out me doing it like its wierd but my thyriod and heart been worrying me today like i touch my throat where thyriod is at and i could feel it beating hard and fast once ina blue can someone help me out plus im outside with a friend i feel a bit nervous but i dont want to react and go home i want to keep being out


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  • Johnnie, I hope you are still outside with your friend. There is no need to run back home. The thyroid does not have a beat, what you are probably feeling is your heart beat (which can be felt in the neck area). As for your leg randomly shaking, so does mine. It's nervous tension. Not harmful, not dangerous. You are not going to stop breathing or choke. When you feel uneasy, take a few slow and deep breathes which will calm your heart and mind down. Enjoy being with your friend. Being out is good for you.

  • yeah i was still outside i dont i know i felt like i was going to stop breathing and i feel my hands shaky like i was anxious i thought i was going to choke and right now im still out with my friend im just getting these chest pains thats annoying me right on my left side and back hurts aswell and my legs alot and i wasnt even really doing nothing just out with my friend and legs are killing me its anoying

  • You are hanging in there though. Don't let anxiety scare you. As hard as it is to withstand the discomfort, just know it is not dangerous. It is anxiety playing a mind game with you. Enjoy the rest of your evening if you can. Don't give in.

  • you think so i got pain there and random twiching right there on my chest then it went away also a pressure that made me jump i dont get it how is my mind if im not really thinking about i think my be my nerves i get these wierd spasms twiching every where in my body if its not jts pain or feeling like i cant breath or going to go out of control like a nervous feeling in my stomach

  • The nerves have a mind of their own, you don't even have to be thinking about it. Believe me, I get that as well where I'll be watching tv relaxing and all of the sudden my whole body jumps forward. The thing is try not to get scared and it will go away as fast as it came.

  • yeah its just im a bit tierd of it already lol dailt thing trying not to focus to much on it but it does make me focus and make me think something really bad wrong with me

  • I know, I understand...Anxiety is very wearing on our minds and our bodies.

  • yeah i want to go out to a friend party tonight but i doubt im going because i have so much sympthoms going on right the one that worries me is the chest pain and my heart and the pressure feeling that make me jump and goes away and body hurts , plus these spasms i dont know

  • Gee a party sounds great. If you went home, would the symptoms really go away?? Maybe a party might put you in a different frame of mind.

    Whatever you decide, I support you. You'll be okay.

  • when i go home i feel more much better but sometimes could still feel the sympthoms and when i go to a party i get nervous a bit i could feel it in my throat and my stomach and feel like i cant breath like i got to get use to being places with out getting these sympthom

  • I hear you. Sometimes I'm the same. Can't let it beat you, must accept it won't harm you.

  • yeahh ugh im type tierd of this already but thank you agora once again

  • Hi Johnnie,

    Sorry you continue to have such problems and don't take your medication.

    However today, I need some support from you....I've always tried to help you in the past.

    I have kept my anxiety under control with medication and behavior changes. But my service dog is very ill and the veterinarian isn't certain if he is going to pull out of the illness. My depression is beginning to creep in, and I doubled the amount of medication after talking with my psychiatrist. But that is making me very sleepy and difficult to function. I think I should go back to my old amount of medication. My psychiatrist won't be available again until after the Memorial Day holiday. Do you have any thoughts about this? Thanks.

  • i think honestly control with medication i get alot of sympthoms but im getting use to it and not paying mind you see i post so i can see if someone give me advise so like i could keep positive

  • Ok, thought since you have asked for advice so often, you might have some to give back. Take care.

  • i do have a advise aswell to give back

  • You won't get any advice from Johnny - he is too wrapped up in himself! So sorry to hear about your fur baby - i can't begin to imagine how distraught you must feel. Take heart that your dog knows you love him and that he is safe with you. If he is too weak to stay here on earth then talk to him and reassure him that you love him and miss him and thank him for all that he has done for you. As for you, this is the time where self care is very important. If your medication needs an increase then do that but maybe see if you need to get advice from your dr if your psychiatrist is not available (I'm in australia so i don't know when memorial day is). Aside from medication you may be able to reduce your depression by taking walks in nature, have a friend over or talk on the phone EVERY day, eat fresh veggies and fruit, maybe some meat or chicken or fish, magnesium foot bath and a really good b multi vitamin. There has been heaps of reaearch that says that probiotics are crucial to helping depression as the serotonin is produced in the gut. Avoid alcohol and sugar and crappy processed foods (cookies, instant noodles, white bread etc). Do you have a craft or hobby? Make something or knit or bake - keep your hands busy. And maybe read or listen to Claire Weekes or Barry McDonagh - you are not alone and there is hope. I am sorry that you are feeling this way as I find your posts and contributions to this forum very wise and measured and reassuring. Let's hope this is only a hiccup for you and if your puppy has to leave us, that he will be looking down from somewhere still caring for you!! Hugs v

  • Thank you very much for your very gentle letter. It took awhile for you to write it and I can see the thought you put into it.

    And to think it came from someone I have never even met from so far away. Australia is such a beautiful country and so fortunate that it raises such a beautiful caring person as you.

    I wrote to Johnnie in New York to see if he was well enough to relate or offer anything back....particularly since it involved a dog and not just another person. Maybe to bolster some sense of accomplishment or value in himself if he did. Really didn't expect much, so wasn't disappointed. I think we're all aware Johnnie has something serious going on.

    I have done many of your thoughtful suggestions, including contact with my doctor who knows Scooter well. The positive news is Scooter is doing better and may have beaten death this time. Realistically, this was a dress rehearsal for how his death will come some day, so it least I know what to expect.

    I believe what is happening to me now is like an overinflated balloon that has lost most of its helium. Know what I mean?

    Tired after all the effort and just being what I used to think was being lazy.

    The extra cymbalta my doctor advised me to take made me feel too "tired", "sleepy" so my husband I decided not to do that today.

    This morning Scooter was wanting me to take him for a walk!.....I declined. and decided just to chill......he's rebounding like a small child does after being so ill...After ten days and a number of nights without sleep, we thought we were having to put him down when I said no...and worked my way back into the vet's busy schedule and the vet worked with us all day two days ago, in between the surgeries he had scheduled. He thought of something that hadn't been considered, tested and even did an ultrasound on Scooter, etc and I carried him home in a limp state.

    That's more than enough details to bore you ...but we are watching day by day now and he is better but we have our fingers crossed.

    Bottom line is, now I think I just need some rest, and was grieving a bit with all that was happening....so perhaps the depression was actually a natural healthy grieving reaction?

    When we take meds for chronic conditions, it's difficult to tell what is natural and what is something that needs to be addressed.

    Thank you so much again for writing. I appreciate you very much.

    Oh, about Memorial Day. Each year in the US is a national holiday to remember those who have served in the military, whether they died in war or after they have served and died in civilian life. Usually, its a three day weekend with Memorial Day falling on one of those days where families have can have some time to enjoy the weather and one another. There are a number of activities usually planned, not all just to honor the dead.

    Again, thank you.

  • Hi PTSDforyears. Hoping you are feeling better. How's Scooter doing? I'm so glad it seems he's improving. I have 2 pets, Hans Solo (pup) & Betsey (cat) which means so much to me. Betsey got real sick about 1 1/2 ago... diabetes. My heart was about broken, we've had her since a kitten. So little is known about cat diabetes, most can't afford the insulin & other cost. Long story short, she has fully recovered (cats can go into remission). I'll be keeping Scooter in my thoughts. Our furry guys are so good for us especially when helping with our anxiety & depression. And they ask for little in return. I'm sure your thoughts about Scooter caused your depression to be extra bad. Depression/anxiety/stress make a mess of our health... hate it so much. It's hard to remember it's the depression, not something serious. My husband is a great support for that... hope yours is too. Hope you are feeling better today, enough to take Scooter for a little walk. It will be good for both of you. The fresh air, nature & you guys bonding. I always feel better after taking Hans on one. Big hugs PTSDforyears (&love for Scooter).... we are here for you. 💛🙏

  • Thank you so muchfor writing, that is very knid of you. If you read my reply to Vbee, you know about where we are with Scooter.

    We are taking the day off and just chillin' at home today. And I think that's helping me and Scooter.

    I truly believe now that I am just physically and mentally tired from the lack of sleep and trying to determine when I should not give up.

    Had been afraid that depression was starting to sneak in....but believe now I was already starting to grieve for my sidekick who has been at my side every day and night for over ten years no matter where I was or traveled. And grieving is a natural feeling, not the depression that I have to keep in check.

    Sorry about your friend Betsey, but glad she is in remission.....so you know how I feel....eventually Scooter's congestive heart failure will cause death, but not now...something else aggravated his condition, and we are hoping he'll recover this time....but realise it has been a dress rehearsal for when it is time for him to pass.

    He is chillin nearmeon the bed, with a low tone TV is playing some insipid show, and I get periodically attend to laundry...no walking today, no driving any where, hope to catch a nap soon.

    Sometimes it's just difficult to determine when a mental health issue that requires a medication and when a normal, if sad, feeling is affecting us, isn't it?

    My best to your entire family, including the smaller fuzzy ones.

    Thank you again for taking the time and showing the caring you did towards me. I appreciated it very much. God bless.

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