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Anyone else notice there anxiety playing up lately?

I've noticed mine has been up and down since January really gd at times then really bad ! I wonder if it's just me or if anyone else gets this ? One min I think it's all gd and I'm getting on with life really gd and then the smallest thing starts it of again 🤔

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Hi I to have lots of great days and then anxiety starts up out of nowhere.then i have to keep telling myself its just anxiety stop panicking ! Last week I had two migraine/nausea episodes in less than a week.haven't had migraine for well over a year.this then triggered of my anxiety.

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On yeah! I tell myself that it (anxiety) just wants to remind me that it’s still around. Lol.


Hey I’m up and down. Been in a pit lately for no real reason. Had to get anti sleep aids for it. Hardly sleeping. Feeling depressed. Oh yeah


I hate it


Snap ! I'm exactly the same I can have wonderful calm days then rubbish the next

I know I bang on about this book but on bad days I find reading my DARE responce book by Barry McDonagh reassures me and helps so much

I also use You Tube ralaxation videos I find Michael Sealey ones so calming

You are not alone but I do find that the good days are far more than the bad


Thanks for all your responses! It's not just me then ! 🤔 better days to come eh! 😁


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