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Has anyone ever got over anxeity or learnt to live with it, without medication and still go out doing daily things? job?

Okay so ive been seeing a hypnotherapist but no longer seeing him anymore. have only seen him once, i felt abit confident after one session .. im having 1 more saturday and that will be the last one as hes going out of buisness.

Ive tried councilling and i dont think its usefull, is the only solution medication?

Ive been on a few different tablets this past year and have became reliant..

I dont want to be reliant on medication and sick of being housebound want to get out and eget a job has anyone actually got a life like normal people with anxiety?? without meds)) xx

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Hi Jade,

I know how you feel, being fed up of all of these symptoms. I think several people will have different answers to your question but in my experience you can definitely have a normal life with anxiety. Obviously this depends on a lot of things, and will probably take a long time depending on the level of your anxiety. This time last year I could not leave the house and spent all day sleeping and all night worrying! I had constant IBS and lost nearly 2 stone in weight. I'm in a different place now after counselling (I tried hypnotherapy as well but didn't really like it) and I'm currently on a waiting list to start CBT...... you just need to be patient with yourself and keep taking small steps forward. If you can find something that boosts your confidence or makes you feel good, then do it!! Personally I found exercise (martial arts in particular) really helped because I felt as thought it woke me up and brought my appetite back as well so I gradually put weight back on and now feel more balanced. Also i got frustrated and angry about the constant anxiety, and i felt as though getting angry about it is what pushed me to get where I am now! Don't get me wrong, I'm nowhere near "cured" but I'm in a much better place with fewer down days. Oh and I haven't taken any meds before at all, so can't really comment there, sorry should've mentioned that earlier. There is hope, just be patient with yourself x


Hi Jade, I'd agree with KMLF. it is possible to lead a 'normal' life, whatever that is, lol. Many people manage to live with and manage their anxiety. it will take time, depending on the severity and what form our anxiety takes. Don't think anyone wants to take medication as we all want to think we are strong and can cope, but don't discount it, it is sometimes helpful just to get you out of the black hole ad feeling a little better. try and find something that works for you, whether it be self help books, cbt, counselling etc, ect. Be kind to yourself but tey and find something you enjoy, that makes you feel good about yourself. Every little step forwards will help and make you feel stronger.


Thank you for takn time to writting so much guys, much appreciated i have read and im going to read more into it and attend group anxiety classes and councilling xx :)


Hello Jade. I am over 60 now and have had many periods of anxiety during my adult life. It all seemed to start when my fella dumped me! I'm married to him now! Anyway, I have taken various meds over the years, when I needed them. Some more successful than others. I have found that they are a good idea when the anxiety has really taken hold, but I have also found that I can sometimes stop it escalating and get by. I have recently confirmed a suspicion I have always had - that I have some symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome. My mother had it and my son has it. This has helped me understand my ups and downs. I'm not suggesting you have this syndrome, but I have come to realise that knowing yourself is very important. This is the difference between me and my mother, who had awful anxiety all her life. She was totally UNself-aware. I am able now to tell myself that I am as good as the next woman and I don't care if I am different. Anxiety is only an exaggeration of a perfectly normal sense. Medication helps you to quell the sense into proportion and that is a good thing. I don't think you need to fear reliance on drugs any more than a diabetic, epileptic etc. Sometimes an illness calls for continued medication and there is no harm in that. I would guess you are a bright and good person from your post. You are half way there if you WANT to work and get out there. Start by pretending and work upwards. You are part of a huge group of people with this type of problem - I know stacks because I like them better than insensitive people - and everyone finds their own way out. My favourite quote is 'life is ridiculous and once you know that you can start to enjoy yourself'. Bless you and good luck.


Hi jade,

I have used medication for little over two years and stopped.I had cognitive therapy for many years.It really helped a lot.I can do anything I want without any medication but,the anxiety is still around.

In time you get to learn more about each other but, don t worry it s never stronger as it was at the early stages.I would advise you to live your daily life to the fullest.Don t let it take control over you.

Love and happiness...


Hi Jade I have anxiety problems I suffer from ocd since a child I look after my self health wise I take mulitvits omega oils 3 6 and 9 the main mineral for anxiety is magnesium a high strenght but best to take a multi vit and mineral with this as they all work better together, there are back flower remedies to I take white chestnut for unwanted repeating thoughts and honeysuckle for living in the past there are different types for different emotions go to a health shop near you they can help I have worked in the health industry over 8 years and keep upto date with it all but when I went to an ocd meeting last week they gave me an info sheet and most of it I did already but there was one item 5HTP that I know about but I never tryed over all the years of knowing about it I started taking this week from monday and it started straight away I feel calmer not doing the ocd thought patterens or skin picking I do which is the worst of it for me as its on my face very debilatating it has calmed me down anough to start thinking about therapy cbt and counceling If your on any medication now you must check with your doctor before changing anything or getting natural remedies I hope some of these items and info help in some way find more info about 5htp for yourself and see if it may help its all on the internet or at your local health shop

take care :) Jadie x


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