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Crying out for help

Hi I'm new to this . I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and take Karma when needed. What I'm wanting to know does anyone have this :

Wake up feeling sick and a little off balance as the Morning goes in feel sicker wanting to vomit , can't focus my eyes , kind of dizzy , vision also real hazy/ foggy and real bright, and heart racing, pale , jelly legs and feels like I just don't know what to do I'm like someone help me . Is this a panic attack ? If so why does it take all morning to peak ? Also every time I looked down or moved my head it was the weirdest feeling . Does anyone have the same or can just tell me more please 

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You could be having some vertigo. I used to have it especially in the mornings. Went to the doctors and got told I have vertigo. Have been given exercises for it and it worked a treat! So happy. Just type on YouTube ' vertigo exercises' and folow it. It will help.

Vertigo can come from anything.. From problems with ears to anxiety and depression... 

Best of luck



Thanx for your comment ,I didn't realise it can effect you like that . The worst feeling ever .


U sound like an anxious person all day most of the day your minds never off it so it makes the feelings worse and when your asleep your body is probably still anxious and still worrying so you will wake up sick ! N a chance you get ly in your bed and meditate and try get some anxiety tablets r antidepressants because you sound like your in the mists of it .. I was like that at the start and Dr put it down to vertigo aswell but it soon went away wen I started to deal with the anxiety don't worry it will pass it's nothin serious go to drs to put mind at rest x


Hi yes I feel every pain , ache etc and think the worse . I didn't realise anxiety, panic attacks can come with vertigo . Just the worst feeling ever as a bloody panic attack alone is enough . I have kalma tablets when I need them and seen lately taking them every second day . I didn't want to go on tabs perm but might have 2 . I can honestly say I have one good kind of day out of seven . It's just cruel and after a panic attack I'm so drained. Thankyou for advice


So does any one have that vision thing I mentioned . Days of racing heart . And just can't stop going into a massive panic attack ???


Hi Jodz,

Your entire description is EXACTLY how I feel most of the time too - I've never seen anyone else describe so closely what it's like for me...

My vision is deteriorating rapidly - BUT ... I can see with glasses. Can you? Do you have glasses?

If not, please go for an eye test as soon as you are able.

I don't yet know WHY vision is affected - sometimes it is cataracts; but yours does not seem to be, or there would not be times when u can see OK. (Nor is mine.)

I absolutely empathise with you - and really, there should be no reason we feel THIS bad: sounds as if you're not getting the best medical care, to say the least ... :-(

Best wishes, hope things are better for you by now. :-) (Y)

Aileen. x


hello Jodz. I don't usually reply to anxiety posts as just replying to and trying to help depression sufferers takes a bit of time. 

I don't have much experience of anxiety although much of depression which can cause some anxiety. What you have sounds awful , a sort of free floating anxiety. I can only give the same advice I would give someone suffering from depression , that is to see your GP ,and if you don't have a sympathetic ,listening and caring GP then make every effort to find one.

As I say ,thankfully I don't get real anxiety. but I'm sure a good GP will prescribe something to help. If it is anxiety causing these real physical symptoms ,then they are really being generated in your mind. Despite owning our minds it seems they often have a bloody mind of their own and like to torture us .

However it is your mind and you own it. You are the boss and it does n't own you. This means there must be a way you can control this without drugs. I'm not saying this is easy but reading about mindfulness ,meditation etc might give you a way of doing this.

Best of luck and if you need your GPs help with drugs until you find a way thats perfectly OK.



Thankyou so much . I will be going to the Drs for sure . And yes the morning nc is a very powerful thing and mine does control me as hard as I try the opposite . Thanx again 👍


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