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So going on 3 weeks of Prozac & still feel horrible. I'm literally crying, at work, in break room, as I'm typing this. Feel super horrible, don't know why. Don't know what to do. Still waiting on my health plan to give me a therapist. Emailed my doctor, don't know if she can help. Have to eat lunch, but not hungry.....just a mess.... want it to stop.... why is this happening....

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It's depression :( speak again to the doctor. It can take a while. My sertraline anti depressants have taken at least that time to work more. I'm here.


Do you need the dosage raised?


melbrown, 3 weeks is not enough time to see any benefits in Prozac. Any SSRI drug takes at least 4-6 weeks to reach full efficacy dose. In between that, your doctor will be fine tuning the dosage as well. These are all normal steps when starting on an antidepressant. If you are not hungry, turn to a liquid supplement filled with multiple vitamins, minerals and protein. It will help carry you through until you are able to eat again. Hang in there. Hope you get to see a therapist soon. That will work hand in hand with your medication. Take care.


Might be the medication making you cry and feeling worse before it makes you feel better. When I increased my Zoloft dosage to 100mg it made me cry like a baby. I mean I was crying like it's my party and I cry if i want too! Even cried in my car, the phycologist office, cried everywhere. It stopped when I stopped Zoloft.


Got the email about therapist, only had time to check out a few.... the list just had names, addresses & phone number. So it means googling to see if correct type for me. I emailed 1 that sounds right.... never had to do this before. My general doctor suggested trying different meds.... but it would also take time..... don't know what to do.... working with my boss alone tomorrow & afraid I'm going to be a mess. She doesn't understand it.... she literally said she thought I was stronger than this.....


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