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All moved in But now what?

Well its been a while but all things settled with the house And have moved in and set up my new place. One sad thing has happened as my cat has run off. She was having a terrible time with her new surroundings. I knew it was going to be hard for her and I was prepared to keep her in the house for at least two weeks to allow her time to get used to her new surroundings But the first chance she got she bolted outside and now I cant find her in the new neighbourhood ...I only moved a short distance from my old house Like a ten minute walk. I hope she will try to make it back to the old address My neighbours are keeping an eye out for her .But I don't think she will be able to find her way there If she cant pick up her own cent trail. I have put out posters in the new location but I think she may be gone for good ... :( Plus now I am moved I really don't know what to do with myself ..I don't go back to work for three weeks and I am at a loose end..oh well could be worse as I have pulled my backside out of quite a crappy three month stint with depression and anxiety... I have read this before on the site.. Where we get so used to feeling like shite... When a break comes its like "oh jeez what now" silly I know but true none the less.. steve

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hi steve & well done in moving to your new home, that could not have been easy at all for you, I am sure your cat will turn up especially as you have not moved too far, ( keep us posted ) 3 weeks off , enjoy them, you have worked so hard, am sure you will find a few things to keep you busy. jasper x


Hi Steve,glad you finally sorted out your move,hope you will be happy there once your settled.Im sure your cat will be found as you've not moved far.

If your new place needs redecorating,that could keep you busy.

Love Anne xx


Hi Steve,

I'm happy your all moved in:)

Please don't fret about your cat, she will find her way back, cats are clever animals:)

When we moved a few years back our car disappeared for a few days , but she turned up , covered in oil , but she turned up:) !

Hope your feeling ok . Xxxx


Hi Steve

Glad you are all moved in and getting settled. As other posters have said I'm sure your cat will turn up xxx


Morning Steve,

Strange that when we get the things we have been waiting for (moving house) and what has been causing us anxiety, we sort of get lost.

Moving house is a big thing to do, but so nice to have a fresh start. I was the same when I moved into my mums sort of well I am here now......Now what?

But you soon get into a new routine and things work out. oh yes have finished my decorating and it looks good fresh and new so I am pleased.

Am sure the cat will come back and it's good you have posters up, let us know if you have any news.

Wishing you well in your new home.

Gardener x


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