anxiety(?) taking over my life

i dont know whats wrong with me; i dont even know if this is anxiety or not . im always so anxious and panicky and i cant seem to control. i get fustrated easily and i cant seem to go out as much. i cant do my school work properly and i feel unreal at times . i legit feel like i am dying any second because im not human . i cant concentrate. i always feel like im gonna die from a heart problem amd that was the root of my anxiery. my happiness have legit been washed away,last time i was genuiely happy was 5mnths ago. i dont feel me anymore i just cant take it. ever since sep. ive been feeling like this.i feel like im doomed and gonna end up in a mental hospital or something for the rest of my life. i cant take it i use to be so full of life! i didnt want the day to end and i was so independent and got good i cant live anymore i feel like im surviving than living. i cant hang out with friends or cant stand when my mum leaves. ive always had anxiety and it has gotten bad when i was 13 but not like this!! i feel like im never gonna get beta and its gonna stay wuth doomed. also i use to be able to take social situations very well but now I overthink them a lot and I panic it's sucks so much I just miss being independent and carefree and busy with my life , now I feel like a kid that relies on their parents most of the time . i lost all motivation that I used to have someone please help I'm 17:( also I feel like this isn't anxiety and it might be some sort of problem in my brain


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8 Replies

  • Why don't you try saying I can and less of the I can't. No one can help as much as yourself, be good to yourself you are in the end all you have.

    You seem to believe you can't do this I can't stand that, you can though and you are and you will.

  • generally im a positive person but now its gotten a bit too much :/thank you for encouraging me

  • Just be careful it is you being negative on you and not someone else, like a so called friend, boyfriend, parent. If it is someone else who is repeating negative " you cant " the next time they say it, say I can and take your bitterness else where thank you.

  • Well I had episodes that would come and last a few months and leave . I had it @ 9 years old 18,24 ,now 32 @ the more I had the worse they got ugh .this episode has been so bad I mean bad like almost 11 weeks of crying talking meds the first 3 weeks I was on meds cause I was so bad . The Dr told me the one thing for sure if they went away once they will go away again that's what I am waiting on. But now I feel like I can't eat anything solid my throat hurts all the time. I over think everything all the time

  • awh no poor you :( that must suck! its so hard to overcome it because one day you feel fine and the next anxious but i guess thats just a part of getting better . i wish you luck and hope this vicious cycle goes away :)

  • Thank u very much and it will with pray

  • Omg you sound exactly like me! I'm convinced I wrote this haha I am also 17 and used to live such an outgoing fun life until anxiety, right at this moment I have an intense fear of going insane and having to live in a mental hospital.. but I too also had fears of heart attacks and various other illnesses and all I can say is that it does get better ❤️ I think the main thing is getting out and exercising that is what helped me the most

  • omg really? what a coincidence ! awh poor you, it does suck a whole lot and you feel like its gonna stay forever:/

    thank you and i wish you the best of luck too :)

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