Am i really having an anxiety attack or is it something worse?

Hello im new to anxiety as well as this site and im in alot of pain and stress& due to these pains, ive been visiting the hospital for the past month now i believe ive been in and out atleast 5 to 6 times my first time going i think i was given blood work as well as an ekg and a urine test and i was told that i was perfectly fine all four times (only did the blood work once though) but the thing is i dont feel fine at all. anxiety is not the only health issue im facing atm, im also dealing with borderline morbid obesity. ive been hearing way to many stories on people who have been diagnosed with anxiety and 3 weeks later finding out they suffered an acute heart attack and are experiencing some heart problems and im afraid of diabetes i have no choice but to worry seems like, fortunately though since my first major panic attack about three to four weeks ago, ive been paying more attention to myself which is what i think was a message from god because, i learned that i weighed a whopping 432 pounds since then ive been working out like crazy, finding and following a regimen which worked!! i lost 27 pounds and about a couple of weeks ago i recieved a job and my anxiety felt like it was finally leaving. Its been so long since ive felt so good and so happy and jut normal and i thought it was here to stay. now to this week i feel as though my symptoms are not only getting worse but weird as well i still get the tightness in my chest, yet i dont feel my heart palpitate or beat as rapid and hard as it used too ive experienced extreme tremors, shortness of breathe, dizziness, fatigue, short 5 second headaches, at times after eating an upset stomach, muscle spasms and something else ive never experienced before my hands and body moving and rotating on its own and i have no way to control nor stop it. If it is anxiety or a panic attack i would figure my heart would be racing but its not which is whats creeping me out i know its messed up because i should be relieved but it to me atleast doesn't seem right panic attacks and heart palp is a definite right, it goes hand and hand it cant possibly be panic attacks if my heart isnt beating rapidly or hard atleast right? this past week ive also felt very weak and lazy i haven't been feeling like working out because now its like the smallest bit of movement including talking causes me to feel out of breathe, ive also felt very tired, today was really good though i was completely normal, i felt a little anxiety coming on in my aunts car but that's gone my symptoms strengthen during the night though these strange feelings has forced me a 20 year old male to crawl in the bed with my mother in hopes of comfort because of a definite thought of not waking up the next morning, i dont want to pass this off as just anxiety and wake up in the middle of the night having a H.A., im sick of feeling like this and i want closure. can somebody who can or has at some point in their lives relate please reassure me and assist in comforting me at this hard moment

Ps: im having these symptoms again as we speak


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  • I'm sorry you are going through this. I worry about my heart as well. Can you get on to see a cardiologist? Can you ask your Dr about a referral to a cardiologist? Also have you tried therapy? Once you get checked out and cleared of any heart issues I recommend a therapist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy. It works absolute wonders for people with anxiety. Good luck to you and congrats on losing some weight :)

  • I'm sorry for the duration but yes I'm actually seeing a therapist now and I'll definitely try seeing a cardiologist, have you tried working out and in the midst feel dizzy as well as chest pain, spasms? Because I'm going through that right now as we speak

  • Yes I have had dizzy spells and chest pain and arm pain all while working out. I have started doing 35 minute walks a few times a week because it's an easier work out for me. A cardiologist would help you tremendously with any heart questions you have. I Ann going to be seeing one in a few weeks.

  • And thank you

  • Hey.I'm in the same boat as you are.I'm in my 20s and an dealing with morbid obesity (93kg/160cm) and I've been exercising lately.Just walks around the park for an hour as recommended by my doctor.My test results came out alright too,but I can't help but to be worried.

    I experience short of breath,tightness in my chest and worst thing is,I break out in cold sweat when I exercise.That scares me because that's apparently linked to heart attack.I'm going to get a referral to see a cardiologist too,so I hope it'll work out fine.

    Don't force yourself during exercise if you feel really faint.If the cardiologist gives you the a-ok,then I think you can consider therapy.Hopefully we'll be able to get through this!If you need to talk.feel free to drop me a message!

  • Thanks so much bro, at the moment I'm already seeing a therapist, my next appointment s in two days as a matter of fact but, I'll definitely be looking into seeing a cardiologist and I'll be sure to update you when I do & I hope we can find closure too.

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