feelingg a bit nervous in the car ate some fast food i could feel my pulse beating a bit fast

in the car im nervous my hands are gettig sweaty and i just wanna jump out the car because im just nervous for no reason a nerve that goes up to my neck and i start jerking like twiching my head and neck i dont know why this is really bad i touch my chest i can feel my heart beating a bit fast and pulse on my neck aswell im getting a bit worried


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  • I hope you have pulled over Johnnie. Turn the car off and just sit back and breathe. If too agitated to do that, get out and walk back and forth. You will be okay..

  • im not driving my friend is

  • That's good..I hope you have settled down some

  • im so upset agora1 right now

  • Why? Because it happened again. Did your friend understand?

  • No i keep everything quite to my self no one knows whats going on i dont even really know myself whats going on with me im just confused , angry , and worried about something bad happening to me or lets say dying all just because of that one day smoking that bad weed my friend was laughing at me yesterday saying how we smoked from the same weed and im still smoking ever sense and you still going through this i dont get and he was saying its been months already and still stuff like this has me worried like all these physically sympthoms im getting that i never experinced before just got me tierd and thinking like whats really wrong with me

  • Johnnie, I understand how overwhelmed you must feel. You want answers as to what is really wrong with you. There may not be an answer that will satisfy you since everything you are experiencing relates to anxiety. Whether smoking weed brought it on,, who knows. The fact is you will have to accept that's it's anxiety at this point. Fighting it and being fearful will just keep it going.

    I can't remember if you see a therapist or not. Therapy can help you go forward and not ruminate over smoking weed. We can't go back and erase our past. So we need to go forward and do what we have to in order to assure a better future.

  • yeah your right i just keep thinking it messed up my nerves

  • Also, remember it's normal for your heart rate to go up after eating. The heart pumps harder in order to fuel your digestion. Hope you feel better soon.

  • yeah thanks just a bit a worried about whats going on lately

  • I know it's hard to believe you're okay, but I'm so sure you're going to be just fine. Hugs.

  • I unstand how that is. I've felt that way many times awhile back, I just wanted to jump out of the car and take off. My first panic attack, my sister was driving me to the hospital and all of a sudden I freaked out and jumped out of the car.. pretty much collapsed on a church parking lot. It was super embarrassing to me at that moment. But now looking back I know it was just the fight or flight sensation. I was freaking out in the car and felt like I needed to get out quick

    I'm praying you feel better from this soon maybe some cbt may help? It's good to get things off your chest instead of holding it all in. Best wishes X

  • These physical symptoms have been the bane of my existence for 30 years. Road trips flip me out, just for this reason. Never know if im going to eat something that makes me feel like i want to jump out of my skin.

    And lordy help me if i get stuck in traffic and this happens.

    I become a cartoon​ of myself.

    Creepy, huh?

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