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I need help so bad


Okay for starters I've had

EKG .. I've had so many I've lost count

Chest X-ray... Chest CT scan with dye....

Brain scans.. 48 hr heart monitor.... CT of stomach. Multiple bloods

My recent blood work showed low potassium.. I brought that level up to 4.1 but my doctor says I have low magnesium

So he started me on a women's vitamin that is literally packed with everything under the sun.. including magnesium and potassium

Anyway. With all these tests, wouldn't have something showed up? Like I have chest pain and chest flutters every day. At night when I'm trying to go to sleep I jump up and feel like my hearts gonna stop, so I try to take something that will knock me out so I won't feel anything but sleep. I also have a dry cough all the time.

But what can I do... I'm so sad that I feel like I'm not gonna live much longer. I'm only 25. My kids need me. I seriously think I'm gonna go into cardiac arrest.. even after all these test.


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When you wore your Holter Monitor, do you remember with the results if any PVCS or PACS showed up? If so do you remember how many?

The only thing she told me about my holster was at times my heart rate would go up. But it wasn't bad enough for beta blockers.. she said it was more than likely anxiety given I have zero risk factors

The reason I asked about PVCS and PACS are because these are premature beats aka "missed beats or palpitations". I suffer from them and they come and go, however it can feel like your heart is stopping and then BAM starts again. PVCS and PACS are normal in ALOT of people but people with anxiety notice them more because we are more in tuned with our bodies and every feeling. With all the tests you have listed above, I would be willing to say it is ALL anxiety related. And the fear of fear is what is driving all these physical symptoms for you.

Thank you. I totally agree

It's hard to stop the vicious cycle of "what ifs"

I never used to be this way ...then it's like I had my first panic attack episode which brought on these symptoms and now my minds like feeding off of those symptoms keeping me in this "panicked" state. I try so so hard not to worry... I tell myself look your okay you've had more scans than some people have ever had. ... but it's just so hard to turn my mind off.

Even in the shower... which used to be my escape and revive... is now just a place of worry.

Somtimes i feel like I need to go on some sort of like anxiety retreat or something lol it sounds silly but just to reset my body 😑😑

I feel for you..i had this for years.. I worked in a hospital and had every test in the book. Its hormones, gut flora and tight muscles. It's your normal( and mine). 🤔😌

I've felt this way and still do. Can't focus at all sometimes. Just thinking abouty kids and not being here breaks my heart every time. And same exact thoughts as yours.

My heart "thuds" wake me up 😢😢

Please please please please please (did I mention please? 😂) read the book DARE by Barry McDonagh. You will find that will offer you the way through and out the other side and become the self you used to be. Stop chasing your tail with Medical tests. We are all a bit low on one vitamin or another but if you're eating well, walking around a bit, taking a multi vit, sleeping 7 hours and doing a relaxtion session every day then you are doing SO MUCH RIGHT!!! give yourself a break and stop questioning it all. Read the book then download the app. You will get thru this..... but only if you accept it's anxiety and not some terminal disease or life threatening health condition. Your kids deserve the best of you so just do it!!! Love and peace from Australia 😘😘😘

Elizabeth04 in reply to Vbee

Than you for the great advice! I'm going to look into that book.

Health anxiety is the worse nightmare, I have suffered since my mum passed 17 years ago. What I do is district myself from the thoughts and remember I have had the all clear and have nothing to fear. Unless you are told otherwise, see it as you have your life back. Message me and I will help you, if you panic breath especially as you can hyperventilate and out some music on. Trust me it works xx

Elizabeth04 in reply to Mumof347

I'm gonna work real hard to get my life back. This all started last August. I keep telling myself that you've got to drop all the nonsense until August rolls around again

Mumof347 in reply to Elizabeth04

Well to be fair to yourself it is not nonsense its real and thats good you are thinking positive, it well help you to recover quicker xx

Thank you. Today is a new day. I'm gonna try to stay positive!

I've had all the test you have had nothing physically wrong it's anxiety and depression has anyone ever told you that's what is wrong?

Elizabeth04 in reply to Lotus4

Health anxiety.. or generalized anxiety disorder

I take klonopin .5mg as needed

Mumof347 in reply to Elizabeth04

Health Anxiety is not nice, but you have had the all clear. Now it is time to get your life back, you are still young, same age as my daughter. I can't believe you have had all this medical intervention and worry, make the most of your life OK


Do you take any medicine?

Elizabeth, I think it's time you stopped doing this to yourself, I'm sure you agree. Your life isn't only about you, you have children to love, protect and to guide. I can tell you're doing a great job with them but all this introspection is not going to benefit you or them in the future.

You've had just about every test in the book and they all showed you have no physical illness or disease. And you're sad? You should rejoice and give thanks, keep this up and you'll live to be a great-grandparent like me.

No you're not dying, you're not going to have a cardiac arrest. May I suggest as I often do, stop trying to recover from illnesses you don't have and start trying to recover from the illness you do have.

Anxiety. But you know that, that's why we're having this conversation on the Anxiety Forum and not the Cardiac Arrest Forum. It was your choice. I understand perfectly how frightening you find all the fluttering heart beats and the soreness in your chest through thinking about that area so much. But irregular heartbeats are a very common symptom of anxiety, very common. I had them myself for about 4 weeks about a month ago, there was some big high pressure event coming up. But I was lucky - I'd had them before twice, 5 and 10 years ago, I knew they wouldn't last. So I felt no fear at all and because I wasn't feeding them with fear and introspection they went. They just died of neglect I suppose, I was paying no attention to them so they just packed their bags and left town so to speak.

I know it's more difficult for you, Elizabeth, you've never had them before so although you know these are just physically harmless glitches in your nervous system they frighten you. I know, I understand. So how about making a recovery plan and leaving all this suffering behind you?

The first thing to address is how you got into this state in the first place. You must have been worried or stressed for some time to make your nervous system become over sensitised like this. If you can resolve those worries by taking drastic action if need be that would be a great help. It might be helpful to ask the advice of some wise and trusted person you know.

Next, you have to stop fighting the symptoms in your chest, you have to stop constantly testing yourself, because fighting only produces more tension and anxiety and right now that's the ladt thing your nerves need. Instead just accept the symptoms for the time being. That's right, I said accept them, without fear that is since you know they can't cut your life short or disable you or send you out of your mind. Just feel yourself relax every muscle in your body when the bad feelings come, let the flutters and the aches wash over you the way waves crash and then rush past the rock without harming it. You must become that rock, Elizabeth.

So accept, as you succeed you will start to feel a great sensevof triumph and achievement, but there's a 'but' coming. But it does take time, no fast fix this, you must practice acceptance with persistance. And in the fullness of time the flutters will fade the chest pain will yield and you will regain your quiet mind once more.

I know you can do it, Elizabeth, I know it because every one in the world with anxiety can recover in this way and you are no exception.

Elizabeth04 in reply to Jeff1943

Man... Thank you so so much. This really hit home, and you are so right. Thank you for being straight forward.

When this all started we were in the process of trying to buy a house and get out of one that was in very bad shape. We were crunched for time because my son was starting kindergarten and I wanted him to be in his new house when he started. Well now im proud to say we have found a very nice house, we love it so much.. the schools are great etc..

The only downfall is we're in a town where we don't know anyone about a hour from my parents. Which kinda stinks..but I'm getting used to it. I am trying so so hard to accept my anxiety, when I look back at this post I think wow i was acting crazy... normally i write post like this in the middle of a panic attack (cry for help)

My body just needs time to recover from these repeated panic episodes. I'm going to try harder. Again thank you 🙂

Mumof347 in reply to Elizabeth04


It is good to see you are thinking more positive, only your strength and determination will get you through. After a lot of self help you will see light, your anxiety will be faded into the background. Trust me, I am there now. I am now moving forward from years of self sabotage and constant fear. Jeff is the man that helped me see life. The power of the mind is intense, fight with it and dont waste another day of your precious life. Give your children as many hugs and kisses as you can, they are your world and they don't need to see mum unhappy and suffering, it affects them in the long run, all the best


Elizabeth04 in reply to Mumof347

Thanks for the encouragement 🙂🙂🙂🙌🏻

Mumof347 in reply to Elizabeth04

Your very welcome xx

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