I've been struggling with the chest tightness/all over tension for the past 6 months or so. I've had a full cardio work up about 3 years ago- stress tests, echo, etc. I recently had an EKG (normal). My cardiologist doesn't feel any tests beyond that EKG are necessary at this point based on my previous testing. I'm petrified that I have an underlying heart condition that has just now presented itself and they're not going to catch it because my tests 3 years ago were fine. I don't feel fine! I'm CONSTANTLY tensed. When I drive, it actually takes me a minute to straighten my body up when I get out of the car because I hold it so freaking tight the entire time I'm driving. Can anxiety do all of this? I'm on Propanolol and Lamictal (day 15). My pulse and BP is all over the place, but not alarming. I'm so fatigued, foggy, and just flat out not myself. I feel like a ticking time bomb just waiting for the worst to happen. The only time I don't feel my chest tightness is when I'm asleep. And it takes forever to actually fall asleep because of the scary palpitations/skipped beats. I'm just a mess. Can anyone relate?


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  • Wow you just discribed me! I'm also going through cardio anxiety. I had a work up done 3 yrs ago as well and it all came back fine. I've been going through some stress since I changed jobs 3 months ago and I'm having those irregular heartbeats with that hard pvc thud in the most random times. It's taking over my life!

  • This was me two months ago. I've had every test you can imagine and all say everything is normal. I had terrible palpitations and my bp was on the high side. This may sound crazy but acceptance was the first step to my recovery. Accept the anxiety and tell yourself that it can't hurt you. I took one propranolol and hated how lethargic I felt. Instead i take magnesium and inositol. Now that my anxiety is under control, I don't have any palpitations and my bp is perfect. It's crazy what our own minds can do to us. Hang in there and keep fighting the good fight. Best of luck to you!

  • It's surprising how these doctors don't offer Magnesium as a first treatment. Not only does it calm the nervous system and increase serotonin uptake easing depression, it relaxes the lungs and dillates the blood vessels allowing more blood to get around freely helping the cardiologist vascular system. It clears calcification from the artieres and lowers blood pressure and helps​ with cholesterol balance.

    And promotes heart health !!

    What's not to like ?

  • I am constantly afraid something is wrong with my heart. I've had EKGs and even worn a holter monitor and everything is normal. But I feel as though my doctor has written me off as "anxious " and doesn't take me seriously. I have chest tightness off and on. It's not really pain but makes me uncomfortable and of course anxious. I keep telling myself it's just stress and anxiety and the more I worry about it the worse it will be but I hate feeling this way so I can totally relate.

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