Anyone else?

My anxiety has been extremely high lately. I'll have a few good hours during the day where I feel okay, but it's mostly been through the roof. Tonight when I laid down, I all of the sudden started to notice that my legs were tingling. Not numb, but tingling to where it felt like they were going to sleep. I could still move them fine, but it's keeping me awake. If I sit down, I'm okay. If I get up and walk, I'm okay. But the second I lay down and start to relax, I feel it again and of course I'm thinking it's something really really bad. Has anyone else experienced this before? Or is it just me, as usual lol. I don't have any other symptoms aside from a pain the moves from the left to the right side of my abdomen. I'm due to start my menstrual next week, around then anyway. I'm scared 😩


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  • I use to get in back of my head and my left arm ao yeah i went to the ER they tild me due to anxiety

  • Mine is very up and down too and do think it is worse before your period. I feel I have got on top of most of my worrying, negative thoughts etc but my body still has high physical symptoms and sensations which vary each day. I feel the only way now for me is to go out of my comfort zone if I'm going to get to the other side not looking forward to that lol. Have just read the DARE book which I found useful x

  • I've read bits and pieces of DARE. Maybe I need to do it again! lol I called and spoke with an RN. She told me that unless I'm having trouble bearing my own weight, having trouble standing, etc. then they're not worried. Which calmed me down. Except now I can't stop walking around or moving my legs just to make sure. I'm so frustrated!

  • It can be exhausting. I guess try and find distractions and tell yourself the anxiety symptoms are ok. Good luck x

  • I'm usually okay once I find out something I'm feeling isn't serious. Hate living like this

  • But good luck to you too on your anxiety journey. It's nice to see people on it with you along the way!

  • Mines has been extremely high for the past 2 or three weeks now and my menustral is just at the last day today. My anxiety(I hope) has been back on me hard this past few weeks to where I feel like I'm back at square one again. Can't focus, nervous sensations come and go, my appetite up and down again, getting all sorts of wierd aches, pains, and sensations some different some the same. Sleeping off again not getting good sleep. Seems when I lay down I feel it the most. Feeling weak again on and off. Off balance, dizziness, eye floaters, twitching, muscle ache. I just truly only hope it's my anxiety back again. I thought I was dping good about 3 months ago. Seemed as if I was overcoming this and things were getting better but the past few weeks I feel like I've been knocked back down with fear and worries again.

  • That happened to me too. I got better and then something else hit and threw me back into it. You just have to keep fighting, I know it's difficult

  • Oh gosh dont you just hate when you have been doing well and it all comes back! I too was doing great for 2 months and now it's back and I just hate it, it's so disappointing when will it just leave for good?! But I think what we are meant to do is just push through and let it be the more we fight it the longer it sticks around, easier said then done though :((

  • Yes I used to experience that a lot ide get vibrating sensations and dull aching but I haven't had it for a while your post reminded me of it. Just another stupid anxiety symptom

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