Last thing i would write on here for the better but just want to say this only and i wont post anything anymore.

Soo everyday its mostly my heart racing sharp shooting pains aswell just want to say this idk everytime i go get up from bed or say if im sitting down on a chair i get up thats all i feel like a pressure coming up my heart starts to race and i cant relax my back its like im forcing my self to relax but my heart goes dumb fast everyday chest pain neck pain back pain i feel like i have arrythmia or tycardia eather one dont know but its not one day my heart doesnt race its all the time over little things and i when it happens i feel like i cant breath then i start breathing hard like idk but my heart is really worrying me i feel like a hot sting sometimes on my chest and heart burn sometimes but the most that really worries me is the heart rate thats all always going fast it seem like its being controls or something and i get dizzy after my heart starts racing it calms down then comes back again just by moving or going up the stairs i run out of breath and its just beating really fast and hard just by going up some steps idk i seen a heart docter did all the test you can name they say im fine but idk if i should see another docter to see ? 🤔

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  • I also suffer with my heart, I get pains and aches and then the feeling that it is beating out of my chest which makes me panic more. I have had an ECG which came back clear, I think it's a case of focusing on it so much that it gets worse and worse

  • yeah its alot for real idk if i should see another heart docter to find out or idk what to do anymore with this my heart is always speeding been like this for months at first it was worst but now its alright but it still happens mostly all the time i been like this for about 3 or 4 months

  • If you feel like you need to see another heart doc go and see one for a second opinion and if he gives you the all clear that your heart is healthy please accept that it is all okay and stop worrying yourself and try to relax.

  • Yeah it just makes you worry you feeling your heart racing in your body all the time and your like come on not again you start saying to your self it has to be somwthing serious if continue to do the same thing and have chest pains

  • I know it's scary I get them quite a lot to when you feel it pumping out your chest it makes you panic more but our heart can take it its a very strong organ. My doc said to me if you feel it racing really fast wash your face in ice cold water it's slows your heart beat down it works for me

    Don't forget deep breaths when we panic we forget to breath and makes it worse.

  • yeah i get this like at least 5 times day my heart racing and right now i have chest pains

  • Go see another doc to put your mind at ease. Try not to focus on it to much you will be okay our minds play tricks on us you can control your thoughts it's anxiety.

  • Yeahh i wanted to know you take meds been trying to try soem meds but that i could be calm and be out and have fun with some friends

  • I was given propranolol but never taken them am not into meds because I know it's just the anxiety and I know it will calm down soon if I occupy my mind but I have read reviews on it and they do calm people down.

  • I take metoprolol and I love it. It has helped. I just take a really low dose. Those meds help with flutters, racing heart, bp, and keep adrenaline at bay.

  • I have a very irregular heart has gotten worse since last fall. I'm on a small dose beta blocker......a VERY cold drink of water was a suggestion I was given as well as putting your entire face in a sink of ice cold water.....the final and it sometimes helps is the pinch your nose closed and "blow".....believe me I do understand, and the fear it brings is not pleasant.

  • yeah its annoying my chest pains right now is crazy right in the middle and when i touch where my heart is it hurts alot there idk im tierd of it just think sooner or later will have a heart attack

  • Have you had any testing done by a cardiologist? Could it be GERD?

  • yeah every test trim mill stress test and 7 day monitor thyriod blood work echo Say im fine but domt feel like it and what is gerd ?

  • GERD = Gastroesophageal reflux disease It often presents itself as pain in the centre of the chest, or sometimes a burning pain. Prescription anti acids are often prescribed, but as a trial you could try a couple of Tums, try sleeping propped up....did they ever do an endoscopy down the throat to look in your stomach, or even a barium swallow. I have known people with GERD who honestly thought they were having a heart attack.

  • No they ask me they could one day put me to sleep i guess to see in my stomach

  • Likely that would be for endoscopy. You are only "out" for a very short time, it is a quick test, they also see your esophagus when they go down to the stomach to see if any acid reflux damage has been done. You might want to consider it.

  • Yeah probably so you think might be i get alot of chest pains

  • It is worth asking about. GERD signs and symptoms include:

    •A burning sensation in your chest (heartburn), sometimes spreading to your throat, along with a sour taste in your mouth

    •Chest pain

    •Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)

    •Dry cough

    •Hoarseness or sore throat

    •Regurgitation of food or sour liquid (acid reflux)

    •Sensation of a lump in your throat

    When to see a doctor

    Not listed here though I do know of people who have chest pain too

  • I would at least talk to your doctor as to the possibility of it being caused by GERD

  • I think you are sensitize right now. You need to not focus on it and try to put your mind elsewhere. Drink lots of water and make sure you stay hydrated. Let yourself know you are okay. Watch this link

  • That method is in the DARE book Barry says demand it tell yourself you want to panic and your heart to beat faster and it doesn't happen reverse psychology. Brilliant 👌

  • I love the Dare book!!!!! Listening to it on my iPhone.

  • Yeah my heart always racing and pain on my chest and back and neck

  • Johnnie, if your doctor said your heart is fine then accept that. Getting 2nd and 3rd opinions is a waste of time and money as far as I'm concerned. As we discussed before what you are encountering is withdrawal and severe anxiety symptoms. It will take time for these to diminish but you must stop focusing on these symptoms. The more you think about them the more they happen.

  • Yeah maybe you are right and so i shouldnt see another heart docter you think ? 🤔

  • In my opinion, no. I have had the exact symptoms you are going through. 6 months later, they have gone away. Are you taking the medication the doctor prescribed you?

  • they gave me paxil and metaprolol a beta blocker i only take it when my heart is going really fast

  • Good, stay on them and comply with your doctors directions. Keep your mind busy on positive things and not anxiety. You can do it!

  • I also take metoprolol. It's good.

  • is it possible you can take it only when your heart is starting to race and beating hard or how do you take them everyday ?

  • What does it say on the bottle for both medications?

  • Does it say take only as needed or take 1 a day, etc.?

  • it says take 1 tablet twice a day they gave me that in the ER and my docter regulsr docter say if its going really fast and i cant control it then take one only when needed and some docters say dont take at all because im still young for that because im 20 years old

  • Then I would take only as needed. The metoprolol correct? And what about the Paxil?

  • Yeah and paxil i havent took that at all its takes about three week to really work they say so idk

  • Take the Paxil. It will help with the anxiety and the symptoms. Again, don't say well im going to try to do this without medication. You need the medication and take it as directed. In time, your doctor may wean you off it if you don't need it. Listen to your doctor and don't listen too much to your body right now. It only makes your symptoms including chest pains, dizziness, fast heartbeat, etc. It's all anxiety related due to withdrawal in your case. 6 months from now you will tell me I was right. Take your medications!

  • So you think i should take the paxil but that doesnt help for the heart doe

  • The metoprolol helps the heart rate. Slows it down. The Paxil helps the anxiety which anxiety speeds up the heart rate and releases adrenaline. Take both medications and the metoprolol only as needed. The Paxil will help the underlying anxiety issue which in turn, will eventually bring your heart rate down.

  • Yeah because immgetting neevous now like i could be laying down or sitting down on the couch im not even getting up fast or anything im just you know getting up and my heart just starts speeding up fast for no reason like its forcing to pump fast but then it goes away and if its not that its the shooting pains on my chest idk it makes me think i have problems with my heart .

  • I hope you take my advice Johnnie. Anxiety and withdrawals is your biggest battle. Take your medication.

  • Ok and you take paxil too?

  • I use to. My doctor weaned me off. All I take now is 1 mg of xanax a day and metoprolol. I break the xanax down in .25 mg each dose. Xanax is a Benzodiazepine and can be very hard to wean off of. Paxil is a SSRI which works better long term. In other words xanax is very short acting and has more addictive properties way more than Paxil. Paxil works after 2-3 weeks in your system and helps the brain balance. Xanax only fights anxiety symptoms short term that are from imminent anxiety.

  • Oh okay the thing is i might have to take paxil for a long time then

  • Correct

  • yeah i dont want to take it for ever by the way i dont have it worst like i had it at the begining its just the heart beat and chest pain at times but then it goes away but it also comes back or happens out of no where .

  • but you think i shouldnt see a heart docter again i had appointment today with another one but you think i should because that more money to waste

  • It's up to you.

  • yeah i seen one already said im fine idk he did all types of test aswell

  • But your convinced your first doctor is wrong. Again, your choice.

  • Yeah probably because it still be going fast and getting shooting pains

  • I get the shooting ones ... supposedly they aren't common with heart issues. I know it's hard to stop worrying. Get a second opinion if you need it. Then you can probably move on. There's nothing wrong with second opinions......

  • yeah you right Ama see wassup because its making me feel like i have a heart dieseses or heart problem

  • I did get a second opinion because my first doctor seemed to blow me off so quickly. My second doctor has been way more thorough and its helped more. I feel like sometimes people might need a second opinion only because they don't feel comfortable with their current physician or feel like he/she is not taking them seriously especially when they are known to have anxiety. Sometimes it's not a bad idea.

  • yeah and all they can say it stress or im to young so what doesnt matter about age i know im only 20 but i actually feel these things you know

  • Have you had your vitamin b12, folate, ferritin and vitamin D checked?

    All can make you feel like you do.

    What are your energy levels like?

    Do you have any tingling or pins&needles?

    Balance problems?

    Air hunger or sighs?

    Any burning or strange skin sensations?

    Any issue with light or noise?


    Does your heart rate change much between laying down or standing up (i.e. more than 30 beats a minute)?

    Visual disturbances such as migraines/missing patches of vision or wavey/zigzagging lines?

    These are all physiological changes not necessarily psychological but obviously do effect you mentally because unexpected changes can be worrying.

    It's certainly with looking at.

    Pop over to the pernicious anaemia group and have read of their pinned posts.

  • Yeah the docter told me my vitiamin is really loww and vitamin D so he gave me something called multi vitamin and and vitamin D 50000

  • You might want to add some vitamin k2 to that as d3 among other things help to absorb calcium and the k2 makes sure it gets put in the right places rather than blood vessels and tissue.

    If hes given multi vitamins did you get a print out of your b12 level?

    When the sun comes back out make sure you get out at midday every day for about 15 mins and get your skin pink. Don't burn though. That'll top up your vitamin d naturally.

    D3 after being low will take a good few months to fix things.

    Repairing changes caused by deficiency takes a long time just like it took a long time to become poorly from it.

  • Yeah he told me to buy vitamin b-12 its like green bottle its called natrual i think but i havent try those yet

  • I use Swanson 1000mcg hydroxycobalamin from Amazon that I take half each day but they seem to be out of stock everywhere at the moment.

  • Oh okay

  • We sound like twins!!!!

    I did get a second opinion and I love this cardiologist better. Like I said I have on a 30 day monitor which I'm hoping will make me feel better so I can keep putting myself out there. I hate being "stuck" at home. I love life and I love travel and pray all the time that I've had this sooooooo long, since a child, and I just want it to fix.

  • Yeah all this started doe because i was smoking weed and i guess i trigered that day i guess also it wasnt laced because my friend was calm and i was the only having a panick attack my heart was racing like crazy for about 30 minutes after that day dverything change its like i cant have fun anymore been like this for about 4 months

  • I've heard of this happening several times. I don't smoke anymore at all. It started bothering my heart also. It just depends on what type it is. I've smoked it before and it not bother me, and then smoked it another time and was severely anxious.

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