So i havent been to the ER for 2 or 3 months im starting to just fight this and trying my best to not let it control me

Soo lately i been having really fast arrythmia heart rates for any little thing the docters say im fine about 2 or 3 months ago i do have a little bit of arrythmia but not a dangerous one day say i guess they saw it through the monitor i had on but the crazy part is they never gave me meds for my heart or anything but the ER did it was beta blocker even doe docters dont want me to take because im only 20 years okd and young i still do thats the only way my heart calms down because it goes extreamly fast and sometimes when its not fast it beats hard and been having chest pain in the middle of my chest but like underneath it and arm pain on the left but it comes and it goes plus back pain and neck pain and could feel my pulse behind my legs at times that it seems wierd to me and the last part is spasms like twiching on my chest where my heart sometimes i think its my heart going fast and its the twiching i get it on my back on my legs and sometimes arms but guess what i havent went to the ER or seen a docter been trying to fight it because i dont want the docters to keep thinking probably im going crazy another thing is i dont hit the gym im slim have a little meat on me not alot doe but i dont excerise because espically the way my heart at the moment i dont think i would like to play with that because then it could lead to something else if im at the gym and my heart is going faster then its already is they say i dont have a heart problem but it feels like i do and im a very nervous person aswell ever sense i stop the weed aswell so its like i have really bad nerves and i could feel it in my stomach and my breathing i try to fight it so bad that my body gets pains after words idk but i try my best thank you everyone .


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  • Do you take any medicine for your anxiety or go to counseling? I ask this because I see you post on here very often with the same problems time and time again. You got the A ok from a cardiologist a few months back, and usually nothing changes in a few months time unless you're having a heart attack. Just curious if you take medicine or go to counseling to try to help all your worrisome thoughts and symptoms.

  • yeah i have beta blockers and i have anxiety pills but dont take them because they only really work in a bout 3 to 4 weeks its called paxils and yesh but the thing is my heart goes really fast like arrythmia its like something that really strong

  • Paxil is an EXCELLENT drug used for anxiety, worrisome, and nerves. You should probably start taking them and stay on them (as long as your doctor prescribed them to you). Also look into some counseling, maybe someone who specializes in CBT. I really think those things would help you tremendously.

  • yeah but did you ever got those really fast heart rates but mostly 24/7 a day or very nervous about anything or going in some where or out with some friends and feel the nervous feeling in the stomach thats how i get and my heart goes super fast that i think im going to past out then it calms down or goes away for a bit

  • I never had them 24/7 no. But they would come and go throughout the day. I could be working, or I could be sitting down watching tv. I really think if you take the medicine you're prescribed and get into 1 on 1 counseling a lot of these problems will get better for you. No one here is a professional that I'm aware of and we can only give advice and try to point you in the right direction. At the end of the day you have to make the decision to take the medicine and get counseling to try to better yourself. What you're going through is no way for a 20 year old to live. I've been there before when I was 18-19 so I know exactly what it's like. But I finally got tired of feeling crappy day in and day out and I got professional help for myself.

  • Yeah soo i should take the beta blockers ? or the paxil

  • I don't know much about beta blockers personally. But the Paxil is for your anxiety, and I think once you get your anxiety under control a lot of your symptoms will ease up or disappear all together. The more anxious and fearful you are the more symptoms you'll have and feel.

  • Yeah you right the beta blockers calms down your aderline and heart rate calms down make you feel more relax but it also drop you blood pressure low thats why sometimes i probably feel dizzy

  • Whew! Take a deep breath! Sounds like you are really wound up and that feeds anxiety which feeds you being wound up, etc.

    Maybe talking with you general practitioner about this will help, or you could get a good referral from the doctor for a therapist.

    No one is going to think you're crazy for seeking that sort of assistance.

    Just remember to breathe, ok?

  • yeahh my heart just worries me alot because its going super fast like really bad arrythmia

  • Well, maybe you can look at the situation in a different way. Maybe you are worrying yourself and that causes anxiety, and panic, and that could cause your heart to race.

    Now start taking a few deep breaths, ok? And consider getting professional help to stop this vicious cycle.....know you are having a very difficult time, and you deserve to live better than this. :)

  • yeah because im getting worried its a 24/7 thing i nitice when im out or go to the mall or something i dont feel it like that im calm because not constaly thinking about it or touching my heart to see if its going fast but when i do touch it speeds up a little but when im home i get alot symthoms and my heart racing for anything just by getting up from bed or from sitting down it goes really fast then calms down

  • And please consider taking your meds as they are prescribed. If you trust the doctor that rx them for you, and the doctor knows about your ER visits and heart tests, you don't really do not give a good reason not to take them even it takes a few days to help you. Follow me?

  • yeah

  • Good.

  • Hey johnnie you should really take your pills I'm on Paxil right now it works man give it the time to kick in and take routinely as prescribed don't miss a day you can mess it up

  • but the thing is the side effects in the begining thats the thing and i could stop taking them if i want after i feel good or ?

  • There's just as many side effects taking Paxil as there is taking Tylenol. Most people will take Paxil or similar drugs for years and then ween off them. If you stop taking them right when you start feeling better, you're going to more than likely feel worse again quickly Bc you don't have the medicine in you.

  • soo thats the thing how would i would stop dont always wanna take them because some days will like to go to a bar or something

  • Your not technically supposed to drink with any medication. But unless you're an alcoholic it probably doesn't matter that much honestly. TONS of people drink daily and take medicine as well.

  • yeah no i just drink once in a blue not a everyday thing but i really mostly dont drink alot because i think about my heart going fast or something happening while im at a bar.

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