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Feel a bit better and been to the gym I stayed on the tread milla bit longer and feel good for it the dizziness is still there but not asbad

Just want to say thanks for your support yesterday it helped again I'm on a bit of a high as I had my weight done and I'm just a little over than 20 stone but this time last year I was almost 24 :-) I also had a chat with a friend parent of one of our kids who has made a complete recovery form her anxiety I'm in no rush to get better as I have mates on here who help and I'm going to take some time out of Drama School but when I'm needed ie fees day etc I will go in I'm going to see how things plod on without me being there as much so all positive stuff

Meds has not been on the cards for me thus so far and I still hope I can do it without them but if I get bad again I might just try as I've felt very bad this week and with your help pulled threw I wast to wish you a happy New Year and my hope is we all have more better days than bad and my tip to everyone who can get to the Gym as it not a cure but boy it does help if my anxiety was on an 8 this morning it's now on a 4

Thanks again to you all xxxx

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Hi Stu

That is a more positive post to read today :-)

So glad you are feeling slightly better :-)

Happy New Year to you & yours :-)





Hi Whywhy,

Just seen your Will on the T.V. I bet your loving the adverts for The Voice aren't you? Have you seen the one with the babies in it? xxEunice


Oh Eunice

That advert started straight after the final of Strictly which was over a week ago & I saw it , was feeling low at the time & you know what ever since I have been happy :-)

Starts on the 11th January & I cant wait , I have taped the advert so I can keep seeing him in his white coat , he makes a lovely doctor




Hi Whywhy,

Oh well I don't know where I have been, but it's lovely, and I thought of you.

I think, you think, Will would be good at anything!!!!l lol.

Glad to see it brings a smile to your face and keeps you happy.

Thanks for being you.

I hope the New Year brings you, and all anxiety sufferers a Happy and Anxiety Free New Year.

Cant wait for the Voice to start, I love that series, but you can have Will :)


Hi Eunice

You know me well , yes you are right he could do anything & I would think it was amazing :-D

He only turns round in the advert & says dope which in his language means it's good & I keep rewinding it so I can hear him say it again :-D

I think part of the attraction is I love how quirky he is , he is in a world of his own , he loves life & what he does , he doesn't seem to care what people think about him , he is on Will-i-am planet & I think how do you have that attitude towards things

I will shut up now I can feel myself going on a admire

Will-i-am rant :-D

Hope you have a lovely New year to & 2014 will be kind to us all :-)



That's a nice post:)

Happy new year to you x


Hi, glad your feeling a little more relaxed and well done regarding the weight loss. xxEunice


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