I'm feeling very uncomfortable I have issues leaving the house being around people I love and I don't no why I keep having these attacks where I get all hot and feel like I'm gonna fall over or pass out and I can't breathe . I've been to drs they just keep telling me to take these meds that once again I'm terrified of . I don't take medication for anything and I just don't no what to do anymore . I cry all the time I'm always shaking I feel horrible . Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who goes through this because right now I just feel like everyone thinks I'm insane.


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  • Hi Britt,sorry your having such a bad time and your not alone with these feelings at all, I would suggest you take the meds your dr has prescribed though lots of people here have very positive results once the meds have bern given a chance to work, i have just started ( 3 days ago ) on a course of anti depressants to get some control of my anxiety and although im not feeling any benefit yet I know they need time to work a little magic and calm my thoughts. Your not alone and your not insane

  • Are u on lexapro also

  • You aren't insane, you are dealing with a panic disorder. I deal with these same symptoms everyday and often times feel extremely alone in it because no one else I know deals with it. I am often times (especially at night) paralyzed with fear and worry that something bad is going to happen. I feel a sense of impending doom all the time. It's terrible!!! What kind of medicine did they give you? Xanax and klonopin work well when I'm having a panic attack but I don't like to rely on them..

  • I was given xanax in the er and they just prescribed with lexapro the other day . If I do take the xanax I go straight to sleep

  • Hey Britt, you shouldn't feel like you are insane. I completely understand where you are coming from. I have suffered from Panic attacks/Anxiety for many years and been to the doctors who gave me medicine. I myself also haven't taken them in fear of how I will react and how dependent I would become from it. Although I am personally resistant towards taking pills I think it can be beneficial for others. I guess it depends on alot of factors including how bad your anxiety really is and how it is effecting your daily routines. I myself have been feeling like I would prefer to stay home and be near my support system but I constantly tell myself it's just a panic attack and it will pass. I push myself to go to work and keep busy. Staying around and thinking isn't the best thing in my opinion. I guess we all have different ways of coping. I am just trying to find ways to calm myself down and relax. With time it will get better. Just remember you are not alone and definitely not insane.

  • I'm now out of work because I kept freaking out and having to leave . I have issues now being alone and have been confined basically to my house. I'm supposed to go away tm and it's scaring me horribly for what if it hits me while I'm there . My relaxing getaway with a massage has now turned to a nightmare

  • I completely feel like I can relate. Recently I had experienced the same situations. I ended up going on my vacation and actually had a nice time for the most part. These are my two suggestions, you need to go with a positive attitude and open mind Reminding yourself that you are going away for your pleasure and there aren't restraints. Secondly I made sure to go with my safe person (someone who was a comfort to me) that helped me alot. Knowing I was going with someone who knows what I deal with and is able to be there for me was a comfort. You need to do what you feel. If you aren't feeling up to going then cancel. However in my opinion a relaxing weekend and a massage sounds like a lot of fun. Try and stay positive and have a good time.

  • It'll be my first time actually out of the house for more then a few minutes but I definitely want to go I'm just so nervous

  • I'm on citalopram , take your meds with you and do your best to get away and enjoy your massage you deserve a break and you can't let anxiety control your life .

  • I know how this can feel, hope you manage to go, you deserve it

  • Hi Britt, you are fine. You are not insane. You may feel like you're going insane but nobody has gone insane from panic attacks and anxiety. I too felt that at my lowest point but I have gotten over it. I also do not take meds for anything just like yourself. I have been unemployed because of these attacks also. You cannot let these panic/anxiety attacks take control of your life. Don't be afraid of it. Acceptance is the main key to fighting anxiety. The moment you fear and or deny it is when it has won. Slowly try to get out there again. If you have an attack try to sit there and fight it, tell yourself you'll be okay. Don't over think about what others will think of you. If they don't understand it's fine, just have someone there who will listen to your problems or what you are feeling. I often feel better when I express what I am going through to a friend or family member. This is definitely going to be a battle but everything will be fine. I am still fighting it without any meds, just trying to eat better, get exercise when I can, take some natural supplements and trying to get out of the house when I am not lightheaded. Don't sit at home and be afraid of this Britt. You can do it, you can regain your life. If you think about getting a panic attack, it will happen. If you're going to think about it, prepare yourself, let yourself know you'll be fine and it'll pass. Fight it. Be confident! Be so confident to the point where you can ask for it to happen and you won't be scared. You can do this Britt.

  • Your not insane love. I cant go anywhere unless I'm accompanied. Don't be afraid to take the meds they're there for a reason. It took me 4hours yesterday to find courage to go out but I did it. Anxiety is an awefull thing to live with we have to be strong and learn to live with it. Try going out ask someone to go with you. Even a short walk. Then next time go further and so on. Hard but you can do it. Xxx Mandy

  • so sorry you feel like this, but as others have said your not insane.. I have been like this on and off all of my life.. only now after many many meds, therapy visits and the wonderful discovery of mindfulness am I any where near to a resemblance of ''normal'' whatever that is.. I used to get panicky around my own three daughters.. work that out :( And yes like you thought I was nuts but we are not.. I have found recently I always try to be perfect.. try not to show my true self, act strong etc even when I am not.. I now realise that was working against me as I am not perfect and never will be who is? I don't know if this resonates with you at all? But under neath all of us who suffer like this is a caring sensitive person good luck on your journey xx

  • I have been going through the same thing for what seems like forever now. I am an agoraphobic now, feeling hot at times, crying, liteheaded and just plain scared,. I am also very very afraid of medications. I have pulled away from everyone now even family rather than feel stupid in front of them. Why don't I ever get better they must think. So unfortunately so, you are not alone. Lonely, yes but not alone.

  • I feel exactly like you and it plain sucks!!! I'm really sorry I'm afraid of most meds too😥 just know u r not the only one. I been going through this a very long time! I wish I was a calm person!

  • You are definitely not alone !! I know exactly how you feel , especially the part where everyone thinks you're insane . I don't know how to help you as I , myself am suffering with this but I just wanted you to know that you are most definitely not alone !

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