Getting more nervous!!

Sooo....I thought I had been feeling better two weeks ago. I was not taking any meds and I had accepted my anxiety for what is was. Then I went out one night and had one too many drinks. The next day I went to a movie and started to get anxiety in the theater. I tried VERY hard to relax and take deep breaths etc. But it got the best of me at the end. I had to walk out and I was shaking something horrible. I had extreme chest pressure and I felt like I was going to pass out. The manager of the movie theater saw me and immediately called the ambulance. So I had an EKG in the parking lot inside the ambulance. It was Normal. I tried telling them it was just anxiety but he called the ambulance anyways. So since then I have been getting more anxiety than I had been. I constantly feel VERY light headed and I get this tingling numbing sensation on the right side of my face and arm. I even started taking .25 mg of Xanax twice a day and that has not really helped. I am nervous that I won't be able to dial this feeling back down again. It has been two weeks. I don't know what to do!! These numbing feelings in face are freaking me out.


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  • Hi worried, know what you mean by face pain, I've been quite stressed last few weeks and my head and face are in pure agony. Even as far as my gums ache :-( roll on my weeks off work soon I'm going to need a rest. Hope you feel better soon. Stupid anxiety comes and goes when it likes silly thing is we know what it is but we let it control us

  • Agreed! I don't really have the pain in my face just the numbness and tingling at times. I have lightheaded and spacey feelings as well during these times. Thanks for the reply.

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear you've been suffering, sounds like you might have been overdoing things. Have you been to see your gp, sound like you might have come off your meds too quickly

    Jules x

  • Well I have not really been on Meds. I was prescribed the Xanax to take when I feel anxious etc. I am seeing a psychiatrist on Saturday so we will see what she says. I have been to see my GP too many times. He just keeps saying it is anxiety.

  • The top of my head is also sore to the touch (just middle of head). Like I have been wearing a hat for a while. Not sure why.

  • Only from experience could be the tension from all the worrying and anxiety....a pressure like feeling? That or u had such a good night you still not rehydrated lol

  • This is what I was thinking. The head symptons I believe are the catalyst that cause all of the others. How long have you had the head issues?

  • I've had mine on and off for 5 years but it still scares me and logic thinking goes out the window when it happens

  • So one more thing. since my initial attack on Dec. 13th. I have not felt myself since. Is this normal? Does everyone's anxiety come and go or do you have the same feeling as me. I feel totally different. My mind just cannot break free of this.

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