Anyone else with extra anxiety because it's Christmas?

Despite I'm happy that it's Christmas, that I'm on holidays, spending more time with family and that I'm so happy with all the presents I have to give :) still I feel more anxious these days and worried that I might feel bad (like having palpitations, or a panic attack or something) on Christmas night, or on Christmas Day when all my family gathers together... Last Christmas after everyone was asleep I couldn't sleep with palpitations, just couldn't calm down, I guess I feel like something bad can't happen to me on such a special occasion... Some Christmas before other episodes also happened, even with different "symptoms"... I can rationalize this, still I am afraid! :(

Merry Christmas everyone! :) xxx


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12 Replies

  • Yes I feep ya! The problem with panic and anxiety is fear. If your mind remembers how scared you were its going to automatically think its going to do the same again. You have to put positive energy out and embrace the fact oh well. Ill be fine. and if I know im good to go eventually these symptoms will go away. And yes I get the same way. Pulse racing, blood pressure rising, tingly unreality but ive realized the times ive beat anxiety were th3 times ive faced it.

  • Thank you sandieganjake! I'll try to put my best positive energies! All the best and merry Chistmas! :)

  • Yes, honey you're not alone! All the extra pressure we put ourselves under adds to anxiety I find. Sometimes panic breeds panic, so if you can try not to worry about it too much (easier said than done!) And remember the times you've coped rather than the times you felt out of control. Merry Christmas xxxxx

  • Thank you leveller for your words :) I'll try not to worry too much! As whywhy says let's think it's just another day, and enjoy the good parts. Merry Christmas! xxx

  • Hi Anne

    Your not alone I feel like that too, worried that something terrible will happen on Christmas day. I lost my dad last month so just getting through Christmas without getting too upset will be an achievement

    Jules x

  • Jules, so sorry to hear about your dad xxx still I hope this Christmas brings you happy things xxx so I'm telling you, you're also not alone! Let's believe nothing bad is will happen, only a little extra anxiety that we can deal with! Big hug! And thank you! xxx

  • Hi anne

    You are not alone with how you are feeling , so many of us seem to have been or are struggling at the moment due to the pressure of Christmas

    Try & remember it's just one day & you have here to come if you need to rant or talk to people that understand :-)

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas :-)




  • Dear whywhy, always so dear, thank you xxx and yes, trying to follow your advice of "it's just another day" and living the good things about Christmas! It was nice to post here and have such nice replies :) one of my main worries now it's about a chest pain I've been feeling since one month ago... :( already went to the doctor and doing some exams soon, despite hopefully it's "only" anxiety (as I also did exams last year and it was nothing...), today I'm a bit more worried about it...

    Have a lovely Chistmas too :) big hug xxx

  • Hi anne

    I have to admit I seem to worry more about my health round Christmas time , sometimes I am not sure if psychologically its because I no the doctors are not open so tend to worry more

    I am sure the pain will be anxiety related , remember if they thought it was anything serious they wouldn't leave you , they would have sent you to have tests straight away , would be more than their job was worth not to !

    Let us no how the tests go when you do go for them , but I have a feeling everything will be fine :-)


  • Hi whywhy, I guess you're right, if the doctor thought it was serious he would tell me to do the exams asap, at least... I guess I managed these two days ok, even with the help of some painkillers and victan (just 1/4 of 2mg twice a day), and I could enjoy Christmas :) now with some days left before going back to work, will just try to rest a lot and relax :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas time! Hug xxx and thank you again :)

  • Hi Anne I feel exactly the same Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I feel really guilty because I think I'm going to spoil it for everyone I get really anxious take care xx

  • Hi perrytan, it's exactly that feeling, I don't want to spoil anything or worry anyone...and I also don't want to have anxiety symptoms that will spoil it for me, even if no one notices, like in this case, the chest pain :\ still! everything went ok this time, dealt with it the best I could, and despite a bit of stress and pain everything went ok, and I could actually leave anxiety on hold in many moments :) thank you, I hope you're having a great Christmas time! Xxx

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