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Anyone else get "weird" feelings when watching TV

I don't know if it's the derealisation or anxiety or what but I have to be careful with what TV shows I watch because alot of the time I get EXTREMELY submersed in what I'm watching, to the point where I feel like I'm in it. And afterwards the "feeling" of the show sticks with me for a really long time, sometimes even hours. It's so weird and hard to explain. But earlier I was watching X-files and now I kind of feel like I'm in it? I asked my boyfriend if he ever felt like this and he said no.. so I figure it has to be anxiety related. I just am stuck in the mood of the show. And this happens with pretty much any media I take in, books, movies, tv, video games. They all seem to "stain my brain" for a while. It's actually a really scary feeling. Anyone else??

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I think you should be very careful about what you watch and for how long. Sometimes I feel strange from a bad dream the night before, it can stick with me for the whole day. It sounds like you are super sensitive. Maybe you should talk to a psychiatrist. They can give you some insight and better understanding if you have a problem. When you know what is wrong it can be less scary. Get some advice how to handle the way you feel.


It is anxiety especially when you are suffering severe anxiety. We got a new hd telly recently and I feel very weird watching stuff - as you say you feel as if you are in it? I normally stop watching and breathe for a while. Braved to see a film yesterday at the cinema during the day - 11.00am - I get very anxious being stuck at the cinema in case I freak out or have a migraine (my fear ) I came out into the bright sunshine feeling soooooo weird - had to rush to the car. Still feel weird today thinking about the film. Not in a pleasant way.

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I started getting derealization, when I had a nervous breakdown a few years ago. Since then, and even though I have taken different medications for years, I can still get it. It has gotten less thankfully, but I am sure that is because of the medication I am now on, which makes me less anxious.

For me derealization is the worst part of anxiety. I can be sick due to the feelings it brings. It is horrible, and it is hard to describe to others I find.

What you wrote about feeling like you are in the programme in a sense, is exactly how I can feel. I carry around the atmosphere of a programme, for hours after it has ended. It is hard to explain.

The worst time I had, was after watching TrainSpotting. For days afterwards I was so upset, as in being sick, crying and feeling disorientated. Everything seemed to look "gloomy and a green grey colour", as it does when I get very depressed.

At that time. I was not even aware of just how unwell I was. I now cannot watch anything "dark" because it affects me mentally too much.

One therapist once told me, it is due to the brain being overloaded with anxiety, and so in order to deal with that, as a coping mechanism.a part of the brain goes into a slower state, ((something like that) which is why we then get the strange feelings, almost like those from when we wake from a horrid dream.

When I had that breakdown, I could not watch any programme, nor listen to any music for months. If I did, within a short while, I would panic, be sick, feel very unwell and get all the strange derealization feelings.

Even now, I cannot listen to music without getting upset and I rarely watch tv. If I do then I am very selective about what programme or music it is. I never used to listen to classical music, but I find that is the only music that calms me now, so I have Classic fm on in the background.

I find reading a book or reading online helps me relax a lot.

You are certainly not alone with how you feel, and I sure there are many others too who experience what you do,

You can get better the less anxious you are. Derealization It is all related to high levels of anxiety.

Stay strong

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I just realized how this happens to me when I've binged watched series or especially when I come out of a movie theater. I got the opposite sense than you guys though, that this is actually a result of feeling less anxiety. While watching a series or being in a movie theater, my brain is usually dedicated to the entertainment and I'm not thinking about the other things I'd normally be anxious about. Social anxiety tends to be my biggest trigger, but I know that for that 2hr movie, I'm in a social setting with very little chance of any social interaction, and it's dark and it's cool, so I'm not sweating. Being in this prolonged lower anxiety state, I'm more mindful of things and aware of surroundings that I'd otherwise be overlooking, when I leave the theater.

I've come to this conclusion after taking MDMA and feeling this sense of enjoying just walking around and being with friends, which I think is what mindfulness really is supposed to feel like. I know this is largely a result of the chemical, but it made me recognize that I've never felt that way and it's similar to the derealization feeling. Also, when I smoked weed a few days later, I was doing some yoga and had an extreme mindfulness where I was hyper aware of all of the physical sensations on my hands, feet, and body, which again felt similar to the derealization. Lastly, I just went to the Martin Creed Back Door exhibit and really enjoyed the back door room, which was very large, didn't have many people, was dark, and cool (movie theater like) - which I felt very calm in. In conclusion, I think this feeling of derealization could be a less anxious, more mindful state of reality.


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