Anyone else going through this ?

Almost every night as I'm dozing off , right before I fall asleep I get this kick in my chest , like I'm forgetting to breathe or something . It's scaring me pretty bad . It'll do it multiple times before I finally fall asleep , and every time I sit up quickly and gasp for a breath . It feels like my heart stops . I've told the doctors and they say they have no clue what it could be . Besides something anxiety related . I just left the ER with a normal ekg , normal blood work . (Heart enzymes were all fine) . Good results on urine tests , etc . It's really getting old , and I feel like every night is my last when this starts to happen . Anyone ?


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  • That's sounds like it could be sleep apnea I get it but not every night, it's like soon as i shut my eyes I stop breathing then my body jolts and I start breathing again it's very scary

  • That's how I feel . But mine feels more heart related than it does breathing .

  • I get that a lot when I have been more anxious than usual that day. Def anxiety related I would say

  • I really hope so . I'm getting pretty tired of it . It's feels like my heart stops , and I jolt awake feeling my pulse and freaking out .

  • I'm the same exact way. No fun at all. I thought I was the only one going through that. Best wishes. X

  • Thank you , you as well .

  • Hi Justin

    It sound like a panic attack I used to get them falling asleep I found breathing exercises good and mindfulness hope this helps.👍🏻

  • I doubt it's a panic attack. I have panic attacks and this doesn't feel anything the same . It's like right as I'm falling asleep my heart stops and I jolt awake

  • If I sat here and listed all the symptoms I've had due to anxiety you would be surprised I'm still alive!! It does weird and worrying things to your body. If you had a heart problem it wouldn't just happen at night, you would get it during the day too. If there was something wrong with your heart they would have found it. Trust the doctors they know what they're doing :)

  • Thanks for the kind words . It's just hard to believe all this is just anxiety .

  • Hi Justin

    I don,t know if this would help but there is a book called at last a life by a guy called Paul David the author suffers from anxiety in it explains all the symptoms and experience of anxiety it helped me.

  • I'll look into it . Thank you

  • I get this most nights and been to the doctors they said it's to do my anxiety but they listened to my chest and heard a heart murmur.but everythings fine. The way I look at it I still wake up fine and breathing the next day so it can't be anything major. I feel like o can't breath and my heart is stopping then I have a big panic attack. I understand it's not nice especially when your trying to relax and sleep but I do think mine is down to anxiety. Hope you get it sorted soon :)

  • Thank you . Me too

  • I would try breathing excersizes and meditation before bed. I find it happens if I'm not fully ready to fall asleep. Almost as if I panic that I'm falling asleep with things undone. It can be anything from the normal jerking to feeling like my hearts stopped or I've missed a breath.

    I try not to have things near me like my tablet to distract me. I meditate by concentrating on my toes first and thinking about what I can feel from them and work my way up. The more I've tried this method the more I feel relaxed and more in control.

    I also have a writing pad by my bed so if thoughts get in the way I can write down what I'm thinking and know I have a note in the morning.

  • Thank you , I'll definitely try your methods and see if they help

  • One of my symptoms of my anxiety was holding my breath-both during the day and unconsciously at night . I usually didn't even realize I was doing it. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea; had a cpap but eventually gave it away because, as I knew, it was anxiety caused. My ex used to remind me all the time to "breathe." It's gradually lessened over the years but I still occasionally catch myself holding my breathe. Just yesterday I texted my ex about my recent anxiety and she texted one word back..."BREATHE."

  • Idk if I do or not , I don't think I do . I'm also supposed to go see someone to do a sleep study .

  • Let us know what happens

  • Had the same issue but I do feel is due to all my anxiety get that sleep study let us know how it went.

  • Will do , as soon as I can get in somewhere .

  • I have the same thing, its so scary. Hang in there, glad im not alone.

  • Me too , thank you

  • I've gotten like this lately also. It's just an ugly feeling and scary and I was always a person who said anxiety is all in a person's head. But I'm a believer now when it all comes down to it. That's what it is... just try think happy thoughts before bed I find it helps

  • I try, I go through this 5 out of 7 nights a week .

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