I feel as if I'm going to die! I seriously feel like crying right now.

I just feel like I'm going to die. I'm feeling pain on the left side of my chest. My right arm(just below it and a little bit above my arm pit) is hurting. My throat feels tight and my surrounding feel strange. I just feel like crying or something. Its really freaking me out right now. I don't know if I should tell my dad? He might take me to the doctors or hospital. My heart is like beating wierd and I don't like it. My head hurts a little bit and I can't think of anything else besides this. My body feels weak and I just can't do this anymore. Its getting slightly harder for me to breath. What should I do?


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  • Tell your dad. He'll help you.

  • I told him but he said that he give it a massage later on.

  • Okay sweetie just Calm down and take deep  breaths. Think only about your breathing dont think about Nothing else. Just focus and talk to your self . if the pain gets very painful go to your father. 

  • I told my dad but he said that he will give me a massage later on. The pain is all over my right arm, including the fingers. But its mostly in between my elbow and shoulder. It feels like something scratched it. And the left side of my chest is hurting. I'm convenienced that I'm dying. I read that heart attacks have pain in the arms too.

  • Anxiety does mimic alot of heart attack symptoms. Your still alive. A heart attack will strike quickly once the pain starts. your Fine. Anxiety does that to me too i get tinglyness in my fingers sometimes my Legs get that way and even last all night to where i cant sleep. Youtube massage arm pains and it will help you ease your muscles. Your tense and it causes pain. I have a Racing heary right now as iam typing. Its very scary but iam trying to keep it cool. My chest also has been Hurting Allllloooottt. But iam still here. You will be ok and your not alone. 

  • My dad just rubbed my whole arm, but I still feel pain. I mean where my elbow and below I just feel tiredness. But just below my arm pit I feel as if something scratched me. I just feel burning pain( I didn't hit it or scratched my self, but it may be because I write to much and use my phone so maybe my arm is just tired because I don't feel it on the left one) I also feel pain on the bone that's under my shoulder. 

  • Your dad was so sweet to massage your arm! It sounds like you can talk to him about the anxiety, and he'd understand. It's going to be okay. <3

  • Yeah I hope so. And thanks ❤

  • I have a serious neck pain..when I turn my head to right side..my left neck hurts..plus weird feeling in my left arm..like ants running through my left arm..its there been for lime 1montj..afraid of going to a doctor.. i m just fed up..how can i live like this..everyday n night..same feeling..will i die..am i sick..i know i m being stupid..but its really scary for me..i am in constant fear of getting seriously ill..help me.

  • I also have slight neck pain , but I mostly feel it as stiff. Like it feels as if I were to roll my head that it would go away but it doesn't. I feel pains on the right side of my arm. And I'm afraid to tell my parents, thinking that they won't believe me. I also feel as if I were going to die soon and I'm sort afraid of death. I just font know how to handle this. Sorry if this wasn't any help, but you aren't alone... Hope you get better.

  • I dont have anyone in life with whom i cud share my feelings with..suddenly you guys are looking long lost family...Sometimes i feel i m totally wasted..i just cant concentrate...I m 29..male..sometimes i feel i lost the battle of life..i never ever done anything wrong to anyone.. why god did this to me..i want to hug you..i love you 

  • This is panic and anxiety and depression, get a GP appointment and ask for referral to Mental health services. Take care

  • It's like having a panic attack, I've had this couple of times.

    I would really recommend going for a fresh air, try going for a run when the sun rise, it will help to clear your mind and get rid of this painful thoughts off your chest, and also, start a healthy diet. I wish you the best of luck!

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