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Anxiety attack

Today while at my friends place I started getting the following feelings I was not anxious they just came on and I wasn't anxious while they were happening.

Legs feel a little shaky

Felt woozy

Dreamy feeling

Tightness in chest

A little short of breath

A bit of heaviness in the body

It sort of passed but since it happened I feel really blah and tired just want to lie in bed.

I get these feelings everyday but usually I have anxiety with it I had no anxiety this time are these feeling panic attacks?

I'm worried that maybe these feelings aren't anxiety all along...

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Hey, while all anxiety attacks are different, it sounds like an anxiety attack. I thought the Drs were crazy telling I had anxiety attacks because I wasn't anxious at all! Life was great! But i soon found out the difference between anxiety attacks and panic attacks. Totally different.


Hi, sounds very much like an anxiety attack to me, I have similar experiences and really don't feel anxious at the time, they seem to just happen.


You need to get it checked out could be blood pressure low or 101? Other things

As you are still feeling blar see GP

Take care


I've had many blood tests done in the last 6 month I've had a chest x Ray and echo gram of the heart, 24 hr holter monitor all clear still not convinced though :(


When they take blood after a spected heart attack they can tell if the heart has had damage within the last 24 hours ( I think it's 24 or 12)

I have had to rush to the hospital for that specific test.

I know it's so difficult when you just don't know what it is

I can only say what I do which is to monitor my body and go to the dr or hospital if worried. I always feel it's better to annoy them and put your mind at rest

Keep on doing what you feel is right for you only you know your own body


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