Depersonalization starting a panic attack? or the peak of one?

Unfortunately I currently have  a huge problem with panic disorder and depersonalization. Many times depersonalization with happen before a panic attack. In other instances I will suddenly become aware I am in the midst of an attack only for it to "peak" and give me a sick feeling of "not being in control" of my own body. D/p and d/r are complicated and I don't know many people who experience chronically like it seems I do. I also have a weird symptom where I do feel like I am looking through my eyes in an unreal way. That alone has caused me panic. Anyone out there have d/p, or d/r or both? thanks :)


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  • I have DR. And it's very scary. Despite my belief system, it gives me constant thoughts of death. I can't stand it. Everything feels like a dream and it's very overwhelming. magnesium helped me recover from it actually because I got it from a marijuana induced panic attack. But every month around my cycle, before during and after, I'm all f'd up again. Smh it's horrendous. I just remember never feeling it and I want to go back to that so badly

  • I can relate! My d/p is always associated with "dying" for me and I know it is all intertwined with panic. I hate it so much. It is so hard to describe to anyone in my family. I get far worse starting one week before that time of the month. I sometimes go all day feeling "out of body" to some degree with panic attacks. I wish I could go back to when this stuff never happened, but hopefully we still can and soon!

  • Yeah I hope so too. Like I never feel like I have an illness that's fatal but it just always gives my constant ruminating negative thoughts about it in general. And I wonder why it does that. It drives me nuts to the point that I get depressed as just wish I could be happy and normal like everyone around me. But honestly it really does feel nice to know its not only me. And it definitely is all intertwined with panic and anxiety for sure. But I believe we will get back to our normal selves. Because a lot of times I feel like my normal self again and then my anxiety and DR comes crashing back reminding me all over again of what I've been suffering from. Smh I can't stand anxiety and especially can't stand DR

  • Get therapy they will show you ways to calm yourself down. And look up breathing techniques, the Internet has so much info! It sounds like it's hormonal a lot, so I recommend developing and maintaining healthy routines during this time. Eat fruits, veggies, not junk food that will make us feel better only shortly! Avoid caffeine and candy and sugary drinks that will jazz you up more than you already don't need. Try to learn breathing exersizes to do every morning and night, and whenever you need to. Again, I recommend therapy, that's the best way you could explain it to your family, " I need therapy" they know how to help for sure, and it doesn't always involve medication, most just reconditioning our thought processes

  • have you found any relief, @hlacovara?

  • I have both. Feel like I am in a dream and my surroundings feel weird to me 

  • I think to some degree I have both but the depersonalization seems far worse for me. What do you think?

  • More the surroundings actually both!

  • Almost like a switch was flipped in our brains, wish we could flip it

  • I am the same I didn't want to go to sleep the other night incase I died. 

  • You're not alone. I started having dp about 6 years ago, but it only happened once. I was in Wal-Mart when it happened and I didn't know what it was til I researched it. Up until a few months ago, I hadn't experienced dp. Now, it happens whenever I'm around a group of people and begin to feel anxious/panicky. I carry my headphones and sunglasses with me wherever I go, which helps a lot. 

  • My sunglasses help me b/c it seems the lights are too bright at the stores. I was just walking around the store and began to feel panicky then bumped into a friend when I started talking to him it went away. I want to be able to control it on my own and stop it. It is seriously affecting me.

  • You are right, wearing sunglasses in the store helps a lot as well as distraction  :)

  • Hi. You are not alone.  It's weird but if you focus at this time it should subside. Since anxiety presents itself in many ways this is one of them. Just think to yourself it will soon pass and if you do this every time your body will respond positively and feeling will subside.  Mind over matter, good luck to you.

  • Honey you need therapy , I go to therapy too. It really helps because they have gone to school to learn ways to help everyone with their specific needs. Look at yourself in the mirror, focus, repeat " my name is ---, I am in control of my mind, I am in control of the way I feel, I can blink 'blink' , I can wink 'wink' I can talk, like right now, see, I am in control" I always try to distract myself when having an anxiety attack, something that involves mild detail: brush I hair, lotion of face and body, fix a light bulb, take out trash, do nails, get into shower, clean bathroom, etc. make sure you condition yourself to know and repeat positive words, in your head and out loud " I am okay" "I am in control " "anxiety does not own me" "I do not accept anxiety" "my health is good" "I am in control"

  • This has happened to me a lot this past couple months. At least 6 times already. when it happens to me I almost feel like I'm just like a floating conscious, not really in control of anything, my thoughts are super fast, everything feels so foreign and unnatural. I then start to question everything and have to remind myself who I am

  • how do you resolve that @Wtfserg?

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