I want to quit my job!

I want to quit my job!

The anxiety, stress, and pressure from my job has become too much for me. I feel so stupid all the time, i dont work well with the team. I cant talk to anybody because im too scared and my social anxiety is crippling and i just act so weird around everybody. I get in trouble and the chef is on my ass like crazy. I dont think the chef, and others like me. Ive started binge drinking again and i honestly just want to die sometimes. Ive only had this job for almost two months, im a cook, but idk if i want to do this with my life anymore. My passion has gone and ive gotten myself into the best kitchen in town, a james beard nominated kitchen, theres so many people proud and look forward to seeing my career take off, but i dont want this. I dont want to be a chef anymore. How do i get out? My mentor worked hard to get me into this place and i worked so hard for my skills and used to be the most energetic cook in class and at my old job, do i dissapoint him and others? Or continue to be miserable?


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  • You really need to talk to someone to get help with your anxiety. Have you talked to a doctor? You need support to work through your feelings. If that's a picture of some food you have cooked then it looks beautiful!! A work of art. No one can tell you to stay or quit your job. That decision is for you to make. All I would say is this !! You are very talented and before you throw in the towel get some help first. We can't live our lives trying to please others all the time that just leads to us becoming very unhappy. So this is about you and give yourself a chance to sort things out. Try have some faith in yourself. We are all different and some people find it easy to be sociable and some justvdont. That didn't make you any less a person.

  • Have you tryed meds?I'm gonna try Zoloft and I'm scared of side effects but I'm willing to try something because I feel like you friend I wanna feel better so if meds will help then I'll try anything maybe talk to a Dr about meds❤ good luck

  • Hellooooooo! If it's any conciliation, EVERYBODY wants to quit his job at one time or another.

    But have learned, sometimes we just have to outlast the those that aggravate us.

    You have received several replies that offer some very good advice and encouragement.

    Just don't throw that beautiful meal at anyone.....what a waste that would be! :)

  • Good morning! Please don't quit your job. I always dreamed of being a chef and didn't do that, instead worked for Superior Court Judges for 35 years. I also felt the same way when I started to work for the legal system and just wanted to quit and felt no-one appreciated me. After talking to my boss and telling him I wanted to quit because I felt I was not doing a good job and felt stress, he was kind enough to help me through. After so many years, I was really telling attorneys what to do. So talk to someone and tell them to help you.

    So please stick to your job! One of these days, you will be owning your own restaurant.... :)

  • Good Morning Seraphic! What a beautiful presentation you did. It may be your anxiety talking at this point however never feel you may have disappointed your mentor or yourself. You have an unbelievable skill and talent that no one could ever take away from you. You're young, if you are not happy in that career, you have plenty of time ahead to move on to something else. Life is about learning, experiencing and finding out who we are.

    I'm not as concerned about you quitting your job as I am about you starting to binge drink. That will get you nowhere and is not the answer. Do what you have to do to feel fulfilled in whatever you choose. Having a job is hard enough without adding being miserable in it. Find something you have a passion for and follow your dreams. Wishing you success in whatever you choose.

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