Good Morning At the barbershop need some help ... literally

soo for somer reason i feel so nervous and shaky feel like i want to just run and could feel my heart trying to speed up on me got me really scared someone was telling me you probably have a heart probably now i cant stop thinking about i saw a cardiologist two months ago he told me i had a arrythmia not a dangerous one doe but for some reason i feel like im going to die soon with this heart issue i feel like im going to past out and might have a heart attack i dont get this is really controling and powerfull for me


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  • Hi Johnnie, are you back from the barber shop yet? Always try not to listen to people who don't have a clue what anxiety is about. You were already in a state of anxiousness and that just put you over the edge. Try doing some deep breathing when you get home and relax.. Your heart has been checked out by your doctors and everything is okay. You are okay. :)

  • yeah i just got home i thought i was going to die in that chair my head was feeling wierd and my eyes and i felt like a heat ness in my body i just wanted to get up but i fought it my heart too was going fast plus when i was walking back home i was touching my chest while walking it was going fast even when i walk while touching it and yeah some guy told me that has to be a heart problem if it keep doing that all the time he even touched my chest and said yeah its going fast it has that to be that you have a heart issue and thats when i got in panick mode aswell

  • You know Johnnie, I don't know why people do that. I guess they think they are helping a person but little do they know that it's making an anxious person worse. I can totally understand where your original symptoms were coming from and was proud of the fact that you didn't run out. You stayed, you showed anxiety that you were not going to be bullied by him. And then along came the good Samaritan and the rest was inevitable. Know that you did good. Be proud of how you handled it.

    The original symptoms come about when we get into a situation that makes us feel trapped. Anxious people need to be in control, need to be able to escape. Possibly the thought of being in the barber's chair brought up the "what if" thoughts. But you did it, you didn't give in.

    Take a little while for yourself now to calm down. A "high 5" to you in not letting anxiety get the best of you.

  • Yeah it was crazy now my head just feels wierd and my eyes feels unreal or dream like

  • This is just the after effect of the emotional bout you went through. It will pass.

  • Yeahh damnn i didnt it was really that powerful its like your going crazy and going out of control of your body that just wanna make your heart race and body shaky and twiching my hand got sweaty aswell alot

  • Oh I so know the feeling. It may have been a long time ago for me but it is something I always remember. Out of control feeling is a good description. But one day Johnnie you will be remembering what it use to be like and no longer have those terrible events.

  • yeahh i think the weed didnt do anything it might just increased my anxiety and my nerves are really bad holding my breath with out knowing aswell i could see myself holding my stomach in with out know then when i let it out feel all the air comes out because sowmtimes when i use to smoke weed it had my heart racing but i wouldnt pay it no mind probably that was warning sighns the main focus is how would i get my life back how i use to be aint really sure how . because this is a powerful thing

  • Wow Johnnie, I liked your response. I think you are absolutely correct regarding weed. Those physical symptoms were there but you paid no attention to it at the time.

    Anxiety may be powerful but you are strong. Deep down inside us is the person we use to be struggling to get out. Learning about how anxiety works as well as how it affects the mind and body will help you better to accept what's happening. Once you do, you will find your own ways to relax your body and heal your mind.

  • yeah but its really hard and wierd at the same time because i stop smoking weed for four months and i still get these physically feelings and wierd feeling you know.

  • But I wonder at this point Johnnie if it is the results of smoking weed after 4 months OR is it the fact that anxiety has now taken hold of your every thought. Maybe low anxiety was there before the weed. Which came first the chicken or the egg dilemma? I feel some of us are more prone to anxiety disorder and it just takes something to bring it to the surface.

  • It may be worth discussing the use of a beta blocker with your doctor

  • Why you say that ? i havent took it today only yesterday they told me that dont take it because im young but i still take it sometimes not a everyday thing even doe the bottle says take one tablet twice a day but i dont only when i feel like its really bad

  • sounds reasonable Lotsof young people use beta blockers for anxiety and some heart arrythmias

  • You think soo would you think i should do ?

  • discuss it with your doctor

  • what about the beta blocker? do you take it aswell?

  • yes I have done

  • oh you use to take then and you dont nomore?

  • I would recommend talking to your Dr about a beta blocker. They work for me and I have been on them for a long time. They really helped me when I was suffering from acute anxiety and depression many years ago. I still take one a day now.

  • Oh okay i get bad headces sometimes with it aswell

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