Please help, severe anxiety, weird sensasstion when trying to fall asleep,

Hi everyone I was woundering if any one you who suffer with anxiety can help me as it's getting me really down, I've suddenly started having severe anxiety I say severe as I used to have it but it's got really bad in the last two weeks, chest pains on left side of chest and down arm, I'm only 23 anyway went hospital and got EKG done and BP n all came back fine.. Still worried about it but that not really my main problem now a new thing has started happening here I go... When I'm trying to fall asleep and just before I go to fall into a deep sleep you no like unconsciously asleep I get this really strange weird sensasstion only way I can describe it is like a sinking feeling or like whoosh like a big scary sensation it's so hard to explain, does anyone have anything like this or like this but not these actuall symptoms but they might explain it differently to me but do you no what I'm talking about and can you please please help or erasure me that someone else gets it.. I'm making myself a wreck thinking I'm dying and that my hearts giving in, or I've got a brain Timor, please help me anyone :( I'm so fed up #sleep


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  • You've described what happens to me when i am falling asleep. Happens more often when i am extremely tired. I don't know why or what it is but it doesn't freak me out anymore because I am still here after many years of this. Helps if i listen to relaxation tape before going to sleep.

  • Thankyou tee jay knowing that someone else has experience it has not made me so scared, but it is a really scary sensation, Thankyou for letting me no lovely, I hope it goes for us both :) x

  •  Hi over the past six months I have been experiencing this and was really worried I was on my own it's mainly when I lie down it almost feels like I can't catch my breath and that there is a sinking feeling I feel pains shooting down my left arm and my legs and sometimes literally feels like I'm about to pass out and I sometimes have to jump out of bed and shake myself to stop from passing out me and my girlfriend have had some issues lately she has been diagnosed with some depression and it stems from there I literally keep thinking I'm having a stroke or a heart attack it's extremely worrying I also feel overly sensitive to every think like when I'm lying down if someone touches me or do you bake it to me awkwardly it sounds like a really horrible shock through my whole system or even if people are talking loudly I feel really nervous and

  • I do experience this too only my body don't vibrate or buzz like other people, mine is like I get a blank thought like I'm overdose on something and I have difficulty breathing but then I try to calm myself and try to breathe and sometimes the feeling goes away but if it doesn't go away even after trying to calm myself, with my eyes still close, I get so freaked out and scared,and in the end I will just open my eyes and jump out of bed to catch my breath again, and then the feelings just disappear. Wierd......

  • The same thing is happening to me tonight, it's a very weird thing to explain. I've been up for the past two hours trying to get some shut I but I just have severe anxiety. I was doing fine, all cozy in my bed until it felt like I was about to faint. I jumped up, and it's been a weird feeling of me shaking and not being aware of my surroundings. I also have a wired other sense that I can't describe. Anyway, something like this happened to me about 4 years ago and it should pass. Don't worry, you're not only, it's just anxiety!

  • Iv been going through these and a million more thing I can't put into words for years and just can't take it anymore so I recently made an appointment with a therapist, do you kno if they can help and if so, how?

  • Yes, it most definitely can help. Also have your hormone levels checked. This helped me along with Vitamin D.

  • I wish this post was newer, you described my symptoms exactly. Jumping out of bed because I think I'm about to pass out and die. It's so horrible, I don't even want to go to bed.

  • I literally keep going through this and i always think I have heart failure or a heart attack. If you need to talk you can email me aliciagass68 at gmail

  • You're not alone Aliciaaa. Happy to chat to you. It makes no sense to me either but worse if ive had coffee.

  • It most likely is anxiety. Can be brought on by increased or decreased hormonal levels and lack of vitamin D. You should all have your levels checked. So many people misdiagnosed and put on meds for depression or anxiety when it is merely hormones.

  • Does your heart rate speed up super fast when you get that feeling like your falling out of your body? I think thats my problem i freak out and jump up in the bed but i the adrenaline kicks in cause I freak out and thats my chest is pounding

  • I had this last night. Its an issue with anxiety, my heart felt like it was hurting, had to change position. I was very sensitive to sounds, extra jumpy. Just about to nod off again and a big jump of pain happened in my chest, its very scary but important to remember its just anxiety. Your not on ur own. Talk to your doctor :)

  • In so this as well, I start to go to sleep then suddenly I jump as if something scared me and my heart beats fast, plus I have a weird feeling that I can't explain how it feels. I don't Have any pain during these episodes but it happens several times a night but not every night. It's scary

  • This happens to me too it's 100% anxiety


    I talked to a psychoanalyst and she said "You're NOT having a heart attack you're NOT dying, it's stress. Breath. YouTube search alternative nostril breathing and meditation.

    My girlfriend is overseas teaching abroad, I got a new job, I have bills from home purchase/reno, I miss see?? It's SO many changes and stresses in your life!! WE ARE STILL HERE aren't we?? I have had 0 pain! 0. It's all in our head. It's stress! Meditate, prepare yourself for bed before you get IN bed, get a white noise machine, play a recording of a person talking to you (someone you love), I take Zzzquil it helps a good amount but this still happens occasionally.

    Stress and anxiety takes over your brain.

    Guys - Think. I'm 29. I saw OP was 23. We are HEALTHY NO - you are NOT the ONE person in your 20's that has cancer, or a stroke, or a heart attack, you're healthy. Just overwhelmed with stress, society, social media, relationships, money - Knock out ONE thing at a time - the list of stress causing events will decrease at you knock these out - For me it's house reno projects - I hate that my home isn't DONE you know?

    But I chip away, day by day and when I go to bed I think "thank GOD I got stuff done today.."

    email me: to talk I'm here

    I have had these EXACT symptoms - Every story I have read, people have had scans done in the ER, etc etc. they are ALWAYS normal.

  • I really liked your reply. I just got out of hospital because I've had insomnia for 12 days straight. I felt like I was about to lose my mind. I'm pregnant so when I got I the hospital there wasn't much they could I have paranoia about taking new medication. I was driving home from the hospital at 5 a clock in the morning and I had to pull over because I was falling into micro sleeps. I finally fell asleep on the side of the road for about an hour before I woke up with a heavy falling head/body feeling. I felt my body getting heavier and heavier until it felt like I wouldn't be happy to breath or I'd just die. I had to jump up to shake it. But now it won't go away.

    I have to remind myself it's stress. Like you said. But it's a super terrifying feeling.

    Anyway your comment made me feel better. Thank you

  • Yes i go thru this its crazy feeling it happens when I'm over thinking or when I'm alone my breath gets short I'm crying out at night

  • i have the same situation as you and I'm only 16! But for me this started when I'm only 10 years old and believe me it has hunt me since then... But for me if things like this happens I just try to come my self down by doing breathing Technic,listening to music/watching non heavy movies like stuff that doesn't involve horror and heavy drama/romance that can make u emotional etc. And try to not take afternoon naps! Trust me it helps. For night time , drink a glass of non sugar tea or milk before going to sleep and try not to think heavy thoughts or imagine thing while closing your eyes if u can't stop thinking at night then try to think some happy thoughts. Hope this helps! God bless you!

  • Fighting!

  • Yes that happens to me. Its like you are falling into yourself or something. It rushes or like makes u almost jump . That does happen to me , seems like it will happ3ns for like a few days in a row, then it stops then it comes back whenever it feels like it. Its definitely annoying and scary. I have learned that it will not hurt me , but I do hate the experience. You aren't alone, unfortunately lol

  • Thank you very much rose you have put my mind at so much ease knowing someone else has it, it's horrible I hope it goes for us both, hate anxiety.. Ruining my life.. Had no sleep cause of it last night, I start thinking I've got a brain tumor and everything.. I hope you are ok rose thanks again xx

  • Yo uh I understand your skepticism towards 'the phenomenon' since You weren't feeling very well when you had it the first times.

    Now I get this feeling all the time (I'm 27, male, I feel perfect, not ill at all) and I must agree with you; the feeling is terrifying AND I LOVE IT

    Don't be afraid of it, I do NOT think its a sign of illness.

    To this day I'm regularly trying to inflict it occuring as often I can becuase I enjoy it so much xD

    Some people say "naaah you would never force upon yourself this feeling; nonsense, it's too scary" etc etc

    I do it.

    Let me know if you wanna learn more.

  • Hey explain more to me please I also experienced this and it's like someone shakes me every 30 seconds but it's always on a beat or rhythm if you would to call it. It doesn't scare me but it's as if I leave my body and come right back also I want to say maybe 5 months ago i was into meditation heavy and I got to the point I was able to listen to audio books and lay on my back my body would be physically asleep but I had 100% Control of my mind but I can't do it any long do you have any clue what it is? I love the human mind and curious of the unspeakable things it can do

  • Hello, I know this is a little late but I have been experiencing what you described lately and I wanted to know more about it. Before I fall into deep sleep I get this vibrating sensation in my whole body and I feel as if I come out of it, at this point I can't feel my bed any longer and I have to drag myself back to my bed. I don't feel like I'm floating either, it's a weird feeling, it doesn't scare me but it does annoy me as it doesn't let me sleep. I have experienced sleep paralysis before and it feels very similar aside from the fact that I can move. I have read about astral projection too, when you are able to come out of your body, but I have talked to people that experience and they describe as a floating almost flying feeling, they can also see themselves asleep on the bed, and that is not what happens on my case. I'm also really healthy, I don't have any anxiety or stress. I love finding out more about these phenomenons as well. It would be great if you could inform me more about it. Thanks!

  • Hi this is exactly how I would describe what happens to me it feels like my body is buzzing and then sinking into the bed then I do t really feel attached to my body and my head feels really weird it's at the point of very first drifting off I used to do spiritual healing and mediumship but stopped a year ago keep wondering if it has anything to do with the spirit world I know that might sound really silly but don't know what else this is mine only happens if I nap during the day. Ps I don't have any anxiety issues stress or depression

  • Omg!!! I have the same exact experience. It only happens when I'm extremely tired. And only when I nap During the day. . It's so weird

  • It happens to me too but I don't know what to do now, it 3 am and I can't sleep!!!!!

  • Ive had this happen to me a few times and its very uncomfortable but I know God can and will fix this.

  • I have this same feeling when trying to sleep at night and I haven't yet found anything that helps me sleep more than a few hrs a night any advice would be helpful I can even take sleep aids and all I may get is a few hrs sleep through the course of the whole night I'm exhausted any advice greatly appreciated I was diagnosed with vestibular nueritis 3 months ago It's hard to function on little to no sleep but somehow I keep doing it  

  • ^ Exactly what I experience. While falling asleep, I experience a slight vibrating or buzzing from head to toe. Its similar to the feeling of chills/goosebumps down the spine, except it's constant and I physically feel it all over. However, my sense of presence is gradually lost in the sensation as it intensifies almost as if I was drugged with hallucinogens or something.

    I have full consciousness though. For example, I can open my eyes at any moment and the sensation immediately vanishes, but slowly returns when I attempt to sleep again. Any audible distractions, like my loud dorm room mini fridge turning on in middle of the silence, would also restart the sensation/experience. Interestingly enough, every time I am have the experience there is a wonderfully soothing ambient music all around me.

    Within about 3-5 minutes it grows to near euphoria. This is when I am completely disassociated from my sense of physical presence. Instead, my (1st person) consciousness is suspended in darkness (not my room). Empty space is traveling around me at incredible speed. Others described it as "falling." The 'falling' I experience is not in a particular direction - it feels like falling in every direction, including inward. Other people here used the word "sinking." In the same way Its nearly impossible to comprehend a 4th demensional cube, this sensation of "falling" is VERY unusual and difficult explain in words.

    With the growing physical "buzzing" sensation, gradual detachment from bodily presence, euphoric state of mind, and a sort of 4th dimensional "falling," it is an immensely overwhelming experience - neither good or bad. But when it hinders sleep, it can be quite uncomfortable. I have found it crucial to see it as nothing more than a tranquil and harmless experience, although intense. Eventually, I fall asleep midst the psychedelics but it is almost always followed by the wackiest dreams I have ever had INCLUDING occasional full lucid dreams.

    Here is everything about myself that may offer insight to explain the phenomenon:

    I take methylphenidate for "Adult ADHD": mild, long lasting.

    I have a family history of Alzheimer's: Maternal grandmother & maternal great grand father.

    (my grandma, mom, and my self [22 yo male] are similar in that we are introspective, artsy, eccentric, and forgetful)

    I am emotionally stable, happy, and I love the inspiration I get from learning, though college does present the challenges of midterms and finals.

    I never had these experiences before I picked up vaping

    (ingredients: 4mg nicotine, vegetable glycerine, polypropylene glycol, and flavoring )

    I was interested in lucid dreaming/dream incubation/self awareness for about 2-3 months.

    (no freaky meditation - just making conscious observation of my own presence thru the day)

    I don't consider myself a stressed or anxious person and I easily let those feelings go when they come, but recurring themes within my dreams have implied otherwise. (which I find weird)

    Other Factors:

    I feel like a majority of the time I had a lot of water the day of

    (maybe 1 gallon or 4 liters roughly)


    I had lack of a full nights rest prior.

    (although before my most recent experience, I had rested for 4 hours during the day to catch up on sleep)

  • I get something very similar. When I go to lay down I can feel little vibrations almost like something is inside the bed vibrating. Then I get this sensation that's so hard to explain, like my ears can hear 100 times better. Any little noise and I feel like I could jump higher than my ceiling. I almost feel panicked, then my ears start ringing very intensely. Also I feel my head getting foggy almost like the feeling you get when your arm falls asleep, except it is my head. The one main difference than everyone else though is that it feels like I'm being forced to sleep almost like I'm being drugged and then I can't wake up. I will sleep 13 hours, wake up to the 4th alarm I set and go right back to bed for another 3 hours. The ears ringing is constant throughout the day. Weird thing is that this only happens in my room. If I sleep in the living room or someone else's house this does not happen. If anyone could shed light on what might be going on it would be very helpful.

  • I recognized the ringing in the ears. As I am about to fall asleep, i get the whoooshing feeling. I become very aware very fast and can feel my heart beating with intense ringing in my ears. It doesn't happen only when I fall sleep. Sometimes it happens just while Im sitting in front of a computer being perfectly awake, although less intense. Usually It happens on days in which I feel a sort of a brain fog and can't concentrate well. After reading for more than 1h about this, I learned that is not really curable, but more importantly it's not dangerous. It's most probably due to inherit anxiety, smth that I've always had problems with.

  • I love the feeling, but I feel like my nose is full of water. That is the only thing I dont like

  • Ohhh myy god. I suffer from anxiety but it hasnt been bothering me lately. Ive been getting this weird feeling like sleep paralysis is about to happen but im only half asleep. I know how to wake myself up during sleep paralysis but this feeling just wont let me sleep. I take medicine for my "clostocondritis" or however u spell it diagnosis. Idk if its the medicine or wht. I cant fall asleep rn. Its scaryy. I went to the doctor and they did x-rays and ekg's on me and they said everything is perfectly fine. My anxiety has lowered since then but idk whts going on tonight

  • It is called sleep paralasys. Sorry for spelling.

    Your body is asleep but your mind is awake

  • I started getting this feeling when I developed an anxiety disorder a few years ago. Like you're being pulled down into another dimension and it takes your breath away. I've actually started to enjoy it too, there is something exciting and enjoyable about it, it's like a complete loss of control.

  • How do you make it enjoyable? I have been goibg thru the same and i try to stay asleep as it happens but i get so scared that i jolt awake.

  • I would like to know more

  • Do not be afraid of it. It is then when you are starting to leave your body. Keep relaxed and you will experiance wonderful things. Look up Astral projection

  • Hello kamadzhar, would you please give us some more information about this? The internet is full of shitty Astral Projection web sites. Thanks

  • Yes exactly falling into itself or a black hole.. Sinking is definitely a good word too

  • I feel the same way tha shit is wack lol

  • I have the same problem. My pain in my chest went away for a week and last night it was the worse stabbing pain I felt. Thought I was having a heart attack. I've been to the ER twice because of my anxiety. I too thought I may have a tumor somewhere, but I got everything done (blood work, EKG, chest X-ray, CAT scan) and it all came back normal. I also experience headaches / woozy feeling coming over me. It's relieving to know that other people are experiencing these symptoms ... But it is scary.

  • Yes ktg I was like that last week oh I was convinced I was having a heart attack I really did, I had really bad chest pains only on left side of chest and down left arm well that's the main symptom for a heart attack, and what made it 10x worse was it used to happen the pain when I would be about to rest or go to sleep it must be because your mind starts to race so it's all physiological your mind playing tricks on you it must be as I went the hospital and everything was ok I had the works done and the doctor came back and said everything was good actually more then good perfect in fact I was like woahhhhh!! R u sure he was like yes it's just anxiety stay away from caffeine and try your best not to get as stressed out so easy... But I was a wreck crying everything when I had that pain in chest and even though he said I was "perfect" I was still convinced something was happening to me it must definitely be all linked either anxiety as here are some of my other symptoms I've been having really bad in the past week and a half... HEADACHES, LIGHT HEADINESS, NAUSEA, VOMITING, BREATHLESS, PANICKING, and now it's starting to mess with my sleep I had like one hour sleep last night .. Because of this jumping sinking sensation just as I'm about to fall unconsciously asleep something comes over me that makes me feel like I'm falling it's horrid but that's linked to anxiety to according to the lovely helpful people on here... I just hope we get better and try not to worry about the chest pains even though it's hard not to, if anything was wrong it would show up in EKG n definitely in your bloods xx

  • Did you try anything to make you sleep better? I'm having chest pains and same thing. I went to ER and I had a catscan of chest and head all clear and wasn't having a cardiac event. I'm just having trouble sleeping..bad. thanks for all your help.

  • Thanks for your story extremely my story from the ER to Staying in the hospital two nights getting tests run nuclear stress test ultrasound on heart nuclear test taking pics of chest n heart X-ray to beening place on a heart monitor for two days so this information information are very helpful....

  • Hi , yes sounds like I can only describe as if I am passing out before going into a sleep but I never got to sleep I'm not sure what started it I had panic attacks , but I am on thyroid medication for overactive and was given other things, I experienced it twice worse second time around , not sure if had a viral too ,did you kinda feel dizzy also in a way it will be anxiety but u think a lot to do with our bodies changing hormones , even serotonin levels imbalances . I had to get some sleeping tablets to help during this bad time Iv never been 100% since but had a few sleeps without aid I'm just trying to work with my body. Iv never been on anti depressant yet. have you managed to sleep well or not?. Big hugs binky noo

  • Yes ktg I was like that last week oh I was convinced I was having a heart attack I really did, I had really bad chest pains only on left side of chest and down left arm well that's the main symptom for a heart attack, and what made it 10x worse was it used to happen the pain when I would be about to rest or go to sleep it must be because your mind starts to race so it's all physiological your mind playing tricks on you it must be as I went the hospital and everything was ok I had the works done and the doctor came back and said everything was good actually more then good perfect in fact I was like woahhhhh!! R u sure he was like yes it's just anxiety stay away from caffeine and try your best not to get as stressed out so easy... But I was a wreck crying everything when I had that pain in chest and even though he said I was "perfect" I was still convinced something was happening to me it must definitely be all linked either anxiety as here are some of my other symptoms I've been having really bad in the past week and a half... HEADACHES, LIGHT HEADINESS, NAUSEA, VOMITING, BREATHLESS, PANICKING, and now it's starting to mess with my sleep I had like one hour sleep last night .. Because of this jumping sinking sensation just as I'm about to fall unconsciously asleep something comes over me that makes me feel like I'm falling it's horrid but that's linked to anxiety to according to the lovely helpful people on here... I just hope we get better and try not to worry about the chest pains even though it's hard not to, if anything was wrong it would show up in EKG n definitely in your bloods xx

  • The chest pains are more often than not just trapped wind in the chest, another annoying symptom of anxiety but it is awful

  • That;s all caused by anxiety. The sinking feeling is caused by your actually 'Falling Asleep' but because your over anxious mind is busy searching for something to worry about it has latched on to this harmless feeling which if you weren't anxious you wouldn't even notice, Watch your health. Eat a healthy diet, lots of fruit and veg, oily fish or supplements for your omegas which are important for your mental health, cut out junk and drink lots of water. You will begin to feel the benefits very quickly. Best wishes.

  • Hi there new this ..pdo any one ferl in different world .though not with ppl etc .. pins neddles arms legs dizziness .. head feel wired loseing it ... thanks any one can reply do suffering bad anxiety numb xx

  • Hi seen your post i get the pins n needly sensations n sort of mini electric shocks in your head thought i was going mad or something seriously wrong in my brain it happens more when im stressed, at the time of falling asleep, scared to go to sleep, i am a sufferer of panick atacks several times a day. I also get the pinned down sensation on waking, and also the sinking feeling when trying to go to sleep i can only describe it as being in an elevator that plunges to the ground like the wires are cut, my heart pounds and i shake uncontrolably when this happens. xxxx seems like i got the full package love xxx youve helped tremendously ty xx darent go to docs thought theyd lock me up xx so scary. regards mandy

  • Hey did you get medicine for this feeling? I've been fighting it for about two weeks and i just don't know how to get over it, overtime i try to fall asleep or take a nap my brain "freaks out" and goes into fight or flight mode, i feel like a rush in my body and yeah its frustrating.

  • Your description of mini electric shocks is exactly how I would describe it. It's like it starts at the base of the skull in the spine and rushes out over the head in all directions from there.

  • I get exactly the same thing. Did you ever get to the bottom of what it was? Hope you're ok

  • How are you feeling now Mandy?

  • I feel exactly the same, infact your the only person I've managed to find on the internet who explains her symtoms just like mine, the other night I looked at my TV almost as soon as I woke up and it began moving and all off a sudden I almost felt like I was in another world, everything kept repeating over and over... I was highly convinced that was me done, my heart timer had run out, thought I was going to be like that forever! very very scary I think it's got to do with REM in your sleep aswell.

  • FINALLY I can't believe what I'm reading I have had the television thing all my life now, and never met anyone with same thing, when it happens there's nothing worse almost like your phycic yea and u know what's coming but you can never explain when you wake up yea? Iv had some crazy ones scary ones deffo like your in a different world and sometimes don't recognise anything do u know what this is yet? Paul

  • I have what I believe to be HSP (Hallucinatory Sleep Paralysis) Your symptoms sound the same. Usually happens as I drift off to sleep. I hear a loud roaring that I think has woken me up. I cant move but I can see things around the edge of my vision. Very scary. I strain to move and it hurts. With great effort I break free and its like coming up from deep water, I gasp for breath and feel very panicked. Sometimes I wake up and Im not in my bed or even my home. I wonder around looking at things. Usually something very strange, like a dog that I had in my childhood comes along and I know I am dreaming and start the process of trying to wake. Now if I nap I have someone stay close to shake me awake if they hear or see me struggling. I hope you can find some help. Its miserable.

  • Have been dealing with this for years and never thought it happen to a lot of people am so shocked and hope we get help someday someone recommend garlic and ginger for me to be eating or cooking it as a tea and drinking it. Please if anyone have got better remedy for this please share it it's almost 3am here can't sleep again cos I only had an hour tonight with the fact that I couldn't sleep at all for 2 night gone.

    This thing is killing me and am scared of my health as well, this is not normal, need help.

  • Hi look into desensitization that will explain what you are experiencing

  • Hi it's me Binkynoo just checking in not sure how many of all of you my friends are awake at the moment Iv had to take a sleeping tablet because I'm Soo tired and can't sleep laid here since 10 so had to give in my mum wants me to get my rest says I sounded panicky on the phone earlier I do feel it over last 2 days anyone notice up to 2 weeks before they are due in period they feel anxious nervous preoccupied just complete state of worry I'm kinda back where I was 3 weeks ago just be a pattern had a good 3 weeks felt myself well more than ever , now just nose dived back into this wierd place again. Binkynoo :-((

  • Hi BinkyNoo my name is Sarah. I'm going through anxiety so horribly right now and these last few weeks have been unbearable I feel like I'm going crazy at times... I try to keep my mind busy at all times because if I dont I hybernate and my anxiety starts... Talking to someone you trust and who can relate to what your going through helps alot but if they don't relate sometimes can only trigger ur anxiety more, playing games, going for walks listening to music and reading the lyrics with it. I PREFER CHRISTIAN MUSIC LOL.. OR READING MY BIBLE HELPS ME SO VERY MUCH... Dont get me wrong I still have have some but not as bad as I was.

  • Reading the bible, prayer, listening to worship music is definitely helpful (although prayer can be tough when you're unable to bring yourself into a calm place).

  • Brain zap? I have gotten them. They are totally anxiety. Dont worry at all! Its like a...I dont know. Whoosh is a good way to describe it. For me, it felt like an electtic shock through the brain. I only got them once and they kept me up all night but I knew they were anxiety and didnt worry. I havent had them like that since.

    Go to anxiety centre. They list all anxiety symptoms.

  • I have suffered anxiety and depression for much of my adult life,I'm 53 now,just recently I have been getting what I can only describe as a sort of vertigo sensation while I am firmly on the ground,this usually happens at that point of drifting into sleep.The unexplainable nature of this is causing me to fear sleep.

  • Wow thank you so much for this post!! I sew now that Were not dying! Lol but i have had this for years and now ive been having this every night for the last 3 days, thought i was having seisurs or stroke...this is so refreshing to know all my weird symptoms are just anxiety

  • Me too seems to happen more when im stressed xx

  • I just realized that it may be related to sleep deprivation for me. Does it happen to you when you're really low on sleep? I've been waking up in the middle of the night unable to fall back asleep for about a week now, and this was happening to me this morning as I tried to fall asleep.

  • I am experiencing the same thing. I have a question for all of you suffering from this. How much is your caffeine intake, do you smoke, or on any medication's? I just want to get to the source as I hardly experience any anxiety during waling hours, only when going to sleep and it is just aweful.

  • I don't smoke, take any medications or drink much caffeine (tea occasionally). For me I just realized it may be related to being extremely tired and worn out from anxiety related sleep deprivation.

  • YES!! I have this all the time tho I thought it was just my heart slowing down too fast.. I hate this it makes me not wanna go to sleep which then I drink a monster n hope that helps me stay awake longer n before I know it I'm passed out on the couch. I've never gotten checked for it tho I have extreme anxiety n have panic attacks regularly

  • I just want to post this to confirm that we aren't alone :( it's currently 130 am...I am a 17 year old boy & everything you guys said is what I also have, I specifically agree with the person who was talking about their left arm & leg.......well here's a rundown from the beginning, & note I don't have anxiety or whatever this is during the day only when I lay down & try to sleep... I lay down after Normal day not really stressful & not particularly fatigued or extremely tired but I'll lay down & everything will be pretty much okay & just when I think I'm relaxed I feel a weird sense that something is wrong but idk what & my head will feel strange in the left temple like it's almost a bit larger than the other side, I SWEAR ON GOD THIS IS SERIOUS :( & then I close my eyes & this is when I gets pure frightening....I get weird small suttle but VERY noticeable twitches in but not limited to my left arm/ left hand & my left leg, I get almost the chills sometimes & NOTE THESE THINGS ARE WHEN MY EYES ARE CLOSED... I feel a sudden sense of impending doom or immediate danger with a falling sensation & immediately open my eyes & feel like I have to catch my breath reall fast almost as if I'm coming out from underwater in a pool & during all this I have slight chest pains.........MOST IMPORTANTLY NOTED*THE TWITCHES & STUFF IS ALMOST ALL LEFT SIDE OF ME ORIENTED

  • Exact same everything! It just happened not 10 minutes ago and it has been happening for weeks. I got tired of not sleeping (duh) and I just grabbed my phone to look it up. I still don't really know what it is, but it started when my grandma had a stroke and every second day I'm walking through the hallways looking at the SYMPTOMS OF A STROKE: posters everywhere, and then at night when I try to sleep I kept getting the same feelings like stroke symptoms. Multiple times a night. Every night. For two weeks. This was all the week before grade 9 starts for me and my mum thought it was anxiety from that, but I don't normally suffer from anxiety. After a while of nothing changing mum actually started to see that it is not getting better do she said I could have some camomile lavender tea, with helped a lot. Now, a year later it pops up now and then, and not too seriously, but now it's happened three nights in a row. It has also progressed from stroke symptoms to heart attack symptoms, something that that feels like heart arythmia (heart doesn't beat in a steady beat),and severe pins and needles in my left arm that goes to me not being able to move or feel my left arm for a minute. There's also stabbing pain in my lower abdomen occaisonally as well, wich is not fun. As far as I know, I am still alive so all of these feelings don't seem to be doing anything besides from terrifying me and disrupting my sleep patterns. As I said earlier I am not an anxiety type, no panic attacks, etc. This is all very new to me and I'm glad that there are others who feel the same thing I do. 😂

    Yes I feel the sinking-falling-wooshing feeling right before it happens but it never lasts too long before I start freaking out. To me, this feeling almost feels like you are empty inside, quite literally. (Cant feel heart beat breifly, wich is probably what freaks me out in the first place.) Also it reminds me of a kind of lonely feeling as well.

  • I'm so glad that someone else has this. I've been super stressed about school and whether or not I'm going to make it next quarter and I've been having a lot of weird things happen to me that I can't explain, I get light headed when I stand up, my body feels weird and I get that sort of woosh feeling right as I'm falling asleep, I've had it numerous times in the last few weeks and every night I fall asleep and wake up in the morning just fine so I know there's nothing wrong with me but i n the moment its terrifying, I also have a really shallow heartbeat at the same time which is equally alarming cause I have no clue why its happening or what it means. If anyone could help me with that it would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have this and its aweful! It makes me feel better seeing that it's common with people with anxiety disorders in this chat room. I haven't been able to find people talking about it anywhere else. I get them so bad that I literally fly out of the bed and land on my knees my heart racing I have trouble breathing total panic horrible. It sucks because you're asleep you cant think rationally you can't tell you're just having a panic attack it feels real. I'm going to try tonight just give myself a pep talk before I go to sleep that if it happens don't freak out. If anyone ever gets diagnosed or if a doctor can figure out what exactly causes this please let us know


  • Niacin 500 to 1500 mls, clonezapam, belladonna, passionflower, or going to bed on an empty stomach.  At least one of them should work for you.  I have the same shit, might as well be dying on the brink of sleep.  Feels like a damn seizure or a heart attack.  

  • Hi guys, my name is Sammy from the UK. My dad passed away last month and ever since I have experienced so many health issues. Nothing I have ever felt before but as what I have read from the thread, i think I am suffering the same. I had my first panic attack on a plane last month and it's been down hill ever since. When falling asleep it's like someone grabbing me or something scaring me whilst asleep, like u guys have mentioned it's hard to explain.

    Need help guys. Any suggestions. Thanks.

  • Emma I know Exactly the sensation you are describing when falling asleep. I get that too. Its a like a weird sensation of fear flows through you, and you feel like you are going crazy. As far as the EKG and tests go, don't worry. Tight checks and arm pain are all just anxiety. I didn't beleive it at first either. I ended up with 2 ER trips and several tests, to figure out what was wrong with me.

    Finally Dr told me it was anxiety. And I rejected it at first. But the more I learned to accept it, and deal with it. The better I got.

    When you feel these weird sensations, just tell yourself this is normal anxiety feelings and it will pass. Tell yourself, to accept it, and know that you are in control.

    Hope this helps.

  • I feel the sane way a majority of nights trying to sleep. When getting this feeling I immediately sit up and take deep breaths. Drinking and splashing water on my face helps calm my nerves too. This next one is weird but sexual activities also help calm me down. Hope this helps. (:

  • thats probably because your body is letting off many endorphin's during sex. Its a temporary high but the symptoms of anxiety will find its way back as soon as your hormone levels go back to normal

  • This morning I found that specifically breathing into my stomach instead of up into my chest was a good technique. I was getting so stressed that breathing slowly and "deeply" wasn't working for me then I came across something about focusing on expanding your belly to let your diaphragm drop down.

  • Hi everyone it's ReneeLeigh here and it's 5:11 am and still haven't fallen asleep. I have much of the same symptoms as all you and I only sleep when exhausted. I smoke and drink soda. I'm sure this is why my anxiety is high but I still feel like it's a heart attack. I'm 46 yrs old, overweight and lotsa stress. At times I can tell myself it's just anxiety but sometimes like tonite I can't it's just not getting trough to me. I will lay here in bed until exhaustion finally takes over and my body forces me to sleep. I wish we'd all get rid of this so we can get on with life.

  • This morning I came across information that really helped. It said to focus on expanding your belly only when you breathe. When you expand your belly it allows your diaphragm to drop down and pulls farther expands your lower lungs. Also focusing on doing this type of breathing helps keep your mind occupied on something other than racing thoughts.

  • rpg1982, you are so so right. I live and breathe this philosophy every single day. Thanks for sharing this info. xx

  • I'm so happy I finally came across that info, and am happy to share it! I've been so close to starting to take the Clonazepam I have left from a previous doctor visit to help me fall asleep, but I really didn't want to. The past week or so I've been waking up after about 3 hours of sleep unable to fall back to sleep. This was a big change to my ability to get my brain away from rampant thoughts. I think that identifying what is changing in the way our bodies are acting when we have anxiety is the key to finding a solution aside from drugs.

  • For a minute I thought I was the only one. And it's crazy to see that 10 months later pple are making it to this post, and prolly by searching it on google while laying in bed not being able to sleep. Well that's me lol. I experience this once in a while, and I've always gotten worried thinking I'm gonna die or won't wake up after I fall asleep. Everyone's comments has helped me a lot. I felt better the moment I read the response about how you were always fine waking up even if you felt that scary feeling. Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond and make people like us feel better while trying to go to bed.

  • I felt the same too. Its like a sudden impulse to your heart. Like knowing that you are late for an important event your heart just sank but in a sudden attack. I've had that last night. I have been having a headache for a month and I am worried which got me anxious. I am gonna go for a scan of my head.

    All I can say is "Just as He is, so am i in this world". If He is well and whole so am I in this world. Same goes to you! Have faith!

  • The same thing has been happening to me. I lay down to go to sleep, close my eyes, start to slip into sleep and then it's like BOOM! Like my heart just stopped, or rumbled, stuttered for a second. It feels like I am hyper aware of my chest, like my heart moving around inside, like I can't tell what it was though, but I feel scared and kind of nauseous. I tell myself to just relax, you've delt with the same thing a million times before and you are still alive, but this time felt worse and it was even scarier. I try to go to sleep and it happens again. Then again, then again, then again and again. Last like I didn't get any sleep because of it. I had to call in sick for work and now since I am so extremely tired, I am trying to go to sleep but it keeps happening. I put on head phones to try to ignore it but it happens anyway. My son or my wife will make a noise and it scares me and gives me that feeling, especially if they are loud. This happens often. I tried to eliminate all kinds of things from my diet like smoking, caffine, sugar, alcohol, weed, and it still happens. The less sleep I get, the more it happens and it is so hard to sleep. I wish it had a name so that people could identify it as a real thing, not just in my head because it is literally breaking me down.

  • That thing about the sound! I didn't think about it, I would hear a thud from my snake moving around in his terrarium or something, and that would wake me up and give me that feeling. But anxious me says that those sounds are rescuing me from feeling like that.

  • Yes this happens to me almost every single night I feel like it's ruining my life it's taking over my sleeping I'm so tired of it I wish it would all just go away

  • This happens to me too please let me know if you get diagnosed or A solution is found for you. I guess it's just anxiety because that's all I find online are people with anxiety have this problem like us.

  • 4:45am, been up all night. I was so relieved to see this post. Seizure and stroke and heart attack have all been things I cannot get out of my mind!

    Any weird physical sensation and I start panicking. I tell myself it's anxiety and try to distract myself. But when it comes to this crazy sinking/falling feeling when I shoot back awake, I have been having so much trouble. I can't sleep :/

    Knowing I'm not the only one is SO comforting. A lot of good advice on here.

  • Wow. How expletive scary. Has been happening to me tonight/this morning. Just as described. Just as I was about to drop off into sleep. What makes it so scary for me is that at about this time 29 days ago I woke up while having a heart attack. (NSTEMI). From the sensations and now having a heart attack confirmed (last month, before this ...) I believe I had had at least two previously. Last month I got 2 stents inserted in a coronary artery. Sent home with 4 medications a day and the warning from, well everywhere ringing in my head about risks of stroke and a fatal heart attack next time...... here I am. I am a pretty stoic sought but it had me in tears and I am scared to sleep again. I suppose jumping out of bed in such a fright didn't help much either, causing light-headedness and a general feeling of palpitations. I guess I can take comfort in everyone here's experience and with the weird fact that I had absolutely zero angina for a change..... at least for a few minutes!

  • The comment about how the brain is constantly on the lookout for problems and that otherwise normal feeling of dropping off causes a "red alert" emergency feeling in stressed and tired minds... that rings true with me. It also brings some comfort along with my mug of green tea, pulse oxy meter and blood pressure meters asking who is this? as my vital stats are the best in memory! :-)

  • I get that same felling ,you described it well. when im drifting off it seems like im afraid to allow myself to fall sleep but i cant control whats make me feel that way but it makes me jump up out of bed and go the front door to get some fresh air. if its bad i go out the door .it seems as if the world is too small and like my life is ending its very happens in the day time also when im wake.

  • it happens to me occasionally in the daytime but mostly while trying to fall asleep. I have tried several sleep aids like benadryl to find out now not good for you in the long run. Trazadone which did not work unless i took alot which made me groggy. Then finally Melatonin - I worked up to 15mg for 4 months and it made me constipated which turned into another problem. I have since reduced my Melatonin and pray alot while trying to sleep, It is the perfect mind occupier and has its own benefits of soul edification. I have to say after years of having this issue which has manifested itself in various ways I have found praying and focusing on a repetitive phrase or thoughts is most helpful to falling asleep. Yes the wooshing feeling will occur.. let it happen and go back to the repetitive praying/meditating activity which will hopefully lead you back to sleep without the anxious sensation. I believe that exercise and weight building helps with limb flailing, body jerks and spasms.

  • Your not alone, my friend, I too have these same sensations. As soon as I lay down and try to fall asleep.

    I get these strange sensations of anxiety, like a rush of fear, somewhat like waking from a bad nightmare;but I haven't fallen asleep yet. On a good night, I get maybe 2 hours of sleep, if I'm lucky.

    Most nights I get no sleep at all.

    I have tried sleeping pills which help, me fall asleep; but it doesn't fix my problem.

    I don't want to be depended on sleeping pills. All doctors want to do is give me a regiment of pill. I'm so frustrated, I really wish I could get some help.

  • I am currently having these feelings and just am genuinely relieved that someone else has experienced this... the first time it ever happened for me was after a weekend of drinking sugary alcohol and barely sleeping combined with getting in a fight with some of my best friends, so the lack of sleep and stress probably was the cause. but I had it for a few days after that and when I went to the doctors and had an ekg as well as a test where I walked uphill on a treadmill as they checked my heart muscles on a monitor and they also had me wear a mobile monitor on my chest for two weeks and all the results came out normal. I am only 20 years old and never thought I had severe anxiety but this is just terrible. Especially on the nights that all I want to do is sleep reallllllly well but this happens. I've found that once it starts happening, I get so scared that I'm dying that I almost start self inducing them and they keep happening. It never happens when I sleep with my boyfriend and rarely ever does when I sleep with my best friend next to me either, maybe it's because I subconsciously feel safer... but the doctors basically told me the same thing that it's anxiety and I just can't wrap my head around how this can be caused by anxiety, especially when I am not sure that I've ever experienced a panic attack or anything during the day time. It's definitely reassuring to know this happens to 20 other people out there and they're still alive.. I feel like I'm going to die sometimes when this happens and I'm just terrified. I'm only 20! I don't get how this is happening to my body!

  • Hi I sumtimes feel like im falling in bed especially on the left hand side like you are sinking but falling but obviously ur not coz ya layed on bed but that's how I feel sumtimes

  • Is this not hypnotic jerk caused by anxiety?

  • I know exactly how you feel bro , people around me don't understand what I mean when I try to describe it,

    It's a scary feeling for me a way I learned to help deal with the feeling is to get up and drink some ice cold water or tea then read about people who deal with the same thing it'll help you calm down or get an understanding of what's going on, although there might not be an exact explanation why reading does help or playing a video game till you pass out

  • I have the exact same feeling! I totally understand how it feels. Finally I have found someone who understands what I am going through. I read one of the replies here and I kinda agree that the mind is trying to search for something to worry hence when about to fall into a deep sleep it triggers the attack. I have done all the tests in the world and everything is fine. Guess we are all in the same boat.

  • Yes! Almost every night for last 6 months. I've suffered anxiety for most of my life but never guessed it could get this bad. It used to be waking around 3am in a panic attack, but now, this. Didn't think it could get worse, but it has. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Hugs.

  • I have been waking up around 3 hours after going to bed for the past week or so (usually around 3am), and then unable to fall back to sleep. This morning I was having a panic attack and I came across some information about how to normalize your breathing for anxiety symptoms. It said to calm down from panicked breath as follows (Calming Breath):

    1. Take a long, slow breath in through your nose, first filling your lower lungs, then your upper lungs.

    2. Hold your breath to the count of "three."

    3. Exhale slowly through pursed lips, while you relax the muscles in your face, jaw, shoulders, and stomach.

    When it talks about filling your lower lungs it's referring to what they called "Natural Breathing". Here's how they explain that:

    1. Gently and slowly inhale a normal amount of air through your nose, filling only your lower lungs. (Your stomach will expand while your upper chest remains still.)

    2. Exhale easily.

    3. Continue this gentle breathing pattern with a relaxed attitude, concentrating on filling only the lower lungs.

    I used the Calming Breath I described first with my eyes closed to actually calm me down so I wasn't having a panic attack and hyperventilating, heart pounding, tingling, etc. then when I tried to sleep I focused on the "Natural Breathing" only. Even if it takes 30 minutes of focus on this breathing to get there, it's much better than laying there for hours in a panicked state.

    Here's the article I read:

  • Hey, same thing happens to me. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression, if I'm weary, exhausted or fatigue. I try to sleep, just as I'm busy going into a deep sleep, I get this super weird sensation.. Like, I'm sleeping, but I'm awake? My door opens, and I've even seen things. I am also able to wake myself up. I just push through all of it. I've had this issue all my life.. When I was younger, I used to get nightmares and I would see this grey alien-looking thing walking down the passage, opening doors, and circling my bed? So strange. Has any of the following happened to any of you, before? Apart from the weird sensation.

  • Hi!! I feel the same way often. I even feel as if I'm being rocked by someone. . Like when you hold a baby and put them to sleep.. if that makesounds any sence.. what I do to stop this from happening is I watch you tube videos .. I'm a girl so I watch makeup tutorials and funny things.. or I recently downloaded an app to my phone that helps with the anxiety.. unfortunately my baby somehow unistalled I haven't found it yet .. I hope you feel better soon.. XOXO

  • It's 3.17am

    And I'm terrified to go to sleep again as every time I start to fall off to asleep I'm getting this strange falling feeling then a whoosh sensation brings me back to waking with my heart pounding , feels like I'm dying!

    This has just started tonight.

    I have recently been diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression and was given Sertraline but after six days I have decided to discontinue with my treatment as the side effects are too unpleasant.

    Earlier this evening i fell asleep sitting up on the sofa fine but now I'm come to lie down in bed I'm getting this horrible feeling like I'm being suffocated! It's really freaking me out!!

    I'm overweight so I'm now wondering if it could possibly be sleep apnea as I'm always tired and wake up numerous times during the night.

  • I've had this. Used to jolt me awake because I felt as if I were being smothered.

  • Emmawhitelaw23, you are not the only one. I guess I have had these sensations too. And these hit me right when I am about to sleep. I haven't been able to help myself, though, I would suggest, try not to think about a lot. Try to talk it out. If you don't find anyone to talk it out with, talk to yourself....

    I hope that Helps.... Cheers

  • Apparently it's called a hypnagogic jerk. It's very common, especially with people who have anxiety. But supposedly about 60-75% of people experience them. Scientist think it might possibly have to do with our evolution. If you look up the term hypnagogic jerk it will explain everything.

  • I had a problem similar to some of what people are describing. Basically shaking, racing heartbeat, brain fog, feeling like i might pass out or die, slight nausea, and hard to describe sensations. These came on mostly when i would try to go to sleep. I had every test in all the land from bloodwork to eegs and mri. Similair symptoms of a panic attack so thats what they decided it must be since they couldnt find any problems, and not from lack of trying. I finally discovered the cause of my problem was multivitamins. No one suspected them and i would take them more often when i felt worse hoping to try to be healthier. i doubt multivitamins are the cause of this problem for most of you, i think there are a few different problems mingling through the thread, but just trying to help maybe that one person in my boat.

  • I have lived with anxiety for the last few years. I admit that even though things felt bad, they remained manageable. That is, until recently.... I went to bed one night after staying out with a few friends a few months ago. I was laying in bed. Everything was fine. I then get this odd sensation. Like my mind had tuned itself off. It felt almost as if I was blacking out and the bed was falling slowly downward. But the thing was I didn't realize what was happening until I suddenly snapped to and my heart was beating so fast and hard. I literally thought that I was about to die. When I calmed myself down from the panic attack, I was afraid that it would happen again. I had my mother hold my hand and reassure me that she wouldn't let me die in my sleep.

    This wasn't the only time that this happened. Some nights, i would be able to sleep without any problems what so ever. And the thing is I'm even able to take naps without any issue. But then, like out of nowhere, when I am laying in bed in the dark, right as I am about to fall asleep but still able to realize that I'm actually awake, I feel that strange feeling that I am slowly falling that pulses from inside like a mild electric shock and that my mind has going completely blank.

    This has been not only a reoccurring problem for me, but has made me literally afraid of falling asleep alone with no one watching over me. I am overjoyed to hear that I am not alone. This feeling is almost impossible to explain to someone who have never felt it before. I have read up on the subject of sleep anxiety and not much study had been done in the realm of what we have felt as far as the falling sensation. I believe my anxiety is linked to my gastritis and IBS. But still no proof here nor there. So there isn't much out there to help.

    I have however, found one or two ways of helping this problem. I have found that the first step is avoiding eating heavy meals before bed. Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day and especially at night a few hours before sleep. I can't explain why, but I found this to be helpful.

    In addition to no heavy meals and plenty of water before sleep, the thing that has helped most is having someone watch over you as you fall asleep. Knowing that if anything happens that they will save you and call 911 has pulled me out of quite a few panic attacks caused by this mysterious falling/pulsing sensation in the twilight as I fall asleep.

    I wish you luck with your anxiety and a good nights sleep every day. Thank you for helping me feel not alone.

  • Hi... it sounds like exactly what I have... it's horrible to know that other people experience the same feelings but yet strangely reassuring that I am not the only one!

    At least you don't live alone. I do - with 2 kitty kats! I often worry over the fact if I don't wake up and nobody checks on me quick enough they will suffer :0( Don't get me wrong, I have friends, family and work but if they do not come to the flat in time I mean....

    Hope you feel better soon! :0)

  • As other people have said, yes I've been there to. It feels like your falling and you're going to stop breathing at the same time. Put you favourite music on, quietly, which helps distract you a bit and see if the doctor can give you some anti-depressants that help with panic.

  • Omg I've just experienced this sensation feeling and had a panic attack it is horrible! I have exactly the same symptoms as you the pain in left side of chest and left arm. This isn't good :( but I'm glad to know other people have got it.

  • Does it wake you up? Like, you're getting really sleepy then suddenly bam it hits and wakes you up?

  • I thought I was going crazy, it's somewhat calming to read this. It's 2:48 in the morning and I'm tired but as I'm about to fall to sleep I get that chest thingy and I feel like I'm falling and I'm out of breath and I wake up sitting in my bed. I thought that these sudden panic attacks were just mental. I keep telling myself I don't have anxiety and it's all in my head but I've been experiencing allot of the symptoms, and I don't know what to do. I have an appointment at this hospital for an ekg and heart check and what not. My doctor said it was just to calm me down and show me I'm alright. Dude this sucks, I wanna sleep but every time I try that thing happens. Idk what to do

  • I get this same feeling almost every single night I seriously hate it I feel like anxiety has taking over my like I can never sleep I get scared to sleep I try to take something to help me sleep so I don't get this feeling sometimes 😔

  • Hi Guys... I know many medics frown on going on the internet to look up heath issues but, in this case, finding this subject has really reassured me.

    I have been getting these "whooshing / pulsating" feelings in my head when I am just about to fall asleep for about 18 months. Was diagnosed with anxiety disorder back in January 15 and prescribed Sertraline. I have come off the Sertraline now... I need to manage my anxiety without meds but was very thankful to be on Sertraline as they helped me out a lot during the really bad times.

    These whooshes still remain. Does anyone else notice that it seems to happen on the side of the head that you are lying on?? I also get restless leg quite bad. Trying my best to get loads of vitamins / minerals from foods - and also supplements just in case. I also exercise regularly. I hope these feelings don't last forever.

    What I don't understand is that I am otherwise healthy, in good shape, happy go lucky in my daily life - quite the optimist! Which is why I do question from time to time if it is anxiety / what is causing it. But I kind of just accept it is - because every time I read about this subject it always leads to anxiety / stress / antidepressant issues being discussed.

    Hope you all feel better soon! :0)

  • I have something similar. As I am trying to fall asleep, I start to have what I describe as a feeling of electric current going through my body almost like throbbing. It is very troubling, makes me think there is something wrong and it usually causes a wave of panic in me. I always try to get up to stop it. Because of this almost every night I dread sleep.

  • Hello, I have dealt with this for a long time. Sometimes I would jolt myself out of bed in order to keep myself from falling asleep because j felt something was wrong with me, and I was going to die in my sleep or something. I would literally wait until I hit exhaustion point and then I'd fall asleep without realizing it.

    Anxiety, or panic attacks have been bothering me for a few years and it's starting to get worse but I'm scared of taking meds.

  • Ok so I have the same problem or....had itsO:-) O:-) caused by the nervous system what your feeling is your adrenaline kicking it it wakes you up for you flight or flight response aka panic attack it is scary I have to deal with it from time to time I've noticed that certain stimulants have a good effect on how often they accur alcohol or these can trigger it and don't get it wrong sometimes you can drink it in the morning and feel fantastic ..yet later on it hits you what you need to remember is that when the rush hits you as you hit that line of sleeping and not sleeping you have to fight it its OK much as your brain is saying all stations on deck shits going down you have to suppress the worry and turn off the alarm its gonna be fine and by freaking out you fuel your anxiety further ...when it happens do something that calms you mentally or exhausts you physically like an intensive workout to release endorphins ....on another not I'm note condoning anyone to abuse drugs but...! I have found that a small amount of the..or pot helps a lot don't become dependant on anything even if its prescriptions ...those can lead to dark roads ..but I'd say give it a try and if you are anti weed then ask your doctor to prescribe you some ativan I know this will help ...stay away from ambien ;-) ...just rember to relax and know that it is all in your head if it was a tumor it wouldn't arise just as you fall asleep but you would notice changes in your day check your diet make sure you have magnesium ..a shortage can trigger these symptoms avocados are full of it ..hope this helps bud ...if you need more advice hit me up

  • I never had trouble with severe panic attacks as I fell asleep. I do now, but only when I take a nap during the day. This never ever occurred before. At night, I take elavil in a low dose to sleep and I also am taking klonopin, so I never have the panic attacks just as I fall asleep at night. Sometimes I do not sleep, but not because of panic attacks, that dire feeling just as you nod off that wakes you in a state of severe adrenaline flow, but because of plain old anxiety and depression, which usually passes.

    The problem is the chemical adrenaline, aka, norepinephrine, which can run rampant in our brains at times of severe stress or for others, like me, is always a problem. General Anxiety Disorder is what the Psychiatrists have named it and it can be disabling.

    Beta blockers, which suppress the adrenaline receptors in the brain, can be helpful, as are SSRI's, and benzodiapenes, like Atavin.

    Strenuous exercise is the best stress and anxiety reducer in my experience.

  • You have decibels my exact sensatuon I have the same thing when I am just ready to fell asleep right at the point when I go out I feel weird and I have to grasp for air to get everything kicked in agsin . It feels like I stop breathing and my heart stops then after this happens my heart races like crazy . I have had pain in my chest and left arm and jaw for 3 years now they can't find the real cause of it but I know something is wrong. And I have had the sleeping thing going on for a year it makes me so scared to lye down I feel like my body shouts down . I am being test now for sleeping disorder. But I don't go back til the 19. I hope they find something I keep thing I am crazy. . It's very scary and I feel better that someone out their is exspence the same thing

  • this sounds like me...i feel like some1 covers my noise right as i start to fall in a deep sleep

  • This happens to all the time. I've noticed that it gets worse when I realize it's there. The best thing I do to get over it is pay attention to something else. I start to think about the events for the next day or I start thinking about things I like. For example I love EDM so I'll pretend I'm in like a video of my favorite song. I know it sounds silly but it really works. It usually goes away after that. I mean it's all mental you have to realize that when it happens too. Just pratice doing that and it'll go away gradually. Good luck to you and you aren't alone. ♡ much love.

  • This happens to all the time. I've noticed that it gets worse when I realize it's there. The best thing I do to get over it is pay attention to something else. I start to think about the events for the next day or I start thinking about things I like. For example I love EDM so I'll pretend I'm in like a video of my favorite song. I know it sounds silly but it really works. It usually goes away after that. I mean it's all mental you have to realize that when it happens too. Just pratice doing that and it'll go away gradually. Good luck to you and you aren't alone. ♡ much love.

  • I get the exact same feeling do you ever jolt up and feel like someone is watching you?

  • So here I find myself googling my nightly symptoms and happen upon this blog. I've googled these exact symptoms everyone has described before, so I had an idea of what it is , but today while at the nail salon it happened for the first time while I was awake!! I was so scared that naturally I started shaking, got cold, and started googling seizures, as with my anxiety I've begun to notice times where I am ever so slightly rocking back and forth--my daughter can even see it, but don't think it's visible to anyone else.

    I have read one other person mention it happening during the day and wonder if anyone else has experienced it during the day?? It was minus the racing heart after being freightened awake, but it was that same "falling in on myself, but only in my head" feeling where it feels like ur about to either lose consciousness or ur light is going out. The nail technician was worried about me, but since my teenage daughter as with me I tried to just relax so I wouldn't scare her. I'm still feeling a little brain foggy after this episode and hope that 1. It was just a daytime episode and not something more serious and 2. That I never experience it again while awake. The interesting thing is that I was extremely calm at the time, though, I was thinking about something that was annoying me.

    Anyways, I too wanted to lend my experience to others who are googling the same symptoms leading them to this post.

    Again, if this has happened during the daytime for u please let me know! I was supposed to go to my daughters aunts college going away party, but feel weak just sitting up in the car. :( this really should be considered a disability because there is no way I can even do anything enjoyable right now let alone do something I have to do!

  • I've had this on and off for a number of years and have experienced it during the day. For me, it started at night and then there were occasions when it was during the day, exactly as you described. I thought it was interesting when you said you had been thinking about something which was annoying you. I find stressing or being annoyed about something can have an impact on it.

  • ditto on this and to "Anxiety can suck it". it started for me trying to fall asleep. However, the sensation occurs in my chest ( with and without serious heart palpitations and very strong heart beating like my heart is going to burst) and I occasionally experience during the day when i hear something that causes me anxiety or stress/annoying (good word)/disturbing.. just basically something you don't need to hear. During that time it is more fleeting and doesn't last as long.

  • Double ditto, do you find if you get a bad night's sleep being tired the next day makes you feel more anxious. I know the sensation is fleeting and the oddest things can trigger it off, but for me now, I don't try to fight it, I try to re-direct my attention onto something else. There's a book you may find useful, The Mindful Way through Depression. It explains a few ideas and techniques on how to deal with this. I've just started reading it and a lot of it makes sense and it's relaxed me a bit.

    You may not have depression, but there all linked.

    Give it a shot and just keep an open mind.

    All the best

  • hi

    i have not considered the link between sleep and the episodes but i will keep an eye on it now that you have brought it to my attention.

    I will consider the book. I agree about the depression/anxiety link.

    good luck

  • I have had this for a number of years as I said. I used to get it now and again but the last month has been a roller coaster. I've had nights where I went to sleep at 11:00pm and woke around 12:00pm. That was me up for the night until around 7:00. Each time I return to bed, within minutes, I had to get up the feeling / sensation was overwelming. Like you can't get enough air, even though you're breathing. No matter how tired you get you can't sleep.

    I've been woken with a racing heart always happens at the point you're just about to sleep. Same with the bad feeling mentioned above. I've looked at the 56 or 57 reasons for this and after comparing the symptoms, ruled them out. Comes down to anxiety / depression.

    I got sleeping pills for 5 days from the Doctor in an effort to break the cycle. When I stopped taking them I had 4 nights with sleep, not brilliant cos i woke a few times but could lie in bed without getting up. Then back to square one. The doctor told me sleeping pills don't work long term so got really wound up thinking how am I going to overcome this? And that's part of the problem. We're using the wrong part of our brain to fix a problem that it can't. It shows you how in the book and CD. I began reading it the last 2 nights and was able to go to bed and lie in it for 8 hours. I slept on and off and was able to go to work on both days. I feel more relaxed. Don't know why, just do. The anxiety and ruminations have lessened.

    You don't need to suffer with this, try the book and don't think it won't work as that's the anxiety talking.

    All the best and good luck with this, you don't need to suffer with this. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Not sure if this was mentioned before but have you ruled out sleep apnea? I have it and treat it with cpap and have the trouble with the chest sensations etc.

  • Hi

    I asked my doctor about sleep apnea and she said, I wouldn't be aware of it. It's normally another person notices the snoring and periods of not breathing.

    The person who had apnea would have periods of following asleep during the day as well.

  • Hi Emma. I know exactly what you are going through because i go through the same thing. Just before you fall asleep you get this feeling like your heart is stopping or you stopped breathing and you wake up taking deep breaths, but once you wake yourself fully, you feel fine. This can go on for 10-15 mins or as long as 2-3 hrs until it goes away and you can sleep in peace.

    This might be whats called a Central Sleep Apnea - look it up. It might have to do with Anxiety Disorder. However, it can be fixed. A lot of it is mental. Keep telling yourself that your heart is fine, this is nothing and that you won't die from it. One important thing to do - cut out the caffeine from your diet, for at least 2 months or so. Are you drinking a lot of coffee during the day time? Are you drinking a lot of diet sodas? Most importantly, do you drink alcohol often or smoke a lot? All those things raise your heart rate and might make your conditions worse. It is my theory that things that unnaturally raise your heart rate during day time, will slow things down during sleep and cause the brain to cease sending signals to your brain to breath, causing you to jump outta bed thinking like you are suffocating. It is called Central Sleep Apnea. You will be fine, just wait it out.

  • I have the same sensation too for a few weeks right now I'm having and I feel like I'm losing control with My swallowing breathing even my pupils seem like they're dilating and it happens right before I fall asleep then after a few hours when the sensation stop then I can fall back to sleep in the strange part sometimes this happens right before my period and when I eat something sweet and also I feel like a pressure in my head and if I don't wake myself up I feel like I'm going to pass out

  • Hello, i had the same problem, i say had, it seams to have dissapeared and has been replaced with something worste, when i am trying to fall asleep i get suddenly woke by what feels like the sensation of passing out, yes it's horrible.

    But to put an end to all of your confusion about the sudden surge in your chest, it is a rush of adrenaline going to your heart, its a brain trick to keep you awake because your overactive mind is still focusing on worrying about something, even if you dont realise it, its like pushing lots of junk into a cupboard with a weak door latch, eventually its all gonna burst out.

    In shorter terms you are being awaken because of a sudden burst of adrenaline. Hope this helps you guys.

  • I literally feel this way right now,

    I'm laying in bed watching movies until I feel tired enough for my body to just knock me out

  • Im having this right now everything hurts :'(

  • Oh my god yes!!! It's hard to describe. It's almost like this buzzing feeling for me. Sinking, chest feels fluttery. My symptoms have been THAT and arm pressure like there's a BP cuff on it, and I feel like I've just drank 6 cups of coffee. Recently I had a very bad panic attack. My arms started going numb my chest tightened, i felt sick to my stomach and like i was about to pass out. I ran into aa near by gas station and bought some aspirin, thinking I was having a heart attack. Ended up having the gas station clerk drive me to the emergency room. I'm still so embarrassed by that but I'm sure everyone here has had an attack like that and felt they were dying. It's seriously the worst feeling in the world. That sheer panic the fear that you're about to die. Wondering if anyone has felt this and been able to overcome it?

  • Struggling with this right now. It's 6am and I'm afraid to fall asleep. I actually had stopped having that scary feeling for quite some time. And now it's back and I have no idea why. What a pain in the ass... 😧

  • I know this is an older post but I happen to come across it and I know exactly what's going on because I have been through it before and it has changed my whole perception on life. The feeling you feel is very common among people who are suffering from severe anxiety or depression. It is literally your consciousness, the very core of you being, trying to show you who you really are and where you come from. I was suffering from anxiety and felt this feeling everyday, I decided to let go one day and fall into this hole. Once I fell in I felt total peace and bliss, I couldn't feel my body at all, it felt as if I was in a different dimmension. It was the most joyful experience I have every felt. I still feel this peace everyday as this experience awoke my conciousness. Anxiety and depression are resistance to life. It is not natural to suffer every moment of the present. This feeling your getting is literally your true self trying to awaken you by leading you to the light. I recommend you read "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. A life changing book that describes the true you and how you have an endless supply of energy, peace, and happiness with you at every moment

  • Yes I have that same problem I get this weird sensation when I am just about to go to sleep but there's one thing that I haven't heard anyone say but it's something that I go through, what it is, is at the same time I'm going through these panic attacks and feeling that strange, weird sensation I have to start gasping for breath and then I have to urinate, it feels like I'm going to piss in the bed every single time so I have to jump up and run to the bathroom to take a leak does anyone out there feel that sensation of having to urinate or almost peeing in the bed, I am fed up to and I don't know what to do about this situation #blacklexus.

  • Oh thank goodness, I found this site. Everything you have said is happening to me. And I suffered a stroke last year. I have had heart scans and other stuff still great and then this happens. Anyone else know how to get rid of it

  • I have a similar feeling, I have suffered it for years and have to take sleeping medicine every night. It only seems to happen when I am trying to relax when I'm laying down or sitting still. It was fine when I had a job where I didn't have to wake up till noon. Now I have to wake up early and after such a tiring night constantly being violently SHAKEN out of sleep. I wake up feeling like I want to cry and just say "forget it I can't face this day" But the feeling I have in my chest, is not pain. It feels like a humming bird is buzzing inside my chest, it feels yucky. Like right in the middle of it, I think that's your sternum? I figured out what that feeling is what causes it I mean. But I don't know why it's happening to me. It is adrenaline, it's like a flight or fight response and it prevents you from sleeping by shaking you awake like that when you start falling asleep. Adrenaline is the hormone that tells your body that something bad is going to happen, that you need to be awake and alert to protect yourself. I used to be able to get rid of it with a tall glass of milk before bed. Now I have been on a low carb diet and have to avoid milk bc it has so much sugar. I don't know about you guys but now that I know I'm not crazy (not alone is really what I mean) I think I am going to see a doctor.

  • If you read all the other posts, this sensation seems strongest when you're lying down or when your sitting and trying to relax. I've been told it's the fight or flight response which happens during sleep or just at the point of going to sleep. In my case, I suffer from depression and anxiety. When you sleep the anxious sub-conscious mind comes across something which has been worrying, annoying or stressing you and decides you need to be alerted to take some action. It does this by giving you a burst of adrenaline. You wake up in a high state of alert but don't know why you woke up with a range of symptoms from racing heart, buzzing, chest flutters, feeling you would have stopped breathing had you not woke up, gasping for air, panic, feelings of dread, chest pain, tightness in the throat. You can't figure out why you woke up as it's the sub-conscious process which woke you.

    For me personally, this can cause me to anticipate and dread the evenings. Some nights I can sleep okay, other nights it's like you " Oh here we go again" no sleep and I have to go to work in the morning, this makes it worse!!

    Go see your doctor and get yourself checked, it might make you feel better. Have a think about what's happening in your life currently, what's worrying you, or stressing you. Could be things in the past or maybe things in the future. But there's probably something which is causing this or has triggered this.

    Good luck and try not to worry, you're not alone with this!!

  • Hello my name is Cole and the past month I have been having this problem and I finally found something out to stop it and be able to fall asleep what you need to do is take a pillow and put in on your chest and lay on it were you feel the pain or tingling and move back and forth a little bit and try and fall asleep this has really helped me and I hope it helps you

  • Hi everyone, I too suffered from this. A vicious cycle because the lack of sleep causes it to happen more. If anybody else also feels shortness of breath tingling in their feet or hands from time to time you probably have a vitamin B deficiency. I no longer get this feeling after I decided to do some research and found that I'm lacking in vitamin B. What helps me out a great deal was buying "NOW" brand vitamin B complex and also wearing earplugs. Good luck everyone.

  • Thanks, I'll give this a try.

  • It's so frustrating how anxiety based sleep issues cause more anxiety and more sleep issues! I'll have to take a look at a B complex as part of my general health regimen.

  • I will keep you informed if I find the reason for my weird sleep sensations. I am going to try to see a neurologist and a therapist.

  • I have this problem. I am falling asleep and I get that sinking.feeling and this feeling a but like my head is being crushed. It makes me feel dizzy and panic thinking I'm dying. It's really annoying because it stops me from sleeping and I'm tired all day the next day making my anxiety worse and so on :(, did you find any relief/ any suggestions?

  • Shhh was recently having sever anxiety attacks and now out of no where this started 3 nights ago. Glad i found this cause i was worried to death. Currently im awaiting for an appointment to see a psychologist i think thats what there called lol but glad im not alone cause this stuff sucks. Every time im about to doze off i feel this falling sensation chest sharpness and heads dizziness almost like im falling then i freak out and jump. So i guess tonight im going to put some head phones on and try to see if some music or something will take this away momentary or ease it a little. Will report back tomorrow.

  • Hi miss Emma! Thank you for your post. I'll gladly be able to help. This is all anxiety. I've had the same experience last night. It sometimes feels like you are falling and or leaving your body. Sometimes my body jerks when this happens and yeah its scary. But the best thing to do is not worry about it and cooperate. If you try to stop it in its tracks it will make it worse. You aren't gonna die. Its a very real sensation but an imitation of something serious. Its not a real emergency.

  • Hi guys... Only last nite I had this awful feeling again too... I've had it before and I notice that it mostly happens if I've been inactive during the day and napping on the couch. Normally when I go to bed it takes me hours to fall asleep and I lay there thinking of lots of different things but when this happens it's usually when I'm dog tired and as I drift off to sleep I get that whoosh rushing feeling that sweeps to my head and at that point I genuinly feel like my heart has stopped beating and I have no pulse and I conciously quickly feel my pulse (it's normal by the way, not racing etc) before I jolt into sitting position and clamber for air. I then know that this will happen over and over until I'm too tired and fall asleep. The whooshing feeling is very similar to a rush of adrenaline but also combined with a falling feeling like being dropped from a great height super fast. Last nite was especially awful because I can remember thae dream I had when I eventually did fall asleep and in that dream I was trying to say to my kids that I can't wake up and to help me but I was paralysed and my mouth wouldn't move properly and I was talking like I'd had a stroke but all the time in my dream my kids thought I was awake!!! Truly terrifying.. Anyhow I woke up fine , have a bit of a headache. I too have had ecg tests nuclear tests and even an angiogram done all of which were fine but my dr did wonder if I was having some runs of atrial fib during sleep and has referred me to cardiac team (I really don't think its that but happy to go to see cardiac team as they loan me a monitor which I wear whilst sleeping until I get the symptoms reported and then I push the button and it records everything that's happening up to 30 seconds before) so I will check in with you all to let u know what happens. I'm a 59 year old active nurse by the way. This is really a frightening experience to have when you are jolted awake thinking your dying but hey.. We're all here to tell the tale.. Much love xx

  • Hi there,

    it dose not matter if the whole entire world answers you, you will still feel the same as you do ruight now, go back to the doctors or hospital at the out patients and tell them what you have written, say some one told you to take this or some other treatment, we are all very different and therefore might not work with you it can also make it worse for you, you need a doctor to tell you otherwise you will carry on the way you are right now, also have you thought how much harm you might do taking other people's advice.

    Seek medical help.

    Good luck.

  • You are perfectly fine 😂 Relax and breathe, I too am a very anxious person and I have depersonalization as well as depression from time to time. You have ASMR. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and it refers to a phenomenon which is very difficult to explain to those that do not experience it. It is usually experienced through a relaxing tingling in the scalp and the back of the neck and can extend into the rest of the body. It is a very calming sensation that washes over you. It is normal and is caused by something that relaxes you, simply a response stimulus to a relaxation trigger. Well, good luck to you! And learn to relax more ;)

  • i experienced this for the first time last night,the best description iv read so far is the one that said "sinking into myself".been so freaked out but its comforting to find out I'm not the only one

  • I experience the same thing. I can physically and psychologically feel my body falling alseep. It's terrifying yet so amazing. It wakes me up in shakes and vibrations sometimes I get pain in the middle of my chest. And the pins and needles I get them randomly all over my body even my legs and feet. Anxiety causes disturbance to the movement of neurotransmitters in your brain and that's normal. It even happens when I'm not anxious at all. I guess its a part of my life now. It can be quite awful and I've been to the er several times in panic attacks. They gave me xanax which I've only taken 2 pills since September. I learned that simply having the pills with me makes me stronger and more in control even tho I don't take them. It's a blessing yet a curse to be able to experience such thing. Amazing how our bodies work. Just an FYI I'm studying to be a psychiatrist and you'd be surprised how much the way we think can PHYSICALLY affect our bodies. We cannot that psychophysiological. (:

  • Write before I go to asleep I am filled with panic like im dying and then I can't wake I start moaning until someone wakes me then I'm out of breathe ...what is happening to me (???

  • Hi, ive been having chest pains and problems for 3 months now, but it feels worse than when it first started.

    I have the same thing when i'm trying to sleep, like a sinking/jumping feeling and i wake up in a panic, i used to be able to sleep anywhere and everywhere, now its rare.

    I had felt better for a week, ive been eating a really good diet and exercising and had started to feel better but then i just hit me again yesterday.

    I think i had a panic attack again and came over all lightheaded, chest pains on left side only, went really pale, felt sick and had to get up and move around.

    I have constant pains and aches and problems with the whole left of my body.

    Ive been to A&E too many times to count, had several ecgs come back normal, blood tests, been kept in over night cause they thought i might of has a mini stroke, mri and ct, everything has come back normal but i keep convincing myself there is more wrong cause i usually know my body, but this just makes me feel like im going crazy and no one else understands so im glad to see others feel the same as me.

    I think i have health anxiety and i think its all been bought on since my really healthy dad passed away from lung cancer, so now everything has me on my toes.

    I hope you are all okay.

    Lucy x

  • have you found any relief?

  • Hi! I know how your feeling as I experience too. I am calm during the day and have only had 2 panic attacks during the day since my anxiety started, but on a night time it's a lot different mostly when I'm really tired, I will be drifting of to sleep when I will suddenly wake up with a tingling sensation through my body and my heart will be beating quite fast and every time I try and fall back asleep it will do it again and again and again. The first time it ever happened to me I searched up to see what it was and I couldn't find anything! So I'm glad that there is other people sharing there stories on here too so that people know they are not alone! I have been to the doctors multiple times and had full blood counts and incompletely fine. My doctor just told me it is common with people that suffer from anxiety, really difficult when I'm not sleeping at night then have to be up for college early in the morning! This also goes away for a few weeks then comes back when it wants too. It still scares me a bit now but I am just learning to deal with it, very scary though x

  • That sudden jolt feeling occurs because your limbs preparing for REM sleep. Another idea is that as you transition from wakefulness to a sleeping state, your brain shuts down and prepares for REM activity. Upon preparation, your brain may shut down activation of limb control for REM. This is why sleep paralysis occurs during REM – your limbs become temporarily paralyzed to prevent you from acting out your dreams. As the brain prepares for REM by deactivating voluntary motor control, hypnagogic jerks may occur as a result of this transition. They may occur as a result of abnormal brain activity during this transition, or they may occur as a natural byproduct of this transition. Inevitably, REM-atonia ensues, thus preventing you from moving your muscles during sleep. It's all perfectly normal, everyone experiences this at some point in life, if not frequently.

  • Hey everyone!

    This thread is a rare find, and I'm comforted to know other people can relate!!!

    In my experience, while falling asleep I experience a slight vibrating or buzzing from head to toe. Its similar to the feeling of chills/goosebumps down my spine, except it's constant and I physically feel it all over. It gets pretty intense almost as if I was drugged with hallucinogens or something.

    If I wake up it immediately vanishes, but returns when I try to sleep again. Any audible distractions, like my loud dorm room mini fridge turning on in middle of the silence, would also restart the sensation.

    After about a few minutes it feels like im being tazed. It feels like space is melting around me. Like falling or sinking in every direction, even inward. The sensation of falling/sinking/low-key dying is VERY unusual and so difficult explain in words.

    The physical "buzzing" sensation and 4-dimensional "falling," is an immensely overwhelming experience. it is almost always followed by the wackiest dreams.

    Here is everything about myself that may offer insight to others to help figure out the cause:

    I take Methylphenidate for ADHD: a mild, long lasting stimulant/dopamine booster. (EDIT 4/13/17: I LOWERED MY DOSE AND TAKE LESS OFTEN. HAVEN'T HAD A WEIRD FALLING SENSATION SINCE)

    I don't consider myself to be overly stressed or anxious.

    Other Factors:

    I feel like a majority of the time I had a lot of water the day of

    (maybe 1 gallon/4 liters)


    I had lack of a full nights rest prior.

  • You are an astral traveler.  And when I say this, I don't necessarily mean you actually go anywhere out of your body..But that buzzing sound and all the annoying symptoms go away once you master it.  I've been doing this since I was 10 maybe...The buzzing sound means you can exit your body as soon as it subsides.  It is best to roll out through your navel instead of your head because it is less stressful.  Direct the vibration toward the stomach and slip out.  If you see the walls and windows of your room just bash through them. Then you can fly anywhere you want. This takes a lot of practice though. I don't know how advanced you are.  Once you figure out how to slip out of your body with ease, you dont get those buzzing sounds and scary vibrations anymore.  Flying takes dont have to fly if you can't.

  • I am reading all this at 5:42 am because the damn feeling won't let me sleep.

    I've had restless legs often and feel them coming on then get kinda aggitated with girlfriend or dog touching me cause I get disturbed and it starts.

    But now this horrible sinking / dying / heart failure sensation associated with dread and fear started 3 nights ago.

    I makes me lunge awake.

    I hear little noises in the apartment that are clear almost magnified and I fixate on them.

    This feeling is horrible and if it weren't for so many of you online describing it I would be sure I need an ER visit.

    I am not an otherwise depressed person. I just have an anxious feeling to make shit happen in life and that causing pressure that feels associated with this terrible sensation.

    I don't want to sleep all day tomorrow but it's 5:48am :(

    I'm a strong believer in the power of mind so I'm going to work at this. Thanks for all the comments.

  • Hey, i feel the same. Hows it going with the sleep? I feel like my heart is gonna fail almost every night. I hate it

  • I also have this. Really sucks. I wake up suddenly and feel like my heart stopped and i need to wake up and take a deep breath. Hands are weak when thia happens. Anybody that has help for me or the same thing? Please let me know. Beem to hospital 3 times for checks of ekg, blood test, urine test and chest scans...

  • I get the same feeling, I'm actually experiencing this right now which is why I'm on here looking for answers. I'm 28, and last January I had bi-lateral pulmonary embolisms with an infarction in my right lung, I could have died, I was scared to death, and I only knew something was wrong because I kept having terrible anxiety attacks and heart palpitations, then I woke up one morning in extreme pain in my ribs on my right side and I could barely breathe. Anyway, what's worse is none of the doctors know why it happened, and of course any little thing I feel, heart palpitations or anxiety attacks I feel like I'm a goner or the blood clots are back. I've been to the ER like 3 or 4 times in the months after the blood clots but they said it was just anxiety and my EKGs were fine and I was fine. So this sinking feeling or just hollow feeling I'm getting in my chest area like I'm about to have a heart palpitation, while I'm laying in bed tired, it just makes me worry something else is wrong. I'm glad I'm not suffering alone.

  • Have you resolved this yet?

  • Actually yes. I just started praying, and thinking positively, and stop over thinking, and it gradually went away. But, I'm 2 months pregnant now, and here n there I'll experience a palpitation, so it worried me but I don't put too much energy into it, and I've read that it's normal during pregnancy. I also researched heart palpitations in general and it's been found that it is not necessarily harmful or life threatening.

  • I finally found a post explaining what I went through . I typed it into Google & got nothing . I also mentioned this on a dr app & they mentioned stress. That could be true , though. Anyways , I get that similar sensation. I had it several occasions before when I'm trying to sleep. It does feel like some sinking sensation , like a wave of it that comes to you. It's funny , it comes when we're trying to relax 🙄 Lol ugh. But the other night I had this sinus forehead ache , it was stressing me out because I wanted to sleep , I also didn't realize I had to go to the bathroom. Anyways, I was on the phone in bed & this wave of anxiousness or sinking came but it was only on one side , from the forehead to my right arm , boob & that side of my gut ., it made me drop my phone . I had to remember now after waking up that I felt that before . I think what made it different was that it was only on one side , but after I wasn't having that much of an ache on my forehead . I was stressing out plus sleepy lol. So it's like you could have this sensation for a while , know it's anxiety & sometimes anxiety plays with you , & makes you think different , hence it only bothering me on one side . Stress could also get to us too. I think us not stressing , relaxing , a good food regimen & maybe even a little exercise before bed or the evening , period , will get us calm .

  • this was happening to me for months and still does occasionally. I too have had tests and they have come back ok. When it happens as hard at it is, try to tell yourself that you're ok. Take deep breaths and just remember... You didn't die, it didn't kill you and it won't. Once you learn to train your mind your body will start to settle and go with it.

  • Yes, I too I have the same feeling or sensation. It actually just happened to me a few nights ago. It feels like your heart goes to sleep or stops beating then suddenly you jolt and wake up. To me it is terrifying. I too have crazy thoughts like I have a serious condition. Your not alone!

  • Hi Devin how are you now?

  • I know a few of you have mentioned sleep paralysis and lucid dreamo g. But bei gsicked I go a black hole is my worst nightmare

     It's like the anxiety knows just what buttons to push. How do you overcome the fear of sinking, being sucked out of your body etc

     Also do any of you have to sort of shake your self out of sleep paralysis to wake your body up



  • Ya I wake up with paralysis pretty often. I can always get out of it if I concentrate on wiggling my outermost extremities like fingers or toes. Eventually you can ease out of the paralysis. 

  • It's been a while, but I hope I can still reach someone with my experiences. 

    I am 29 years old and have major depression, generalized anxiety, and insomnia. I've been on an antidepressant, mood stabilizer, and sleep aide for years. The combo has worked wonders. But my sleep is not always so perfect. Occasionally, I experience quite a bit of fear while drifting into sleep. I totally get the 'sinking' feeling, and what it's like to be mentally aware of losing awareness. Like, I am often able to recognize when I am actually falling asleep, and am then able to feel it physically. It's quite unsettling at times. There are some instances when this is combined with an episode of psychosis. My wakeful self is lucid, happy, and has it together. But while I'm 'falling into sleep' I become entangled with a loss of reality. It's like I've stayed conscious past the point I should have. When this happens, I experience extreme terrors. I often feel trapped in my body, unable to move, vulnerable, afraid, and am always searching for a loved one either by screaming, begging, or flailing about. What my partner has told me is that in the real world, while I'm experiencing myself doing these things, I am not doing anything but what it looks to be sleeping. It's terrifying. 

  • It sounds like you may be experiencing sleep paralysis... It sounds worse than what it is though although you should definitely see a doctor about this x

  • this sounds like me...i feel like some1 covers my noise right as i start to fall in a deep sleep

  • HELLO to all of you with this terrible problem, which is TERRIBLE but often brushed off by doctors because they have no idea what it's like! OMG I have been dealing with this CRAP since 2010 among other weirdness, ended up on zoloft and trazodone..But it still creeps its way back in and when it does it ruins everything!  But I have good news for all of you!  There are ways around this BS..And I can almost guarantee you at least one of these remedies will work for you. 

     SOLUTION 1: NIACIN (vitamin b3) about an hour before bed. 500 to 1500 mls. Now this stuff will cause a flush, itching and heated sensation for about 15-30 minutes..but it is worth it in the end because it acts sort of like a BENZO!!! The longer you take it the less you get the flush and you get used to it. To me the flush is sort of like insurance because when the body is flushed on the outside it is naturally calm on the inside, is what I have read and experienced.

    SOLUTION 2: Clonezapam (if you have a doctor thats willing to prescribe it). It will take care of the problem, .5 to 1 miligram. Only use as needed though! It can be addicting, you see and if you abuse it or take it when you don't need it, it can lose its luster and you need more and more of it to work.

    SOLUTION 3: Do not eat anywhere near bed time, especially sugar. In fact low carb, meats and veggies all day help this.

    SOLUTION 3: Passion flower (also can act as a benzo for some folks). CHEAP!

    SOLUTION 4: BELLADONNA - safe homeopathic version you can buy it at health food store. 

    The first time I experienced this was after a head injury and it went on for a month.  I couldn't sleep until day light.  Then it came back like 12 years later with a vengeance out of nowhere.  I had every test done you can think of including CT scans.  nothing nothing NOTHING.  All I know is what helps it.  GOOD LUCK to you all and remember you are not alone with this nonsense.  This problem is not limited to hypnogogia, it can also include a nice racinig heart, a sensation of death creeping, closed eye hallucinations..the list goes on and on and it is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Thanks for the suggestions!!!! Will look into these

  • Hi. First time talking about this one.. I have severe anxiety and panic attacks at the same time since the age of 15. I am now 34. I've been on so many medications and found out that only one really works during the time I'm having them. I've tried Zoloft 25mg and you can take up to 5 max but I only took 50mgs a day (which is two doses). Zoloft doesn't work for me 'cos it gives me the reverse effect instead of helping me. I stopped taking Zoloft and was given Ativan .05mg also known as Lorazepam. It works great for me. It does have a side effect of tiredness. 

    Before I got the medication I needed, I couldn't go anywhere. I was always stuck at home or if I went somewhere with family or friends, I pretty much stayed in the car. I have social anxiety when I leave my home. I have panic attacks when I'm in open wide spaces. 

    Sleeping.. four hours of sleep within a 2 or 3 day period. Wasn't pleasant at all. The falling effect, like I was in an elevator during the jerking effect with my eyes closed. Feeling like I can't breathe. My mind rambling as I try to distract myself. I've tried reading a book or watching the most boring YouTube videos, or 12hr relaxing music. Nothing seemed to work. At the time I just stayed up until the sleep took over me. Even if it meant being awake for 48 hours. 

    At the age of 15 I think it was all brought on by some sort of depression. It's all I can think of. I know it's a chemical imbalance in my brain but not sure what the trigger is. I hope you all can find a way to sleep. 


  • Hello! I Go Through This Every Night! Once I'm Almost Out I Wake Up Gasping For Air. It Feels Like I'm Sinking & Someone Is Holding My Mouth. I Suffer From Anxiety & Panic Attacks. But Lately I Wake Up So Scared My Heart Pounding Really Fast. I Just Wish This Will Go Away. It Feels Like You Are Going To Die. I Pray That Every Single One Of You Will Get Through This Difficult Time. I Know It's Not Easy But Stay Strong. We Aren't Going To Die. Muah!

  • Hello, how are you coping? I have had this for a few days after a missive drink binge and sun stroke

  • Hiya if you get this please reply I have this exact thing it's horible

  • I feel this and It happened suddenly, it's like as I fall a sleep as my body starts to turn off some weird 'shock' wakes me up. Reply to discuss it more!

  • Wow I am experiencing it for the first time now, every time I start to drop of I have this falling wooshing sensation which wakes me up. Feel a little tight and tingly in the shoulder and feel a little dizzy. Phoned health line getting a call back in 12 hours really really bizarre!

  • This happens to me quite regularly.. It is a really horrible feeling too! I used to go to counselling so I asked my counsellor why it happened. She said that quite a lot of people will actually experience mild hallucinations or strange body sensations when your level of consciousness changes x

  • This has happen to me lately to. And now with pain and arm pains as you describe. I was beginning to worry to.

  • So this happens to me as well...the woosh u say u can't describe,that terrifying feeling,had me believing my children would wake up to find me dead..I've never felt anything like it before,and with me,it actually feels like burning sensation as it starts like a feeling of mayb a little heartburn lump in the back of my throat,but then,..WHOOSH it expands and shoots through my whole head,and sometimes even down through my arms,and makes my hands feel tingly. Also,everyone is saying it's anxiety,but I have suffered anxiety and panic attacks all my life,even the ones that wake u out of sleep..but this is something different.And it always kept happening just as my body would b like,shifting down,into the deep it felt like my body was saying that I can't fall asleep or I will die! I'm absolutely terrified..but I feel like if I go to the doctor,they will tell me it's anxiety..

  • My best friend seems to believe it is a bad reaction to the drug Tramadol my best friend seems to believe it is a bad reaction to the drug tramadol she said that a good friend of hers explain symptoms just like those when he had taken too much tram a doll and I as well had taken tramadol that day. The doctors say that it is a fairly safe drug but it does have some weird side effects so it's very believable that that could be a problem. I am just kind of doubting that everybody reporting this feeling on this site has been taking Tramadol.

  • Hey ladies and gents! Don't worry, its just anxiety! I don't know what triggered mine, it almost felt like I fainted when falling asleep, but I hope what I'm about to tell you helps. :) Anyway, this actually just happened (started, rather) about 2 and a half hours ago when I was enjoying my life and was about to go to sleep, I suddenly got a sensation that I was fainting, and I immediately jolted up. This carried on, but it seem to get worse. I tried to get up and go to the bathroom the wash my face, but I just felt like I was going to die, and severe anxiety flew over me like a blanket. I sat upright on my bed with my phone rigorously going through Google looking for solutions. I stumbled across this, relieved knowing that I wasn't alone. Here's what I did: First, I got up and took very slow paces around my room, it helped calm me. Then I went down stairs to get water and I started shaking HORRIBLEY, which actually made me feel better for some reason. Lastly, I had a lot of sugary foods and drink before bed. I had a very concentrated orange pineapple juice, and basically chugged it because I was thirsty. My advise to you is to NOT EAT SUGAR BEFORE BED!!! I'm guessing that's what triggered it, seeing that I've never consumed that much sugar and I've never had an attack on par with this one. Anyway, im just assuring you all that you'll be fine, just try and maybe take a sleeping pill and have some water, maybe a warm steamy shower, a warm glass of milk etc. . If it's really bad, call in to work or school sick, or cancel any plans you have in the day. This is only if you really can't fall asleep. If this happens, just watch YouTube, tv, etc. it will help ease your mind :). Id also talk to your doctor to see if any medication for your anxiety is necessary. I'll try and get back to questions soon, but now I'm going to try and sleep again! :D. Keep in mind were all in this together.

  • You are just like me. Scrolling and searching in the Google till I found this web and I am glad that I'm not the only one. Just came back from clinic and the doctor gave me Xanax for sleeping and a meds for my heartbeat cause it was beating too fast. He didn't mention about panic attack or anything but he did mention that from what I was telling him is the symptom of stress and anxiety. Well, I hate when anxiety attack come! 😣 this is so annoying feeling

  • You are not alone , I have been having same attacks for the couple of days. Not regularly tho . Sometimes I do get good sleep but sometimes when I think that I will get anxiety attack before sleeping . I can't sleep all night . It's messed up . The feeling is very anxious . But here is my trick . No matter what happen let the attackes happen . They will happen for 4 to 5 times and u will eventually sleep . This won't kill you but this situation is annoying , I have family crisis and past breakups so may be that's why my anxiety attacks messed up more now . Iam thinking lots abt those days I am 30 . I noticed whenever I drink soda or tea I do get these atta ks more at night . Plus the mind won't stop thinking . Lol it's a funny situation . U can pm me if u want to . Discussing this is good . Right now iam sleepy too much but can't . I don't take any medicine I heard sleeping pill of Xanax help . But I don't want to take em . No matter this keeps me awake for days . I won't take pills . I hope u feel OK soon . And this annoying situation will go away . :)

  • Thanks to God for letting me knowing that I'm not the only person that experience this. Actually I experienced a few years ago but not as bad as lately and right now.. I can't sleep the whole night and I feel like my mind is floating then sinking then I became panic and I have to wake myself up.. then i will feel a weird sensation, trembling a lil bit and my heart beat fast. I think I need to go for check up and anxiety test. And may I know how you recover yourself?

  • Here I am at 3 am thinking I'm insane and need. Straight jacket I have all those things happening when I lay my head down but during the day when I nap.

  • What's happening now rozbuffy? Any better during the day when you are up?

  • Well today I got a little sleep maybe 4 hours, I've had a pretty hectic month already. I have two kids 12 and 20 then I'm raising my dead brothers two kids 10 and 9 they're mother is a complete junkie hasn't had them since before their dad passed away. I've had them a year now and my brother passed away this coming Saturday on my birthday of all things. I help care for my mother since my stepdad passed over a year ago had a job 6 nights a week just lost my job this past week due to a sinus infection then my brothers oldest daughter was in a horrible wreck last week on the 1st she's good and recovering in the meantime I'm lost in space and half the medicines they prescribe me does the opposite effect being that I'm adhd.

  • I get this horrible feeling to & trying to explain it was really hard to. But one day I was determined to be at least able to explain it to justify that wasn't crazy. Here's how it goes for me I could be just sitting here & all of a sudden this weird sensation comes through my entire body! Its almost like a deja vu feeling I feel like I'm going to pass out but it only last for seconds. It's been happening for over a year now. I had that feeling today but before that it's been a few months. It seems to come out of nowhere really. I'm just so sick of it all. It seems like I have one symptom get rid of it & another one comes along & it just captures my thoughts. I've been experiencing on my left side chest pains numbness in my left arm & sometimes my left leg. It always has me thinking is today going to be the day of my heart attack or stroke? If my anxiety is really high I'm just a mess & depressed. I hope one day we can all go back to the day before any of this started. I'm still crossing my fingers for myself & everyone else who is constantly suffering from this horrible thing we call anxiety!

  • Hi Mloanddb, you're not crazy. You have had this feeling before as we all have. You may be sitting relaxing but your mind is always on alert. Anything you may be watching on tv, hearing, smelling can trigger something in your brain that sends up a red flag. And the panic begins. Look what we do to ourselves whenever pain is on the left side of our chest, would you be as fearful if it were on the right? From the chest it escalates to your left arm and left leg. As long as you keeping thinking heart attack or stroke, the symptoms will continue. Hoping is not going to get you back to feeling well again but, doing something will. Time to get angry and disgusted enough to not give in to what you are feeling. Distraction, moving around, talking with someone, anything that will keep your mind from dwelling on the pain. It works if you really are determined to get rid of anxiety once and for all.

  • do you get this only at night or during the day too?

  • Theres a million ppl on here who have these sensations or waves I'll call them. Ill be brief. Extreme exhaustion, consecutive drinking nights in a row, stress, and anxiousness to name a few are why i have these. Im not so much confused about why it happens to me as I am curious as to how these sensations can be not just mental but extremely physical. It feels as if my neck is going to snap backwards and the back of my head will touch my back when a wave hits, usually every 2-3x a minute. Or that deep sinking feeling. Arms sometimes flail briefly. It will literally keep me up for hours on end. Some nights ill look at the clock every 5 mins without falling asleep once. It doesn't happen that often, but when it does, i know im going to have a shitty day when its time to get up.

  • Hi, late i know but i have been experiencing this for a couple years now, as im falling asleep, im in a dream like state sometimes with no visuals but i know im 'asleep', i get the horrible buzzing vibrating feeling that feels like my whole world is shaking, or as if im falling, it almost hurts, it scared me the first few times but now i say to myself while in this state 'see how long you can stick it out for' to see if there is anything at the end of it. i have to try to wake myself up to get out of it by litteraly lifting my eyelids but its so hard. For the first time today i had it within a dream, a man sat in front of me at a pub, lifted up a chair and was putting close to my face and further away, then i thought atleast hes not screaming, then bam hes screaming at my face all the while ive got the buzzing vibrating. Then i woke up and went back in but no visuals just the feeling? So glad its not just me. I do suffer from anxiety but mine is probably weed related, and ive now quit for 7 days, i know people say when you come off that dreams become vivid but this happened when inwas smoking and i wouldnt call these dreams? I honestly rhought i was the only person who experience it i explain it to people and you just cant explain it lol. If anyone knows a factual reason for this id love to learn more, but its hard to find out about something you cant put a name on? ive learnt to laugh it off but its still not a nice experience and i cant see how you could ever enjoy it?? I never comment on anything really online but i thought id share my little story, and i love hearing everyone elses! Happy sleeping everyone hahahaha

  • Wow!! I just got online to get some answers because this just happened to me tonight, but not for the first time by far. Everything you mentioned applied to me amongst so much more. Iv been trying to explain this to my girl for so long and you helped me explain something otherwise impossible for me to put into words. Iv recently made an appointment with a therapist, what will they do for me!

  • Hi

    You shoud take proxetien hcl tablet name.impika20mg and see if it works i felt the same condition but now i m feeling better but discuss your doctor aswell


  • Sometimes before I go to sleep ( almost fall asleep) I suddenly feel a wave of panic come over me and I have to get up and leave the room because I feel like I can't breathe. When this happens I usually fall a friend to distract myself because I know it is anxiety playing with my head. Hang in there.

  • You're not alone...... I think it's from stress because I'm a senior in high school with 2 hard math classes that I'm failing because I try so hard but can grasp anything and I feel stupid no matter how many hours of tutoring I get... I work alot, I do marching band and very busy

    ... but by the time I lay down and have been laying there for a while and I start to fall asleep my body sinks and I immediately jerk and sit up. It happens multiple times in a row. No one else seems to understand me the way I explain it. They tell me it's all in my head because I had 2 physicals and they said I'm fine but I don't feel fine and it's gotten to the point to where I'm scared to go to bed because I feel so strange when I try to sleep and it's like no one ever understands me in this house. I'm not hilusinating. . I really feel these things and knowing that I have no idea exactly what it is mKes me panic even more and my heart beats hard and I feel a throbbing hard on the side of my neck and I get these heart burn pains on my left side where my arm is. I'm going nuts. Help me

  • I get a feeling like I am in the process of dying at least three times a week. I wake up with a feeling of complete doom and my heart beating wildly. I hate it makes me cry and shake. Can happen many times in one night.

  • So happy I found someone trying to describe what I feel! I've suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for 6/7 years, the first couple years were horrible but I find it more manageable now, It's still quite bad but I have a better mindset with it dealing with it. However recently (last year or so) as I'm falling asleep this wave of anxiety hits me, it makes my heart race and my breathing changes, and for a brief couple of seconds I feel like something awful must've happened to wake me up then I realise it was just the same odd sensation, sometimes it happens multiple times in one night, anyone know of anything to help with this? It's such a scary sensation.

  • Hello,

    This has started to happen to me in the last few days...It really panicked me and I ended up going to hospital.

    It usually happens when I'm really tired and under a lot of stress, I thought it was my heart beginning to pack in.

    I just wish I could sleep :/

    Hope you are well.

  • Hello,

    I am currently having the severe anxiety zaps when I am trying to go to bed, I've been having them for maybe 8 weeks now and it seemed to be getting worse and more often to the point that later on the zaps filled my whole body rather than just my head. I was on Gabapentin 900 mg x3 per day for 3 months after having started at 300 mg x3 per day almost exactly a year ago but found out that it was the Gabapentin causing the anxiety state, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, as well as the zaps of anxiety that plunges my eyes open right when I am drifting into sleep. So I then dropped to Gabapentin 600 mg x3 per day for two weeks and now with a doctor's help I stopped the Gabapentin entirely without further tapering.

    You situation may be that it was one of your medication causing this. It seems that any of the medications you are on, one of them may list anxiety as a side effect and anxiety can indeed cause these zaps when falling asleep.

    I am currently being treated for this problem. The doctor asked me to discontinue Gabapentin and take medication that will help with the withdrawal symptoms. I have taken those medications and I am already feel less anxious and capable of falling asleep.

    On other news, I was on Seroquel for 2 months when I started having anxiety attacks/episodes for about 15 minutes - 1 hour every other hour. I discontinued the Seroquel but the anxiety episodes yet continued as well as the brain zaps of anxiety than began. It was only with research that I realized that Gabapentin was the cause to my surprise because I was o Gabapentin for about 10 months before these side effects began.

    Also about two weeks ago after I suspected that Gabapentin was the cause of my severe anxiety, I stopped taking it on my own all the way from 900 mg x3 a day after just two days of taking 600 mg x2 a day and about two days later the withdrawal symptoms kicked in so I started taking Gabapentin 600 mg x3 per days for 2 weeks before discontinuation with a doctor's prescription for withdrawal meds.

    So in summary, find out the med that lists anxiety as a side effect, discontinue or taper before discontinuation (if possible) and see a doctor for help with prescribing medicine to help your withdrawals.

    So for me, I'm on Vitamin E, Mogadon, and Predmisolome to help my Gabapentin withdrawal symptoms and I think it's helping so far but I'll only be sure of that once I get a good night's worth of rest which I haven't gotten in about 2 months. Good luck to who ever is reading this. You are not alone. These brain zaps almost drove me to suicide and I am hoping that getting off the Gabapentin and taking these withdrawal meds will help. Wish me luck and good luck to you as well. Much love, brother or sister. God bless you.

  • Let me know how you're doing, let me know if you're on any medication that causes anxiety side effect. Best of luck.

  • Hi the past couple of weeks just as I'm falling asleep I have the weird sinking feeling you mentioned, but it feels more like something inside my head has just dropped, kind of like my brain is sinking. Which I know sounds stupid, but that is just what it feels like. After this happens, I find it really hard to get back to sleep and I feel very dizzy and nauseous. Does anyone know what could be causing it and how to treat it? Thanks!

  • It happens to me all the time im still kinda scared of it but last night i realized if i just open my door and look down the hallway it helps i dont know why though

  • Have you ever had your hormone levels checked? Increased or decreased hormonal levels can cause severe anxiety.

  • Well, from what I've been experiencing, it hasn't been any pains or anything like that. It's been more of an eerie type of feeling, almost as if there is a ghost or someone sitting on the pillow right next to me, whispering in my ear. The scariest thing about it is that I can be fully aware of it happening, and the longer I sit there, the more that feeling resonates to where I'd start hearing things other than whispers. More like footsteps, bed sheets moving, or noise within the walls. I'd then raise up from the bed, and at that very instant it would fade away. It's almost as if my mind has tap into a different realm or something, and anything in the room can rise up and start moving or break at any given time. Just wanted to include that it largely depends on what position I am sleeping in at night and how much of my body is exposed while under the covers.

  • I experience that before it feelings like ur body is sinking into the bed, it scared me also. I hope everything is good wit u !☺

  • Thanks for sharing. I've been coping with it for about two years now. I'm 22, so I doubt if it has anything to do with being of an older age. But then again, it hasn't been anything too serious for me to seek out a doctor for, so I'll just wait it out to see if it eventually goes away on its own.

  • Ur welcom understand what u goin through. Remember ur not along. ☺

  • I get this to it's horrible! My heart flutters when it's happening aswell it's so scary! I'm only 24 I've suffered anxiety since I was 16 it absolutely sucks! So glad I'm not alone in this tho x

  • I am 42 years old, and have dealt with anxiety since my early 30s (i.e., when the levee broke for me). When I fall asleep, I have the falling sensation and usually choke and it startles me awake and my heart starts pounding like it is going to burst. I take a few deep breathes and it usually subsides after 15-30 seconds and try to fall back asleep. Sometimes I get used to it and it is not a big deal, and sometimes it is very scary. It comes and goes (usually when I am really tired), definitely during stressful times (even when I feel pretty good mentally and spiritually). I also get arms pains (usually in the left) and have constant worry about having a heart attack. I have been to the ER many times over the years, and never had anything come back wrong on any test. My doctor looks at my blood work and it's better than most men my age. The thing that helps me is faith in God. Sometimes, even when I am really struggling physically, Jesus helps me bear it. But it easier said than done, and I struggle. What usually happens is my symptoms calm down for a significant period of time, but then they seem to come out of the blue. You would think after all these years that I would be ready, but I am usually not. For me, if I remember that I am mortal and I accept that one day I will indeed die, yet remain hopeful, is when I do my best regardless of my symptoms. Talking to a therapist can help. I am going through another high-tide and trying my best to trust what experience has shown me and trust in God regardless of what happens.

  • Just experienced my first panic attack. I was rushed to the ER in an ambulance yesterday because me and my friends thought I was having a heart attack. Scary part is that I've recently moved to japan, so I hardly know the language, and being so far from home made things even worse. Its been like this for the past 24 hours, I have this constant vertigo feeling, as if I'm about to pass out. It gets worse when I try to fall asleep, almost feels like I'm falling into another dimension. I was sure I was going to die. Hopefully this will go over soon for me and everybody who is suffering from it.

  • I suffer from this thing and I don't know what it is. At first it was hard going to sleep and staying asleep and it would happen every now and then . Then when I would go to sleep I'd wake up withstand a gasp for air or a scream or I would jump out of my bed because I thought I was Dying because that's exactly what it felt like. For a while I didn't tell anyone bc I didn't want my folks to worry but one day I I broke down and told my mom, u didn't give her all of the details I only told her I couldneed sleep or stay all sleep. The doctor proscribed Melatonin it's a natural sleep aid non addictive. But I would take it and it worked for awhile but on night the thing came back and I was scared to take the medicine be in my mind Ifor the medicine helps me sleep and the thing comes right when I start sleeping good I won't be able to save my self so I stopped taking it and I won't take any thing that will make me sleep cold meds etc. It stared well first appeared when I was in the 7th grade I think but didn't get bad until my junior year. I took a year in college and my room mate used to be scared for me because of my scream when it would come. So I started trying to cough when I felt it in steady software scream or call my self down as it eased up. Btw I some times talk in my sleephone but I wake up bc I hear me talking so idk why but I've been saying Ok to cope or if it's too much I'll scream it. I don't want to worry my mom. The feeling is like my lungs are being deflated, like I'm not pulling in enough air or like I stop breathing all together. I would even shake my leg as I would try to sleep so I could sleep with and be awake didn't work but it's like it kept the thing away, I keep calling it a thing because I don't know what it is and it scares the shit out of me I didn't think I would see the age of 20. The thing got so aggressive that Ithe would happen multiple times a night. And the daytime was the only time I had peace it at access very time I sleep

  • I get something similar,it's like my body is doing this weird cycle inside, I can't really describe it, I eventually fall asleep but then it will wake me up again.

  • I know this post was ages ago but i am almost happy that there are others like me. I have the worst anxiety and will only normally happy when I'm in bed. So last night I woke up and my chest was racing so fast I jumped out of bed because i thought it was like going to over beat or something, I asked my mum to check my pulse and she said it was really fast. I then didn't get to sleep for about 2 hours after because there's almost this like feeling in your heart that someone is squeezing it or sitting on it. I relate to the really scary feeling that comes over your body sometimes too. Like your being swallowed it's horrible. Even now, my heart just feels wierd and I keep thinking I'm dying or something. I've been doctors so many times and they say my heart is fine and everything is fine. It's just all in our minds guys (I hope) worst thing is googling your symptoms and thinking you have heart disease or having a stroke or something actually wrong with you... just our minds lol. HOPE WE ALL GET BETTER SOON X

  • Omg im not the only one???? Omg this makes me feel better. I always have a feeling in the back of my mind that im dying or something is wrong with me... and when its time for bed the same excact feeling happens to me and i end up freaking out and waking up and causing my significant other to wake up too, he thinks theyre nightmares but it happens way too often ..... im not alone 😪

  • Wow that is exactly how I feel sometimes. It doesn't happen every night but I will get it when I wake up like my heart has skipped a beat and I'm trying to get air! I try to explain to people about my sensations but that just think I'm a hypochondriac

  • Plz help im 13 yrs old only 13 and at night time i have a stupid sensation of waking up when im about to fall asleep. While im about to fall asleep a tickling sensation wakes me up and it is very irratating idk if its from stress or anxiety but plz help

  • Plz

  • This has recently become an issue for me. Every time I'm about to fall asleep it wakes me up and makes me a lil more anxious don't know how to handle it.

  • I found out what was causing this for me.

    If anyone else here is taking ADHD medicine such as adderall, ritalin and metadate CD, hallucinations are relatively common - physical, visual, and even audible.

    Im guessing since these meds are dopamine boosters, the brain can start doing some weird stuff when they are halfway between awake and sleeping/dreaming.

    I seldom use my ADHD meds now after having a few nights like everyone on this thread, and I haven't had the sensations since.

  • I sure am glad I found this page. I have been having some of the same problems. I'll fall a sleep and 5min later I jump up grabbing my chest and have a undescribable feeling and fear of having a heart attack then the panic sets in. I had a good feeling it was a panic attack but thought why would I just start panicking when I'm almost fully asleep. I haven't been to a Dr yet but its so uncomfortable to feel like this almost every night. Its very odd that it only happens when I first fall a sleep maybe 2-4 times then I'm OK till the next night never does it happen in the middle of the night but during the day I sometimes have the pain in my upper left chest and that panicy shaking feeling. I do know of a diffrent kind of a anxiety attack I'm a recovering addict and just last year I stopped taking benzos (xanax) and wow out of all the drugs iv been addicted to that has the worst withdrawals plus you can die from going cold turkey my dr told me only benzos and alcohol can do that anyways I'm getting off the topic one of the withdrawl symptoms is severe anxiety worse than what anxiety I get from my false heart attack panic attack or what ever it is I got going on now at night and I find myself wishing I had some xanax to ease the feeling and I was just reading above that some people are prescribed them I would just make sure you don't take them for longer than a few days in a row they can hook you quick and trust me the withdrawals make what I'm feeling tonight a walk in the park just be careful and I hope you all get better just getting my mind off of thinking that I'm having heart trouble by writing this and that's what works the best is forgetting all about it I have to trick my mind talk my self down also reading that its quite common apparently helped me a lot too so thank you everyone that shared its 4am in New York im going to try n get some sleep again good night (morning) everyone.

  • wow! crazy reading the comments im so glad i found this, i thought i was going crazy. so i assume this must be linked to my anxiety then? ive recently been working 12 hour shifts non stop and i am pretty tired but i just cant sleep because of this feeling, like someones sucking all the air out of your body and you have to jerk to get out of it.

  • I got the same problem started 2 weeks ago, meaning, my anxiety peak just got started 2 weeks ago. My 1st week was still in denial, I was trying to convince myself that I can still manage the hot flashes all over my body, until came to a point I coundn't sleep 24hrs, that was the time I decided to visit a psych, thank God medicine made me relax, but I still got this morning attacks that I struggle to fight, but with prayers and positive thoughts...I can get up and do my stuff. So pls try to visit a doctor, he/she will help you thru cognitive and physical solutions. God Bless

  • Does this happen when you lay on your back and your tired and trying to fall asleep if so then contact me or reply back to this message because this happens to me all the time when I lay on my back and I'm extremely tired I'm not really sure what it is but it's been happening to me since I was 18 years old I researched a little bit of it and something's say it's sleep paralysis or sleep deprivation but it seems to be a lot worse than that I'm not really sure what that is but whatever it is it feels like it's trying to drain the life out of me and the last time I research this it says it usually happens to people when they turning 18 and it usually stops when you turn 30 but I'm 37 and it's getting worse so I'm not really sure what it is but all I know is it scares the s*** out of me and I'm not scared of anything or any man but this really scares me

  • I'm 27-my dad died last year and that's when my anxiety started when he got sick with cancer and I was his caregiver he lived with me.. I also when I am falling asleep at first my chest would pound hard and my heart beat would speed up then slow down and so on... now it's started feeling like it's hard to breathe.. my dr seems to think that I'm having anxiety attacks in my sleep or sleep apnea and she wanted me to get tested for it BUT since I'm only 27 my insurance company will not cover it they said I'm too young. So I guess I'm stuck with a heart attack feeling sensation until I'm old enough. And which sucks because I can't sleep well at night as it is now with this makes me scared to fall asleep... your not alone in these situations

  • Hi All

    Just joined after reading the replys. Im 52 yr old male and starting having similar/ same as whats being described here and feel like im going crazy. Symptoms are as follows:

    1st started just when i wake up (almost like sleep inertia)

    Comes in phases (about every 15mins and lasts for 1 to 5 mins)

    Longest period started at about 04h30 until about 11h45

    No pain and no excilerated heart beat - BP also normal

    No dizziness and no spinning feeling

    Sight and hearing OK

    Very difficult to drive vehicle when i have it. Feeling like not being in control

    Now (about a month or so ago) started appearing just before dozing off and i also have to shoot out of bed

    No becoming like im scared to fall asleep

    From what ive read this could be either sleep inertia or some form of anxiety

    Any comments or sugestions will be greatly appreciated


  • The same thing has been happening to me! It all started with severe pins and needles sensation all over my body for days, then I started having chest pains and really bad back pains, I've been to the hospital 4 times in the past two weeks and have had ekg and blood work taken so many times, also cat scans and chest x rays. Everything is normal! Still exporencing the same thing for days now, now I'm having trouble going to sleep, my thoughts 24/7 is mainly on the way my body feels and every weird sinsations I get threw out the day, my mind is constantly thinking about my health. I know it's anxiety and stress now that I read all these! Ugh this is horrible it's 2:18am and I'm unable to sleep!

  • I just returned from the hospital for mostly the same feelings. Mine usually start with a slight headache. then right before drifting to sleep my head gets tight and I feel dizzy and overwhelmed. I then wake myself up. This usually happens to me on the train in the morning as I try to nap. I've been napping on the train for 20 years with no problem or anxiety about it! Sometimes it also happens at my computer while awake. I get up and walk it off. I landed in the hospital because the last time it happened I was at work and then a bad headache followed and my face was sort of numb. I panicked. After an ekg, blood work and MRI I found everything is normal. I'm still researching what this could be and all I can find is anxiety. I'm sort of a person that does stress out. But these episodes just sort of happen out of the blue. Weird and scary but I'm trying to focus on the positive test results I received. And now also reading I'm not alone

  • Hi, when I'm about to go to sleep I lie down for about 2 minutes and I start to feel really heavy and dilusional. I feel like I'm going to faint or pass out and because of this I cannot go to sleep. I have to immediately get up and try to go back to sleep before another feeling comes in when I start to feel scared of nothing. Nothing has helped

  • Hello my name is sassy i suffer from anxiety and panic its so scarey went to the doctors they found nothing wrong I was dehydrated a Lil bit my thoughts are crazy it hits me when I'm alone or when I'm about to go to sleep it wakes me up out ta my sleep so bad its bothering my spouse cause I'm crying out in the middle of the night my chest tightens I'm sweating help me please

  • Hey there I know exactly how you feel . Anxiety makes us feel all kind of ways . I have ekgs chest X-ray blood work you name it and everything's normal . It's hard letting go and trusting your body but trust in god and have faith . We'll all get through this . Have you tried therapy or any meds ?

  • Hi.. Hw are u feeling now.. Cos I am facing the same problem.. I am getting scary feeling during day and night... I checked my bp suger and ecg and thyroid test also everything is normal.. But I can't sleep at night if am sleep I will get scary feeling in my chest and heart rate very high.. If u come out of this problem please help me what I have to do.. Thank you

  • I suffer from the exact same thing Emma. It feels like a stroke or what I would guess a stroke would feel like. I know it's panic but everytime this happens i start thinking about where the closest hospital is. I walk, focus on breathing and wait for the Xanax to kick in. Afterwards i get a pounding headache because it jumps my blood pressure through the roof. I wouldn't wish them on anyone

  • I get the same sensation, much like you've described. Sometimes as I'm falling asleep, my heart will start racing, like I got pulled out of a near-dream, and I'll quickly get overcome with a feeling of panic. (Unlike others here, I don't feel any physical pain.) It's very scary, but I know it's irrational ... I have no reason for feeling this way, it just comes over me. I usually take some deep breaths and let it pass, it always does after a minute or so. Once it's over, I feel fine, just thinking "wtf was that all about?" IT doesn't happen very often, maybe 2 or 3 times a month.

    I'm in my 40s. I've taken the antidepressant Pristiq for nearly 10 years now. Never had this sensation until the last year or so. I told my therapist about it, and he told me to get my heart checked out ... I did, and everything's fine. I think it's fairly common for people who deal with anxiety, so try not to let if freak you out.

  • Hi Emmawhitela.... try utube relax music therapy. For years I have listened from night until morning Artic Storm. It makes you feel safe cosy in your bed whilst listening to the artic storm outside. I always drift off to that ... it's become a positive habit ! For years. There are many others I have tried that are good, nature sounds, waterfalls etc ... but I always go back to Artic Storm. Let me know if it works for you. You never alone ... there is always someone here for you that can relate ... have a beautiful safe relaxing sleep xxx 💕

  • Oh Emmawhitela .. forgot to tell you also ... I use to panic about my heart ... so I got my Gp to send me for tests ... he did everything ok ... so this helps me say to myself ... when I get anxiety heart flutters, palps etc ... that everything is sound physically ! It just the anxiety that I can work on with relaxation techniques at night ... night time can be an anxious time, you can feel alone when everyone asleep ... but this is a time where everything is calm and quiet, this is your quiet time to explore something that will ease you to sleep ... god bless 💕

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