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Does anyone else experience the same

Does anyone else's anxiety effect their eyes? I'm suffering with such bad headaches at the moment and my eyes are bizarre, it's like I'm looking through someone else's eyes, I feel dizzy and like I'm not really with it! I had my eyes tested not that long ago so I know they're okay. It's making my anxiety worse cos I jus feel conscious about them! I feel physically and mentally exhausted all the time as well x. I energy for anything! Does anyone feel these things?

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hi scooby 1234 i have blurred vision sometimes & have days when i feel as though i could sleep for a week think its all part of being anxious.xx


Hi scooby 1234. I also get blurred vision , I have just wasted an afternoon sleeping becauce I like you am always feeling tired and exhausted. I am taking antidepressant which doesn't help with being tired and lack of energy . Like you said it makes you more worried and anxious xx


Sight (anxiety symptoms commonly associated with sight):

Distorted, foggy, or blurred vision

Dry, watery or itchy eyes

Eye tricks, seeing things our of the corner of your eye that isn't there, stars, flashes

Eyes sensitive to light

Spots in the vision

Flashing lights when eyes are closed...... i don't get all these symptoms Scooby,i get the spots in vision,but as you can see,anxiety can affect your eyes,the above symptoms i found on a site relating to anxiety don't worry friend,its just the anxiety up to its sinister tricks,


also relating to your lack of energy,as we all know anxiety is a similar state as when one is in fight or flight mode.the body naturally is only supposed to deal with fight or flight for short periods of time when triggered,so people like ourselves who can go days in that kind of state,are bound to feel the physical and mental side affects.


HI I THINK GORDON has explained all i feel like i have cling film over my eyes that is the only way i can describe it x


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