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Is anyone else in same situation?

Hi everyone, My name is John, from Las Vegas. Been having some anxiety issues and lately I've been having this light head pressure problems. They seem to switch places from the top to the back to the side. I mean it's like a bug is crawling all over my head. It's accompanied by tingles and feels like i have a huge earwax. Almost like I'm flying and my ear is about to pop, but it really doesn't. My friend here in town is a doctor and he prescribed some xanax for my panic attacks about 6 months ago. And at work about 2 weeks ago, i just took it out of frustration during this head pressure crap. I was feeling sleepy but surprisingly the tingling and pressure feelings disappeared for a week. And 3 days ago I was feeling it again so i took one. It went away for about 3 days, and NOW present time, I'm suffering again and instead of taking a pill, i logged on this computer and decided to find out if anyone had the same experience. Sometimes laying down on my bed helps to get rid of the pressure sensations, but most of the time, it lingers. SO FRUSTRATED, because i feel like i'm staring at a wall and feel like a machine getting turned off.

Someone please talk to me.

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Sorry you have had no replies :-(

I have had this & yes it is my anxiety that causes it , anxiety can affect us in so many different ways even to the extent of giving us physical symptoms that even though they feel so real are anxiety

It sounds like it could very well be anxiety with you as when you take the medication which will help you relax the symptoms go away which sort of points in the direction you are over anxious

I would get myself thoroughly checked out , make sure I am physically fit & not sure what care you have in Vegas ( sounds an intriguing place to live though :-) ) but once I had got a clear bill of health then I would look for support with my anxiety

Good Luck x

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Hey thanks. I've had MRI on my brain, checked my heart, and so many blood work. Everything came back normal. Thats why its so frustrating. Lol I don't know,but I really thank you for taking ur time.


Hi john, I am from Scotland. It is soooo frustrating these feelings and everything seems so real . It's like how will this ever end? One problem is once is happens it kinda creates a fear in our heads then it's hard to switch it off because the feeling is something horrible. I suggest mindfulness on you tube, training our brain to get away from the negativity. If u can also have a look at Steven Furtick. Whatever whatever it's called. All about the voice in our heads that keeps the fear alive. Things can and will change. I take propanalol which has helped. I am going through some major stress at the moment after having had a good long spell but life throw things at us. So it's back to the little steps for me..forward...I have much hope and strength from my relationship with God, but that's me personally and without it I was going round the same hamster wheel for years!! Try listen to my suggestion and look into mindfulness. Lie down listen to it and be good to yourself. Plenty fresh water, fruit n veg, be kind to ur body and your mind will get better. The light head thing I so don't like at all. It's come back for now but I am getting it kicked up the butt. It's not welcome in my life. Takes time n steps in the right direction. X


Thank you. I will check it out on YouTube. Its just that im a hothead and shortempered

person. Im very poor on controlling my mind . Its just the way I am, and so hard to fix. Working on it. Thank u so much!!!


I still think it's good to check in with a doctor and I'm definitely not one, but if Xanax fixes it, it sounds like it's you tensing up from anxiety. so an actual physical issue because your tensing and then when the Xanax helps you relax you stop tensing. I hope so anyway. You'd be surprised at how hard it is to stop tensing, I'm steadily working on it. Good luck! Just being in Vegas makes me nervous, too many flashing lights :)


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