Good morning campers I need help

A very good morning ro you all, I'm usually happy Mandy, but had a hell of a night, its a new one to me upon drifting off I was jolted up with a feeling of vibration in my head, took a few. Seconds to go, nearly gave my other half an heart attack. Tried falling back to sleep and It happened over and over, I didn't. Get back to sleep now I feel drained very anxious and frightened, I daren't ask for a brain scan I'm terrified of what they might find. How much more can this illness throw at me. I'm in a state Here im shaking writing this. I'll tell you something when my numbers up I've got a few questions for the holy man up in them clouds , as to what he thinks he's playing at making us suffer like this. Well thats if he lets me in them pearly gates no offence to anyone just my sence of humour, even when im scared 😓 xx mandy


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  • Did you have something on your mind before falling asleep ?? Or did something wake you like a noise or something? Would you not just go for a scan "even though I'm sure its anxiety" but it might help and then you can deal with it better ? Might help :-)

  • Now you seen the inner me whizz always strong and happy Mandy, I never bother doctors if I can help it, and I'm a coward when it comes to my own health id rather not know, but the fear of god went through me last night, maybe I should practice what I preach xx and grow a set, xx not balls' though lol ha ha 😊 I'm gonna make appointment xx thanks for replying sunshine I've helped everyone else story of my life help others but when i need it no one there apart from you of course thankyou whizz xxx I'm giving up on this site take take n no give back, xxx rake care whizz xx mandy😒😐

  • Hi Mandy x I have joined especially to tell you I had this about a year ago for about six nights in a row having a few of them in a row each night. And it is the scariest anxiety / high stress symptom I have had as its so acute. I think it was a head rush basically because I was so stressed out at the time. I'm still here x it will pass just take care of yourself x

  • Thankyou I'm a very strong person and suffered anxiety and panick attacks for a very long time had all the symptoms but this one was new to me, good lord I was in awww, thought I was having a brain hemourage but cant have otherwise I wouldn't be here now xx scared the life outa me, knocked me for six. I'm dreading bed time, had.the paralysed shit and falling electric shock in head but not.this one sweet jeysus though I was gonna meet my maker, I'm ok now xx but wary of bed time xxx mandy😞

  • Mandy if you fear bed time now and are anxious about it chances are its going to happen again, as you say tell it to "do one" ;-) you have suffered this a long time could probably write a book ;-) ha ha so its just one of them horrible symptoms you just have to let it wash over you, try relax before bed watch something funny on TV maybe , and please DO NOT give up on this site I'd miss reading your advice you give to people I really think you have the best out look on this , I know sometimes people are slow at replying or maybe just not sure what advice to give.. , but maybe tomorrow will be a better day for you xx

  • Hi Mandy. You've been under a LOT of stress lately, ie robbery of your husband's tools etc so what you're currently experiencing could be a result of acute stress. If it continues, PLEASE go see your G'day if for no other reason than for peace of mind. You wouldn't be bothering them at all.

    Please consider staying on the site. You don't need to post if you don't want to but simply read read the posts because some of the responses and people here are fantastic

  • Correction: " ... PLEASE go see your GP ... ". I dunno, but predictive text does my head in no end. In any case, "G'day" from a person in Australia who does actually care xx

  • Dearest Mandy -

    PLEASE, don't give up this site. Perhaps you didn't receive enough help before because you didn't come across to us as if you were actually asking for it.

    On your last email here, you let us know that you are definitely

    looking for understanding and care.

    You mentioned that you have tried to help others on this site. Perhaps people mistook that as not needing some help yourself. If that is so, then I apologize for all of us.

    Please stay on as part of this website and share your feelings with us. Each of us is here to help one another, and we DO want to help you.

    We will look forward to your next post .



  • Thanks guys

  • No thanks necessary Mandy. Speaking for myself, your continued well-being is all the thanks we here need :-)

    Please, just take care of YOU. With you in spirit xo

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