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Ugh to today!

I am having a miserable day today. I did nothing but continuously wake up through the night thinking I could hear our dog crying (he wasn't crying at all) im currently going through a job change where im lucky to have kept my job but im now having to get involved in all sorts of things for the transfer and all I want is an easy road into the new job. I feel like I get one hard task done at work then another comes up. My head is all over the place about my possible up coming op. I wont go into details but there are factors as to when I get the op done and I dont want to waste the consultants time by going in again to ask more questions. I also think she will give me the answer I dont want to hear and I just want to go for it.

Ive done nothing but think all morning and ive gotten to that point where I have a muffled head and every small noise sounds so loud and frustrating. I said to my partner that I just want a break. I know people go through horrible things in life way worse than all of these things, but it just seems to be one thing after another and nothing is ever bloody simple!

Sorry. That was a long rant. I feel like this is the only place I can blurt everything out.


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get it out........sometimes it makes you feel alot better and i hope it has in your case. its hard to pick yourself back up when things keep happening to knock you down. i wont ask what op your having done but get all your questions answered so you can rest your mind. x


HI Sam. Thank you for the reply. I think I am having one of those days. Just want to curl up into a ball. I don't think the tiredness helps either. xx


sometimes good to have a rant, helps to let things out,then pick yourself up and carry on


It's always good to let feelings out - and I also find that writing them down helps. Just joined this forum and so far I feel that although I wouldn't wish anxiety and depression on anyone, at least I am not alone in suffering as I am. I, too, am having problems at work - handed in my notice last week and now in a mad panic about finding another job to pay my bills. But I decided that my mental health was more important that plugging away at a job where I have been shouted at. Hope you feel better soon Mandy. x


Hi Coliboo. I too found this site helpful when I joined as I felt really alone. I would say it has been the main thing to get me through my anxieties.

That's really brave to hand your notice in. Good on you :) I bet it felt like a weight off your shoulders in one way. It must be a panic to get a job but at least you can start fresh :)

I find I am in a job at the minute that pays better than other jobs out there in my sector. I am very lucky to have it, but I no longer have any interest in it and the job is changing. I just don't have any qualifications in anything else so my head is full of changes to make and things to do but I find I get so stressed out on making a decision, I end up doing nothing, if that makes sense.

Thank you xx


Are things better today, I hope they are we are. Sending you good positive thoughts


Hi, I am feeling a little better today, thank you :) Had an awful nights sleep but I rang the hospital to chat through a few things about my upcoming appointment which made me feel better. I just really want to get my head around work but you know when you think so much you go blank and end up doing nothing? Then you get even more stressed because you're just stuck in a rut. xxx


I am glad speaking to the hospital helped and thanks for your kind comments on my blog


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