Crying all night. lynl

I have always had mammograms and I'm very hard to read for the past 30 years. yesterday I had the new 3-D mammogram that showed an area that needed another picture on the right side then I got the ultrasound and the ultrasound showed nothing so they did the ultrasound again and it showed nothing again so the Doctor Who read it said I should get an MRI so now I'm freaking out wondering if what the 3-D mammogram showed was a shadow or dense breast issue or is it something more serious that the ultrasound did not pick up . I've never been sent for an MRI on my breast before and I'm scared out of my mind.. I don't know if they're just making sure it's a shadow or making sure that they didn't miss something or both but I'm wondering if not seeing it on an ultrasound makes it a good sign or not


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  • I know it's hard but try and relax. I had a scare also and became very sick from anxiety and depression. There are many things that come up on mammograms that aren't cancer. I had some abnormal cells that were removed. They were not cancer.did you gave a biopsy?

  • No they want me to have an MRI because nothing was on th ultra sound

  • Well just remember the 3 d is new and your breast are hard to read. I think they are looking for something that is not there. Please don't make yourself sick over this. They are overly cautious when It comes to breast health which is a good thing if they have to look hard like getting a mri it's probably nothing or could be pre cancer which is a good thing remove it before it gets serious. A year after I had abnormal cells removed I had my mammogram and they saw something again and I thought oh no here we go again! Turns out it was scar tissue from the previous surgery. O and by the way what they removed was microscopic in size. I guess what I'm trying to say is if they see anything at all that looks suspicious they keep looking until they are satisfied that it's nothing or in my case I had cells removed but it wasn't cancer.

  • Thank you and glad you are ok 😊

  • I had a breast MRI because the ultrasound showed nothing so I should know mire Monday

  • By the way if nothing showed on ultra sound I would take that as a good sign. Are you anxious about the mri machine?

  • I'm anxious about that too but not as much as the results. I've had so many call backs and never an MRI and I feel like I'm losing controll

  • I think it's gonna be fine for you. A lot of these tests are done and the majority of them are negative. How long until the mri?

  • Wednesday is my MRI , I just can't keep it together , I need answers now to ease my mind . Hopefully good answers.

  • I think I know how

    you feel. I lost so much weight couldn't concentrate on anything couldn't enjoy things I used to. Had to take a leave from work. Went to the hospital I felt so bad my blood pressure was so high. And it was from worrying I had biopsies and waiting for results was unbearable for me.

  • I m sorry you had to go through all that. Worry is horrible and waiting on results us even worse

  • I think because you had the new 3 d mammogram is why they want an mri.

  • I've been through this. My bet is you have insurance for this and so they are running you through all the hoops because they can (and they care, right?). Medical facilities are encouraged to go the full length of checking if people are insured and also they love to try out new techniques on people. They would have told you if they found anything as they legally have to. They are just being careful and making some money.

  • My breast MRI was yesterday they got me in sooner , it was supposed to be Wednesday , but no results till Monday

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