I can't live like this anymore

I try so so hard to stay positive. I'm trying so hard but I can't live like this

My chest always hurts.. I have a hiatal hernia. Im on medication for it and it's not helping. I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired. Crying so much. I'm only 26 yet I feel like my health is just horrible, I feel bad all the time which makes it hard for me to do things like exercise which I know would probably help me out.

I losing hope and don't know where to turn

When is this pain and suffering going to end so I can enjoy my kids, my husband... my life. I feel so worthless today

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  • I understand how u feel...I'm getting tried myself..I hope u feel better soon hugs to u💞 I'm here if u want to talk.

  • Elizabeth, is there no chance of having a procedure using micro surgery to return the hiatus hernia to its proper position? Why hasn't your doctor offered you this option, it would clearly make such a difference to your life. Doctors will always try 'conservative' methods like medication first but maybe it's time to impress on your doctor the extent of your pain and how its disabling effect is affecting your ability to bring up your children? Isn't that what the NHS is for? Even worth exploring having it done privately if it would reduce the wait.

  • Im really considering surgery. I know my GI Dr told me that I would just have to "live with it" but I have a long life to live and I can't "live with it"

    It is getting very very hard, I'm definitely calling him tomorrow. If he has nothing good to say I'm probably getting another opinion. Thank you for your help

  • Hi Elizabeth04 I know that some days can seem harder then others and this sounds like one of those days for you. I'm glad you came to the forum for some consoling. I think just knowing you are not alone can help a lot when feeling down. As health issues keep piling on, we can tend to feel so overwhelmed that we stop living. The minute we slow down with what we use to do everyday the tiredness, restlessness and hopelessness settles in.

    It's about taking small steps in going forward in feeling better. Yes exercise can help a lot with mood control but it doesn't have to be intense. Just getting out in the fresh air and walking a little can feel tiring the first couple times. But it's amazing on how our body adjusts to moving our muscles and begins to like it very quickly. From there it changes the brain chemistry and soon we are actually feeling a lot better, a lot more alive.

    Don't let little things stop you from enjoying your family. The time is now to enjoy your kids while they are young. As for your Hiatal Hernia (I have that too), maybe it's not the right medication for you if it isn't helping. Also stress can be making it worse. Give a call to your doctor and see what his input is. Nothing is as earth shattering as we can make it be in our minds. Try some meditation and deep breathing as well Elizabeth. x

  • So many of us seem to have hiatal hernia's! It has to be related to the anxiety.

  • Thank you so much Agora! Did you have bad symptoms with your hiatal hernia? Mine is just awful

  • No I didn't have any symptoms Elizabeth04, it was found by chance when they were doing the test for another reason. On occasion I can feel a minute of distress when having eaten something that disagrees or especially coffee. And that's decaf coffee I'm talking about. If I'm upset, then so is the stomach and the oils from the coffee will bother me momentarily. x

  • Yes decaf bothers me also. Ugh idk why my symptoms are so bad. They told me it was a small hernia, but I get sick like everyday

  • Elizabeth, maybe a second opinion is warranted. I hope you find some answer that will settle it down. You are too young to battle this everyday. You and your family deserve more. x

  • Thank you

    All this brings up my heart fears... I'm trying to not let it get to me but I'm getting scared again

  • I am sorry you feel this way today, but it will pass and hopefully tomorrow will be better. Speak to your doctor about the fact that the medication isn't helping and/or get another opinion. When we are hurting physically, it's hard to be positive. You need to get the pain under control and there are certainly ways to do that.

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