Was getting better , now I'm getting much worse

In january i was eating spaghettios n some started to go down my throat with out me swallowing, i wasmt choking but I thought I was n coughed them back up n reswallowed. After that I had issues n felt like I couldn't swallow. Like I was freezing while swallowing. I had a good routine at first , I would eat only right after waking up because I felt that was the only time I was relaxed, my muscles were relaxed enough n it was the only time swallowing felt natural again. Well I was doing so good that I was starting to eat little things here n there after being up all day n they were going down fine !, it's like I retrained my brain that it was okay to swallow. Well the other night I was eating chips n sent them to the back of my throat n I couldn't swallow it's like my reflex was delayed or wasn't working, I freaked coughed them back up n reswallowed. It was like my swallowing reflex stopped half way. It's been a nightmare bc since then , I'm only able to get liquids down and sometimes thats a little bit of a struggle n eating noodles I literally chew them into little small bites n even then it's hard getting them down. N it's affecting me even after waking up. It's like I'm not trusting my body to swallow bc I feel that my reflex will stop halfway n I'll choke. It's a nightmare. Someone plz help. I've heard if I can swallow liquids my reflex works just fine. Ugh :(


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  • I have this most days! It comes and goes in weekly phases.

    I agree the mornings I find it alot easier to eat. Its horrible though, the thought of choking is awful. It also makes my anxiety worse and I start to feel really lightheaded.

  • Ugh , mine was coming and going but I now it's like every time I eat, my whole throat closes up . I do get really nervous when eating and drinking it's awful. Never thought I would go through this in life.

  • Trust me I never thought I would be dealing with any kind of anxiety issues either. I've got a good life and I do find it really hard to accept. Which is why I still see doctors and pay to go private because I'm convinced there must be something medical going on

  • I started this last September and it just carried on getting worse until I was afraid to eat. I got cramp/pains in my back from the tension when I tried to swallow and in the end went to the doctor.

    He checked me all over and said it was without doubt all due to anxiety.

    I'm now on anti-depressants (Citalopram 10mg) and have been for the last eight weeks. They take a while to work so I'm not sure if I'm getting better or not yet.

    I would suggest don't leave it as long as me. Got to the doctor now before the anxiety gets fully entrenched as it's much harder to clear.

  • I had exactly this, you aren't alone.  I posted a youtube video on it "Cure for Swallowing Difficulties, if food gets stuck in your throat", the solution was methyl B12 vitamins, look them up, they resolved this problem entirely for me in just a couple of weeks and B12 deficiency can also cause anxiety too...

  • Hi hathi999,  I tried finding it on YouTube.  Anything in particular to look for?  I think a lot of us could benefit from watching it.   thanks 

  • Hi Agora,

    Here is the youtube link youtube.com/edit?o=U&featur...

    and here is my blog that lists 100 symptoms of B12 deficiency as well as my own story difficulty-swallowing.com/s...

    Any questions do let me know, as I went for two years trying to find answers answers to my swallowing problems (the most debilitating of all my B12 deficiency symptoms) and have done a ton of my own research to try and find a link.  Strangely it was a twist of fate that solved my swallowing issues and I am very keen to get this information out there so everyone else can benefit.  I can't believe how much time not to mention money I wasted, when this solution cost me around $10 from a pharmacy!

    Good luck


  • Thank you so much hathi999.  I'll take a look at it and get back to you. That was nice of you to share the info.  I'm sure it will help others.  x

  • Thanks Agora, I set up the website in the hope that others could find my story and see if the information could help them too, I know how awful it is first hand.  

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