Crying spells

Today has been a rough day, I kept tearing up at working today and having to run to the bathroom. And then someone asked me if I was okay and I just broke down and bawled my eyes out right infront of them. I had crying in front of people but I just couldn't hold it in anymore. I hate feeling like this, this anxiety is killing me. it's getting so hard for me to live my life and enjoy things.

I went to the doctor and she's prescribed be zolof. To try for a few weeks. I'm praying this helps me. I'm sick of feeling sick.

But I can't stop crying I cried on the way home and I can't stop tearing up idk why.


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  • Let it out... let it all out!!! I have these crying spells all the time. I would cry in my car, at the phycologist office, even when the girl at Starbucks ask how was I doing. We feel horrific and we have to let all that out. When this hell depersonalization/derealization started for me I felt no emotions so when I finally got to cry I felt like a something was lifted. The day before yesterday I had a crying spell and I was like oh well at least I feel something now.Just let it out!

  • Good to know I'm not the only one. That's true I do feel better every time after I cry! Thanks!!

  • I cry a lot at work, 😊. And I do the oils and breath. Of course go to the bathroom or between clients. Is so hard, imagine talking to a client and feeling you are going to faint. I have had this esposo dew daily now for over a year 😒

  • Omg I'm so tired of this in public transportation at church at home anywhere it just comes

  • Right?! Me too. It's like every day at work it tries to come out and I'm just like nooo!!

  • Its kind of embarrassing to be talking to some one and I would remember something and it would begin

  • Yeah I always start tearing up even if I'm with my friends, it's so hard to control sometimes

  • Oh and also when I was on Zoloft and upping my dosage I was a hot crying mess too. I think 100mg was too much for me. I would lock myself in the bathroom to cry so my kids wouldn't see me. Then once I started lowering the dosage to come off that stopped. Now I have crying spells without medication and just cry.

  • So sorry you are having trouble. Give the meds a chance. Is there a particular situation or just the emotions? You might could use some counseling if there is something bothering you. We are here for you.

  • Thank you! And I think it's just my emotions and me stressing out about feeling like this and just wanted to feel normal again

  • You can get through this stress. It will pass. Thanks for sharing

  • I do this too, it helps me when I cry and get it all out of my system.

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