Hey everyone. I've been taking Prozac for almost a week and I wanted to head some feedback on it. What is everyone's experience. Mine are both good and bad and wanted to know if anyone can relate.

The morning is the hardest for me. I wake up feeling ok and then I take my meds within the hour after taking them I feel my mood getting depressed by the hour and I get this horrible chest pains. I am also extremely tired where i could just fall asleep in a second but if I try I can't. Within the next 3 hours I feel myself getting better the tiredness is still there, very little chest pains which feel like I have a chest cold & I'm getting stabbed at the same time, and my appetite is very strange. It makes it very hungry but then as soon as I eat food tastes weird. Also all day long it feels like i chewed on a bar of soap.

Now the good things are I'm able to sleep at night now, i feel more happier, I'm able to go places without panic, I feel like im becoming me again.

Are these something serious I should talk to my doctor about or should i just hang in there? I have my first psychiatrist appointment Monday. I'm pretty excited too!


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  • Happy that you get to see a psych. That will help. I don't have any feedback about Prozac but what you're saying sounds pretty similar to other stories up here.

  • Really? I'm not googling ANYTHING I just wanted to hear if its something serious or perfectly normal.

    I'm really excited I got thid appointment its a lot of relief.

    That you for your reply.

  • Don't Google it. I'm not going to lie, I've been googling symptoms these last couple of days. I'm very disappointed in myself and making myself sick. But yes what you said about your mood and the weird taste. I read that before.

  • That's crazy I guess i just gotta give it time. I'm very proud of myself I havent googled anything lately.

    Everybody has their set backs. What symptoms were u googling?

  • I was looking up sinus cancer and trying to figure out why I have anxiety everyday. I just was looking to see if there's possibly a specific underlying disease that can make me like this. I didn't see anything specific tho. Also I was googling nose scabs. I had 2 that just healed.. I'm not sick or anything, viruses or infections, I'm healthy so I think it's cancer.

  • Ur ok jus'll b ok.

  • Ugh today has been awful with this medication I just cant shake this feeling.

  • Im the same way with myself. I convinced myself that i have cancer too. I even just had surgery too & I still feel awful

  • What was your surgery for?

  • My tonsils and adenoids. It felt like my throat was closing I was really sick so they removed them. But my anxiety went threw the roof when 2 hospitals sent me away and said i was fine. I was barely able to eat food. It was the worst ever

  • Wow, sorry a you had to go through that. I hope you're recovering okayand taking it easy. I do remember you writing about your tonsils.

  • Thank you. Its so hard to trust doctors for me now because of that. They are the ones that triggered the anxiety and now I'm suffering from it.

  • Am sorry.youll b ok.

  • I'm hoping indont like this feeling and crying for no reason

  • I understand i cry too.then i dont really have any body to talk to makes it worse.

  • My psychiatrist just upped my Prozac to 60 mg a few weeks ago and I'm experiencing crazy mental side effects and high high high anxiety. It's supposed to even out after 6-8 weeks, though

  • Ugh today has been the worst. I'm afraid to take it again now. All i wanted to donwas cry bit i couldnt and the dry mouth and this appetite thing is just the worse. Ughhh

  • Prozac isn't a quick fix. You're going through the early side effects as it gets into your system. I've been on it almost three months and it's only these past couple of weeks that I've really started to feel like my old self. Stick with it.

  • Did you have serious depression feelings?

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