Dizzy.. I just want to stay asleep, never wake up

I feel unbalanced.. It's driving me crazy.

I feel like going to sleep & never wanting to wake up..

These past few days have been misery, im either dizzy or anxious.

I feel tired.

I just don't want to do this anymore:( :(

I feel like im not even living anymore, i don't feel like myself :(

I have no choice but to sit & cry & hope that i feel better.. Maybe it would be better just to die.

I'm so frustrated, i dont want to sit at home anymore.

Maybe thats why im feelin like shit, i need to be out & at work & with my family.

I need something to cope with this monster.

I'm becoming depressed and hopeless, i need a way out.. I should try CBT ? Or pills.. Anything! I'll do it..!!!!!! I don't want this feeling. Especially when i feel dizzy.. I'm done crying now, and i'll just lay down take a nap..

Hope all is well with all of you..

~Vic xo


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22 Replies

  • Hi Vic.

    Please don't despair, you really must go and talk to your doctor and if necessary ask for medication, it takes time to work but if you stick with it you will start to feel better. We all know how you feel as we have been there so don't give up and we will always be here for you when you are feeling down.

    {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}} kenny

  • Should i try CBT?

    Thank u

  • I found it very helpful but as I said mine was in a group session. But you need to give something a try.

  • Would u reccomend group session or one on one?

  • I found the group better because like this site you have other peoples input to help you and you don't feel so isolated.

  • How did CBT help you though?

    What did it change.. And are experiencing anxiety as much as you used to?

  • I done 4 group session over 4 weeks and it give me a better understanding of anxiety and how to deal with thing in general ie: breathing exercise relaxation techniques positive thinking and so on.

  • I now believe I have my anxiety under control with the help of meds, although I still get the odd twinge.

  • How often is that odd twinge

  • Not very often at all I think the last one was a few months ago and that was just an anxious feeling

  • Wow.. I deff have to go to CBT

  • just remember to keep an open mind and it may take a little time,

  • Please try CBT anything that helps you. I had one to one and it was great for me, really helped me.

  • When you feel down try this , move your eyes to the right or the left and whilst doing so blink quite fast,,it should clear your mind of intrusive thoughts or/flashbacks,,it replicates rem sleep patterns, do it as often in the day as you need...and have a good Christmas !

  • Does that really work?

  • I have CBT sessions every week for anxiety(GAD) and Depression and it has helped me cope in life. Very hard you have a lot of reading and even though it can get very emotional at times it is well worth the effort to see my progress.

  • Thanks Darkangel. you have put it much better than me

  • Glad to help :) :)

  • Please go to your GP Vic and get some help. Hugs xxxxx

  • Oh Vicky,

    I've just read through your last couple of posts. It's so horrible to feel imprisoned in one's body. I hope you feel much closer to normal soon, I really do.

    Have you booked an appointment with your doc to talk about your symptoms in general? It might be worth just going to see if there are underlying causes. I'm not saying that to alarm you - I'm saying that you should get your symptoms checked because they might find out what's causing them and it might be really easy to treat! Then you can go back to living your life...

    Just out of my own interest - what kind of things interest you, Vicky? Let's talk? I'm feeling lonely in my outside life a lot of the time, so it would good to have someone my age to chat to. :)

    Be well, Vicky darlin' <3

    Fay xxxx

  • hi vic so sorry your feeling so awful,the dizzeness gets me too,its the main thing that panics me,Ijust can't cope with it atall.you are not alone with these feelings,cbt does help,I find a little settler works wonders,I take xanax,0.5 and it usually puts away my dizziness,I am not telling you to take one,i'm just telling you what helps me,I can't take a/ds,cbt helps 80% the other 20%you have to do yourself..,but it gives you a new outlook on your anxiety,and helps you cope,and understand why your feeling like this,and teaches you how to control these feelings,there could be a long waiting list do,in the meantime pay your dr a visit,he might give you something to help you cope ,while your waiting...god bless love Miarose xxxx

  • Thank you tons :)


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