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I'm sick I have a couple days I feel great but my anxiety is always on the back of my mind and now the past three days have been terrible I convince myself I'm ill that I'm dying and I can't think of anything els so my anxiety kicks in and I become a mute not wanting to talk to my family just hiding in my room hoping it will pass I don't go out anymore I havnt had a relationship for years I'm 22 I want to just enjoy life but I can't because I'm always so scared of nothing and what also gets me down is the fact I know it's mental and there is still nothing I can do about it :( just wanted to post on here again to get this of my chest I don't tell anyone because I'm embarrassed so I'm basically alone.


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  • matty01207, it is very difficult fighting an inner turmoil that no one can see. Unlike a cast on the leg that is visible and easily explained, anxiety is a personal mind altering disorder. Hard to get sympathy, understanding and support. Coming onto this forum will show you that you are not alone and you can do something about it. Hope we can talk with you more and help you get out of your room and into the mainstream of life where a 22y.o. should be. xx

  • Thank you for the reply I do have good days but they have got less and less recently this forum always helps and I appreciate the support from everyone

  • What i just read sounds exactly like me.i have been having a bad couple of days myself.although i know nothings wrong with me my mind always makes me believe that there is and its always on my mind.from the time i wake up from the time i go to sleep.and i just cant seem to get out of this cycle.

  • Release your emotions! My friend bottling them up will hurt you later in life

  • Dont suffer in silence. I am also 22, I get annoyed sometimes that this is changing the way I live my life now, I don't drink alcohol, I don't stay out for long when I meet my friends. but months ago I wouldn't even leave the house so anything is an improvement. I encourage you to get up today, have a shower, a good breakfast and take a walk, a drive to the shop, anything to occupy you for an hour or two. Slowly day by day you will be ready to make a further step forward.

    Talk to someone, even if it is your doctor. He can refer you to your gp counselor, don't be embarrassed this is a mental health issue and it is a lot more common than you realise.

    Best wishes to you xx

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