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Diagnoses Deep Vein Thrombosis Clots Now In Lungs

I am 73 years old

I have been diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis with clots in my lungs. I know this diagnosis is going to be the cause of my death. I worry constantly. I'm frightened, I have isolated myself from others, my behavior has become uncontrollable by my fear. I have become an angry bitter person who has said horrible things to the woman I love loved in the US. Of course she's devastated. I met a Filipino widow online two months ago and propose marriage. She accepted. I don't love her but tell her I am because I don't want to die alone. My God what am I doing?

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I'm only 20 years old so there's literally nothing I could say to you to calm someone who has lived as long as you have. The thing i can think of is you made it this far go with your gut and try to enjoy your life. I wish you well friend


I have had two DVTs some years back. To thin my blood naturally, so it doesn't clot so readily I was told by a doctor to take garlic, ginger, fish oil and magnesium, every day, - so I do.

Of course, if you are already on blood thinners you would have to check with your doc.

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