Wassup Everyone Hope everyone is doing good also im doing better then before honestly just coping with it im understanding the anxiety more

Hey wassup Everyone Im coping with the anxiety more its not really getting to me like that i remember i couldnt even go out but guess what im not letting it stop me also i remember i couldnt go on a train because i was nervous for no reason my heart would race super fast and felt like i was going to drop dead now i got on the train today and yesterday and its not getting to me anymore im being stron with this im really im trying to not let it get to me . Also i wanted to discuss something aswell that just its in my mind thinking is that for some reason i ate fast food today but i checked my blood pressure and pulse with the muchine and its low its aid 112, 69,pulse 75 i dont know why its low i havent drank no meds or anything lately and my heart just beating a bit slow and hard and feel like t pause then continue just been a little worried about it i have appointment tommarow ith a cardiologist but i wont be able to make it i have another test tommarow in a school so i guess i might have to change it again for next week or soo but i just get these feeling like im going to stop breathing and just die its a scary feeling then it goes away im trying to be strong also another thing is for some reason these spasms twiching all over my body and my left side chest wont stop its daily twiching spasms dont know where like my nerves or something . Also i was taking a test today and my vision was just unreal , dream like and saw like some sort black spots then it would go away and i was telling myself im i going crazy or something and this really bad nervous feeling in my stomach going up to my throat feeling like i cant breath shoetness of breath but im hangin in there but yeah guys thats all i wanted to say im being strong .


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  • Hi 👋🏽,

    Good to hear you're feeling good. I also have those same symptoms it's all part of the anxiety don't panic this is a normal part of having anxiety. Do you have a therapist or psychiatrist?

  • yeah sometimes its hard to believe aswell and yeah i do have both

  • Did you stop taking the medication?

  • no im not taking it

  • Why did you stop? It takes 4 to 8 weeks to work.

  • nope i having took them

  • What!!?? You told us you were taking them

  • Johnnie1234 has difficulties and no matter how we support him, he does what he wants to do, making me feel like he's using me, and yes he says one thing then changes his story.

    He just needs people to write to him all the time.

    As he "wears out" some of us, new members of his venue don't know that, and so they get sucked into writing him.

    I just wish him better days now.

  • Well that's great you're already getting some type of help, I know it's really hard sometimes it feels like it's never ending. Coming on here is always great to talk to others and have conversations about everything we go through together. I've been to all types of doctors they all tell me I'm fine so I literally have nothing to worry about... but I still worry that something's wrong. It's terrible it really is but just take it one day at a time!

  • yeah your taking meds

  • Yes I am Zoloft and Vistaril sometimes Benadryl when I can't sleep at night.

  • Johnnie1234, sorry you continue to have a multitude of symptoms and difficulties. Are you taking your meds yet?

    Wish you only the best.

  • He told me he never took them. I thought he told us he was going to take them and that he took them like 2 weeks ago? I still feel like he should take them

  • Please see my reply above.

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