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Anxiety - or is this more? Please Help

I know you have heard stories like these before, but if feels so much better to have your own specific question answered.

I woke up on Saturday morning around 5AM and tried to scratch my face and realized that my hands felt funny. I jumped out of bed and my hands and face felt numb and I was having a panic attack thinking I was having a stroke or something. I woke up my brothers and they talked me into not going to the ER, so I went back to sleep. Well the next day I did not feel better. I felt light headed, dizzy, head pressure, and that my movements were just off. This feeling went into Sunday and at that point I was really thinking I had a brain tumor. I called a friend of mine who is an MD and she said not to worry that a brain tumor was highly unlikely and that it is just anxiety. I also talked to her husband who is also an MD and he said he was 99.9% sure that I was fine - just anxiety. So Monday comes and I STILL have the same things, really light-headed, head pressure, dizziness, and my hands and sometimes legs feel weird. I then went to see my normal physician and told him what I was experiencing and he said - that brain tumors or strokes do not manifest themselves like this and that it was classic anxiety. He prescribed me Xanax and sent me home. But now it is Tuesday and I STILL feel the same. I cannot concentrate at work and I am not eating at all. I am scared that these symptoms are more than anxiety and that I should have a CT (But everyone said I don't need one) Has anyone had this before? - will these symptoms go away on their own? Every task just feels weird to me. My head has a lot of pressure and I feel like I am really light headed all the time. I am constantly thinking about this.

I am 27 btw and of healthy weight. I put myself through a neurological test online with the help of a friend. Meaning memory, body movements, walking on tippy toes, heels, smiling, etc. and I passed with flying colors. I have to add that I had a tooth extraction last month and he said that the extraction left a hole in the sinus cavity. Could this have anything to do with it?

Thanks for any comments to help sooth my mind or that I can do to get relief from these symptoms. Also should I get the CT or not since 3 doctors have said the same thing.

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Hi it sounds very much like your are very anxious and experienced an anxiety attack. If you have been checked out by a doctor then I would say that you are okay and are feeling unwell because of your anxiety symptoms which can be very unpleasant and distressing. Obviously I am not a doctor but that it is what it sounds like. Would you maybe think of going back to the doctor to get some help for your anxiety symptoms?


I would like to but I am not sure what they can do at this point. Should I see a neurologist? I mean I have discussed this with 3 doctors (one only in person) I mean this came out of no where. I just want the symptoms to go away.


What really upsets me is that the docs have sent you home with your anxiety and not referred you onto a therapist. Even if your problems are pyschological - and it sounds like they are - there are places that can help with health anxiety which in itself is classed as a condition. I congratulate you in coming on here. I recommend you read around the subject of health anxiety and look to get some help. Re the CT scan, it may relieve your worry, but I couldn't say if it is a good idea as I'm not an NHS doc. if you could afford a private one I would say go for it. I really wish you luck. keep confiding xxx


Hi, it really does sound like anxiety, I do often feel that my legs and arms don't belong to me and I feel light headed. It also can last for a few days. Have you tried deep breathing? I'm afraid I have no idea about your tooth, sorry.

We are always here to listen

Take care x


Winter - thanks for the reply. Yeah just happened Sat. morning. I cannot get rid of the blanket feeling of light headedness. I do have a history of anxiety here and there - but nothing like this for this long before. So you think I should ignore the symptoms?


This episode does seem to have a lot of symptoms that could be associated with an anxiety attack, particularly as your doc has ruled out physical things like stroke, heart attack etc. Xanax and similar meds do take a while to "kick-in", it can take up to 3 weeks or more before you notice much improvement, so do not despair. If 3 docs have all said the same thing (independently?) and not recommended a CT scan, that sounds fairly conclusive to me. Nevertheless, I find it very annoying and frustrating whenever I hear these symptoms described as "just anxiety" . They are very real symptoms/sensations and can be very scary. It is sometimes difficult to remember that it is however, your body's mis-directed reaction to a perceived threat. That threat/fear sometimes may be real but mostly it is our minds, buried in our sub-concious somewhere. If you can recognise these anxiety symptoms for what they are, and let them just wash over you without reacting, you will find they will dissipate quicker.

Hope this helps put your mind at rest a little.

kind regards, Mallet-head

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Thank you for the reply - One of the doctors I went to see and the other two I called on the telephone. The all said that a CT scan is not needed. And yes they all said the same thing but I have not REALLY been tested for anything. I know they are doctors and know what they are talking about - but I am worried something may be missed. I tried just ignoring the symptoms but they remain.


Think about it like this.No doc would risk their licence if they thought a CT necessary.Anxiety is vile especially health anxiety.Try and distract yourself and seek other help.Cognitive Behaviour therapy helped me and i have for the most part learnt to cope with it.I had pins and needles for ages until a meuro surgeon friend of mine comvincedme that I had no know neurological disease.His words.And guess what after a couple of mths they disappeared!Please try to relax x


I agree - but I think I need to see a Neurologist just in case. I mean I just feel out of it. I wake up and I don't feel normal. These symptoms last all day with me and do not really subside. Is this normal anxiety?


I don't think there's such a thing as normal anxiety. Just thinking about myself, I can get anxious about something, but then a couple of hours later I feel fine. Or I can have a bad episode where I spend several weeks trying to deal with anxious thoughts about the same thing.

I feel sure your symptoms could be caused by anxiety. It's a vicious circle: getting anxious makes your symptoms worse, and then that makes you feel more anxious.

Could your symptoms be caused by something else? That I don't know, but you've talked to several doctors and they all seem to think that there is no problem beyond anxiety. Try to believe them! The problem with having things like CT scans is that you can find you're still dissatisfied. People sometimes think of reasons why the CT scan might have missed a problem, or something like that.

As you can probably tell, I know how all this works. :(


ok my suggestion for your peace of mind is see a neurologist and have a c t scan.This will put your mind at rest.Then make sure you deal with the anxiety after.But also remember reassurance from anyone is a short lived thing and the only person that can ultimately help is yourself.

Take Care


I went 2 weeks like this they put me on two anxiety meds and 1 that I had to take as soon as I started getting a full blown anxiety attack. The feeling that your body is off like numb is the worst feeling ever but yes it is anxiety just wait for the meds to kick in. It will take time till then when you start focusing on it breath in for 5 seconds hold it for 4 seconds and slowly release it and tell yourself it is the anxiety that you will be fine.

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If I were you, I would have been at the ER the next day. I have had anxiety for years and years and never had ay symptoms in any way like what you described. In fact almost everyone I know is on xanaxm including me, and have never heard of that type of anxiety. Go to a neurologist. Better safe than sorry is my motto! good luck!


Hi there,

I really think you are experiencing anxiety.

I really think you should believe what your doctor has said( easier said I know) but remember we've all experience this, we think it's something else but it's not.

The trick with anxiety is to learn to except it but don't let it rule you. Try not to focus on your symptoms as this makes things worse.

I can suggest a couple of websites/apps calm. com and headspace

Check them out,it may just help you:)

Good luck


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I now feel like my symptoms are more on the right side of my body. Head and face pressure right side. and My right arm feels off/numb. I do a lot of accounting spreadsheets everyday so this may be it. I am freaking out about this and I am not taking the Xanax prescribed to me because I do not want to solve the anxiety issues with those type of meds. I made an appointment with a neurologist on January 3rd but this is too long for me to live with this. I may have my GP send me to get a CT scan at a Clinic for the peace of mind. If it comes up normal, then I think I will be ok.


So I literally left work today to see the doctor again. He said TAKE THE MEDS...he almost refused to give me a CT scan...saying that it was bad medical practice..he said he was almost positive that it was all anxiety. .. so I took the meds..I was able to eat. . And feel a little better


Hi worried well, I am a fellow sufferer of extreme health anxiety but do not think you should have a CT scan against your Dr's advice. I have had CT scans in the past for various reasons, all o.k. and then discovered there is a degree of risk of them causing cancers so it is a vicious circle. I now go with medical advice and if they are reluctant to scan there is good reason. I hope your symptoms subside soon and you feel better Best wishes Cathia.


I know I continually think about this. However I have constant spacey,light headed feelings. My hands feel weird when I move to grab things, and I can't eat. I mess up while typing at the keyboard way more often than I used to. Is all of this anxiety? I sure hope so, and I think my brain needs the CT Scan to be sure.


Sounds like anxiety to me.. some of the symptoms you describe sound like something called displacement.. have a look at an article written about it on the website 'anxietynomore', like a lot of anxiety symptoms its your brains way of telling you that your over doing it, it will go in time dont worry, the medication should help xx


sorry not displacement.. I meant detachment x doh


I am not sure I feel like I am in a dream state....just light headed and my hands feel woosy etc.

I mean can this be anemia or diabetes? Let me give you a rundown of how this happened.

I got a job promotion to Staff Accountant. I was busting through spreadsheets on Thursday and Friday - Feeling Great. I skipped lunch on both Thursday and Friday (I know stupid) but I was making a ton of progress. When I got home on Friday. I saw a cookie tray on the table and I ate about ten of them( I know stupid again) I didn't want to only eat cookies for the night so I went to McDonald's and got a fish Filet and McDouble. When I got home I was super tired and passed out. Then I woke up on Saturday and the story begins above. Does this say anything??? I mean does the fact that this came out of nowhere help say this is certainly anxiety or maybe low glucose levels?

Thanks again for everyones input - you have all been a big help!!


Were you worked up about your interview for your promotion? have you been getting work up about your new job? sounds like quite a bit of change going on, I doubt a couple of days of silly eatting would cause it, hey wonder if its a migraine?


I don't really have any headache - just what feels like head pressure. And no the Promotion was great news. And I am excelling with what I think little stress. I do have a stressful home life - but nothing new. I am just nervous about this lightheadedness. I also have been noticing that I have been getting dry mouth and more tingles at work.


why dont you take the medication, if it works then its anxiety :-) which im sure it is by the sounds of what your saying.Once youve got in under control then you could work at managing your anxiety with counselling support? thats what I did , im now off meds and feel much more in control now I understand the cycle of symptoms I go through x


So got my CT Scan results today. Everything was normal which is a huge relief. I asked him about possibility of this being a sinus issue and he said that it would have showed on the scan (not sure if that is true or not) But I do believe that a lot of it is just anxiety at this point. So I am transferring all of efforts from worrying to beating the stress.

I have started

Drinking Chamomile tea

Taking Fish Oil Supplements

Taking Magnesium Supplements

Working Out again

Working on breathing exercises


Hopefully all of the symptoms start to recede.

Thanks for all of your help once again!!!


I'm 26 years old..

About 5 months ago I had my first panic attack, I was sitting watching tv then all of a sudden I started feeling very dizzy got up to get a drink of water then all of a sudden I thought I was going to pass out said to my mum and partner I don't feel very well, my heart was racing so fast they took me up to emergency ( I honestly thought I was going to die, telling them I loved them) and they told me in was having a panic attack ( had no idea what was happening to me) they sent me home! I've never felt like the same person since that all happened to me..

I had book a holiday with me partner to Thailand was terrified about going (thinking what if I get one over there) we went and had the best time, and got engaged :) I felt normal again! But as soon as I got home all the symptoms come back again!! Feeling heavy headed, sore ears and seeing black dots!!

I will be sitting doing nothing then all of a sudden I get this fear that I'm about to die, I hate it!

Doctors tell me it's just stress and anxity but I don't believe them, I hate it, it's do depressing

The last couple of days I've been feeling very heavy headed and my ears feel all blocked up have made another doctors appointment to see another different doctor!! All I want are answers


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