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Abandonment anxiety

I feel abandoned by my family. I was also mistreated in many hospitals where we were treated like cattle. Just a number on a wristband. I don't want to feel the way I do. I tried to get help. Maybe I have to accept that what happened happened. It's just that i tried to change things as they were happening then. Dad ruled the house. Dad's war stories blew away anything that was happening in my reality. He invaded my mind with WW2 and the depression stories and grandpa being sick and dying and he had no boundaries. I was whatever the family needed me to be. A punching bag, a therapist, a confidant. I was never myself truly. I am trying to find out my true self.

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We never stop figuring ourselves out and why we are the way we are. Have you tried counselling? I have find it useful to talk through different experiences and relationships so then you can start to focus on yourself and your future x

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You needed a good sounding board today, and I think you have it. We can't change your past when you were very young....and if your father was telling WWII war stories you must have been young. There is always someone online somewhere reading this venue's posts and answering them, so please share as much as you like. I live in the US and my father and his brothers served in WWII, but none of them ever talked about that war, at least not in front of us. I just have a vague memory of him watching a weekly TV program about WWII on Sunday evenings quietly and I didn't really understand what or why he was watching it. I regret that your father was so affected by that war that he would share what must have been horror tales to you.

Well, won't keep you, but wanted you to know I cared and I read your post.

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