Anxiety? Or something else??

Hey y'all

I'm new here and needing some comfort/reassurance?

I've been having tingling in my face, now my left arm, chest pains, light headedness, and kind of a weird feeling in my eyes? I've been to the er multiple times.. They've done blood work... Mri..chest X-ray..ekg... Chest ct. They said my d- dimer was very slightly elevated but found nothing in my chest ct so they weren't worried. They've told me that I have generalized anxiety and panic disorder. But I'm like really can anxiety do all this? It's really over taking me as my symptoms are everyday. Do any of you guys experience this? I'm only 25 years old also! Thanks for the help 😕

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  • Hi, yes I get all of these symptoms and more, It all started a year ago with me, I have had loads of different symptoms like numbness / tingling in face, tongue, arms, fingers, legs, toes , chest pain, jelly legs, lump in throat feeling, back pain, neck pain, tightness in chest, neck, back, feeling sick, dizziness, feeling of pressure in my head, sleeping problems, feeling like I can't breathe and lots more. I do try to ignore it the best I can but it is hard. I've had lots of tests and they all came back clear.

  • Thanks for the comment! It's good to know that I'm not alone with these symptoms. They've perscribed me klonopin as needed but I hate taking meds! Just always assuming the worst like they've missed something in the test or something(sounds crazy)

  • You sound just like me I didn't believe the doctors I get a lot of chest pain left side thinking it's my heart but I'm still here and not had an heart attack, I don't take meds due to being worried I will have a reaction to them I do have s few allergies.

  • Are your symptoms a every day thing?

  • Yes I get good days but there is always something I'm aware of.

  • You have the same exact symptoms as me. I just try my best to avoid it even though it's really hard. Do you have arm pain too?

  • Yes like all down my left arm and in my neck 😳 I'm doing my best to not think of it as well! Best wishes

  • Yes it sucks now I have it in my right arm to because I constantly think about it!😳 I started exercising to and it works some too. Best wishes to you as well!

  • Same as me - every day. My neck and shoulders get really tense too

  • Doesn't it stink having this everyday? Ugh, so aggravating! We will get through it! One day at a time

  • Yup going through this now. I have been to the er so many times and they have found nothing. Even tho I don't feel like I'm having anxiety or anxiety attacks. I'm trying a new anxiety medication. I hope it helps. In the beginning the didn't think anxiety could cause all of this, but I guess anxiety can cause so many different and weird symptoms. Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you

  • Thanks so much. Best wishes to you as well. I've been going to the gym everyday to try and relieve some of the symptoms. Seems to help a little!

  • Does anyone else get a burning sensation in your chest.. almost like heart burn but not..?

  • Yes I get that too

  • Hi sunshine 002,

    I suffer with a lot of these things when I am depressed and the anxiety kicks in when I have to or need to do something but can't, wouldn't it be easier if we were all the same and one pill or treatment worked the same for everyone? But I suppose it is being different that makes it an interesting world but harder to treat our different body chemistry 's and differing personalities, I think we have to accept ourselves for who we are and do the best we can to find out what works for us and learn about it with the support from doctors,, friends, family, Google and make ourselves happy. Good luck, Steve.

  • Thanks so much for the encouragement

  • Just don't Google symptoms, or we end up with anything from arthritis to zurkas disease if you know what I mean 😁. . Just look for anxiety and learn about the actual illness, there is always new research to look at and it is more positive than searching for symptoms that we/everyone cause ourselves unintentionally. Be Happy.


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