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Hi everybody, I'm new here, this is my very first post and I'm so happy to have found you guys here!! Well my thing is, I had a bad trip 2 months ago which caused a marijuana induced panic attack. I literally felt like I was about to die and it was extremely traumatizing. I've never experienced a panic attack before. On top of that, I broke up with my live in bf, my car was totaled, I lost my job and was evicted all within 45 days before the bad trip and panic attack. Also after the panic attack my baby brother was arrested unexpectedly and we have no idea how much time he is facing. So I really didn't have time to heal from the panic attack, and 2 months later, I am still suffering from intrusive thoughts about something bad happening to me and I have developed fears of certain numbers, have lost 20 lbs and not sleeping well and feelings of impending doom at times try to consume me. My appetite has picked up a bit and at times I feel my old self again but then BAM! There the feelings and thoughts go again.. Does anyone have any advice for me or anyone familiar with what this may be?? Please help me.. I just want to get back to never worrying like I was before that panic attack ever happened


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  • Hi. Welcome to the group - I hope you feel safe and supported and cared about for however long you are here. :-) Well you have been in the wars! It is no surprise you are having panic attacks. It is difficult to be sure whether this is a temporary reaction to things going on or something more long term. Time will tell. Some of the symptoms certainly sound like full on anxiety disorder, but as I say, it is possible this is a temporary thing.

    I think that you will be better off continuing wit your life as normal - occupying yourself with things you need to do. That will help focus your mind and ward off any negative thoughts. You might be going through a period of temporary depression too - for the same reasons as the anxiety.

    It is reasonable to think that all of this may just be a passing thing and will resolve itself, but if it does not then obviously you need to consult your doctor. I hope you feel better soon.


  • Thank you.. I appreciate you taking the time out to respond. And I am hoping that it is temporary. I also had depersonalization/Derealization that wore off thank God, over the last 2 weeks, I'm still recovering from that but I'm thankful to be recovering, DP is very scary. What is helping now is my therapist telling me that 85% of the things we worry about actually never happen. Allowing that to sink in is helping me a lot. But I'm going to continue therapy and being in this community in the mean time at least until I have made a full recovery from all of this.

  • Excellent about the therapy - at least you are addressing the cause and not just masking the symptoms with medication :-)

  • Yes I am trying to recovery naturally without meds, but of course they are being referred to me to use as needed.

  • I agree with Karl, try and keep your daily life as normal as possible, it will help take your mind off your feelings/thoughts. Go for walks, make some time for relaxing and doing nice things for yourself. If you do have a panic attack try some deep breathing x

  • Welcome to the group, the people in this group are helping me alot, when I need help then I turn to this group for their help because there are so many people just like me I never actually realised how many people suffer from the same thing anxiety and panic attacks, therapy is a good idea because then you can talk about your problems medication works for some of us but not all and sometimes medication just masks the problem we are all here for you when you need to talk. X

  • Thank you Lauren. Do you take any meds? Or have any suggestions about them? I have been trying to recovery naturally but I've heard good things about Luvox. Do you know anything about that?

  • I used to take citalopram and sertraline but they never worked for me, I heard good things about sertraline aswell, medication affects everyone differently I'm trying to recover naturally too I am definitely going to try CBT its a therapy where I can just talk about my feelings and get everything I'm thinking out of my head I really do reccomend the therapy. X

  • I also took fluxotine.

  • I'm not sure about that medication I don't think I have heard of it. X

  • How was fluoxetine??

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