Chest pain and dizziness. I feel like I'm going to die soon, this is horrible. I need help

I need help

No one will help me, my chest hurts everyday, I'm dizzy every day. I can't stand this.

My counselor has told me he doesn't think what's going on with me is anxiety. Wth

So what is wrong with me? I've had blood test, chest ct, chest x-ray, EKG..

They say everything is fine and that I have costochondritus. The last time I spoke to me doctor he said I needed to take ibuprofen and book a massage. My massage is tomorrow

I'm so depressed about feeling bad everyday

I'm trying to cut back on my klonopin bc maybe it has something to do with the dizziness. Idk, I'm at a loss, I feel like I've exhausted all options


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29 Replies

  • I wish I had advice for you! I think we've talked before. I have the same symptoms as you but never get any answers. I understand how you feel

  • It's horrible. Do you have chest pain everyday?

    Mines on my left side

  • Yes. On and off (usually more on) all day for the last 5 1/2 months. But I also have arm and jaw pain. And my chest pain is on the left, sometimes middle but mostly left. I was told costochondritis but I read that it hurts to breathe if you have that and my pain isn't worse when I breathe so I don't know if that's what it is!

  • That's what I was told too. And mine doesn't hurt when I breathe either 😫😫

    Man it's horrible... then they say oh you have just got anxiety. Yeah... I would have anxiety if my chest didn't hurt all the time lol

  • That's what I told the doctor! Yes I have anxiety.... when I keep having chest pains! Do you have any left arm pain?

  • Yep, it like it goes from my chest down my arm. Also in my jaw sometimes.

    I'm seeing a massage therapist in the morning so I'm praying so hard that she will figure something out.

    Even thought about a chiropractor

  • I have shoulder pain too! And I went to a chiropractor! I didn't get any relief. I had a few massages and didn't notice a difference. The massage therapist I saw last week said I have a lot of trigger points. These pains seem to come out of nowhere! My chest pains feel like cramping. Is that what yours feels like?

  • Yes that's kinda how mines is.

    I also have knots along my shoulder blade on my left side

  • Same here!

  • Knots?

  • There like spot in your back that need massaged out.. I went to the massage therapist and she said I had a lot of "trigger points" and she said I hold my neck very stiff so that could be part of my problem.

    I go to the chiropractor Monday to see what he says, he's going to take X-rays and all. She said it could be a nerve that's compressed that's making me dizzy

  • I think i mentioned something like this to you before, scm muscles etc. ☺

  • I could def tell when she massaged that muscle it was tight

  • So this could be the answer to it all ☺

  • Maybe? Is that something the chiropractor oils tell me?

  • What do you mean?

  • Hi, I have the same symptoms. Pain in the Left shoulder blade, left side of the chest and very weak left arm. I did a lot of tests and no one could figure out what it is, now the pain is much better as I don't feel it all the time and it comes and goes. But the weak left arm is still the same. In addition to this I am constantly dizzy and I feel like I am high or I have a hang over. I also feel weak all over my body, and feel tension in my legs, are not alone and my symptoms are ongoing for over 6 months, I am just trying to continue my life like this till see what will happen.

    I lost faith in doctors and medicines and I just realise that none will help me if I don't help my self, so I am trying to eat bit better and do a lot of walking...I know it is difficult, but what there nothing I can do about it.

    I've been through the same idea, I am going to die soon. But now I am over it, if I was going to die I should have died when my symptoms were very bad.

    All the best :)

  • I feel the same way. No one has helped me yet so it's time i help my self. I've also been trying to eat right and take care of myself better

    I hate the dizziness.. maybe its something to do with nerves or tension?

  • I don't really know what causes the dizziness, I have it most of the day and till now no doctor could just give me a hint or just say what this could be. All I got from all doctors I've been to is that it is possible that what I have is anxiety...nothing else. If it is tension or a pinched nerve somewhere I have no idea. I hate it as well, but nothing I can do I just accept it and have to work with it.

  • Look into problems with your scm muscle online, it is a muscle in your neck and if you strain it you can get lots of other issues because of it.. dizziness, pain in other places etc, it is a common thing but not many people realise it. Doctors don't look for it either unless you mention it to them. You can Google about scm symptoms and also go to you tube and watch videos on how to sort it out.

  • Oh okay. Great I'll look more into it. Thank you 🙂

  • Any time!

  • Hey I have this exact thing!! Had it for 4 days now! Pain right in centre of. My chest (like severe!) and dizzy all of the time! Fuzzy eyes etc. I went to a&e and got told it was indigestion & anxiety. Could be muscular from tensing up and the dizziness may be anxiety/vertigo or just eye strain. Do you suffer from acid reflux at all?

  • Every once in a while I'll get reflux.

    I hate the dizziness!! It's like constant 😫 I'm going to a massage therapist today so I'm going to ask her if that could be due to muscle tension?

    I'm going on a few months with this. Ugh it's gotta go!

  • If it is a muscle thing and the scm muscle is included what he opens is the strained scm muscle in your neck pulls on the muscles up top and side of your head, they in turn pull on your sinuses and the top of your nose and create dizziness, also it can effect your inner ears which again can make you feel dizzy.

  • It could well be! Might be vertigo! Can be a million things bust try to keep calm about it

  • Thank you. I'm trying to. Im seeing the chiropractor Monday, hopefully he can give me answers as well 🙂

  • I feel dizzy all the time and also feel like I'm going to faint head fills so heavy I'm afraid Im going to faint all the time it's horrible.

  • That's how I feel. It's hard to go in stores bc of the lights and also while I'm driving I get dizzy..

    I've been reading up on chiropractic care and im really really hoping that they can figure something out. I go there Monday. 😫

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