Hey Good Morning Have Anyone Experinced Some strong weed and now you living like your in hell

Have anyone smoked some weed that made your head beat soo fast for about 30 minutes but you and your friend smoke the same joint and he was calm but you was going nuts even through up in order to calm down this happen to me about four months ago and till this day its still hunting and its wierd because i havent smoke weed after that happen around thanks giving and now i really have bad arrythmias really fast heart beats and alot of physical symthoms in my body like spasm,shaking, despersonalaztion like vision unreal or dream like , shortness of breath , body aches, head feeling wierd plus sometimes feel like im holding in my breath but my nerves are really bad i go anywhere my heart is going super fast and i start to shake and twich i need to figure out the cure to this because if not im going to drive myself crazy this is bad Need Some Advise i think the strain of the weed was really strong and effected my brain and body .


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  • I know I go on about Magnesium but....


  • what is it though and was the person smoking weed aswell?

  • Magnesium is a mineral, you can take it like a tablet. He says after he smoked it he didn't feel anxious or paranoid, read it.

  • Mines doe i smoked that day and i been like this for 4 months after that happen so basically if i take that it would go away?

  • Yup !!

  • im going to try it

  • Yes! Get your magnesium on!! I actually told him about magnesium but I guess he hasn't tried it. You really should! I started feeling better once I took my first pill. I had some really good days lately.

  • its on amazon? right and that wouldnt harm me right i dont like buying stuff online with out knowing what could happen

  • This is a vitamin. It won't harm you. Do to your local vitamin shop.

  • You don't like it just drink milk, calcium, and it will wear off within​ 30mins.


  • yeah im going to try it soon

  • You and your magnesium lool.. I bought it 😁

  • Huh lol ?

  • Sorry , that was to davewavy lol

  • its alright let me know doe if it works matter fact im going to message you

  • Will be the best thing you ever did. Go slow with the dose, snap the tablet in half and then into a quarter. Take with food. If you don't like the relaxed chill happy feeling just drink a glass of milk.

    No need for any panic, it's something you get everyday in your food it's just poorly absorbed.

  • I bought calcium and magnesium in one tablets.. Is that the same ? It's all the chemist had

  • No not really. You want more Magnesium than calcium. Chances are they're 400mg of calcium and 200mg of Magnesium which is what you don't want. Also, the Magnesium will probably be oxide ( look on ingredients ) which is crap. So basically you'll get 400g of calcium and 10 mg of Magnesium. Too much calcium is bad !!.

  • Buy the ones in the link I gave.

  • Marijuana isn't as inocuous as some people make out, in my observation sooner or later it leads to mental health issues, it's just that some people have a higher threshold than others. And youngsters taking it before they are physically and mentally mature can be left with life long changes. The old herbal cannabis was problem enough but then along came skunk, even stronger, and lately it's spice that is pure synthetic chemicals and has proved lethal. I think booze is best if you want a lift but not too much or too often.

  • wait what do you mean booze? so probably the weed gave mental health issue probably

  • Johnnie, weed, illegal drugs, and booze or alcohol are toxins for the body and the brain. Did you receive my last detail post I sent you? My computer went down when I last replied to you. If you didn't receive it, message me back and we will start over. Magnesium Vitaman supplements are very good to take. They are a calming vitamin.

  • yeah im going to message you

  • CBD oil and Magnesiun have quiet strong healing powers for the nervous system​. I have both and take both :-)

  • how long does it take to really work though?

  • can totally relate to this!

  • you be having it aswell?

  • yeah buddy i use to really enjoy smoking as well but the last few times i have smoked had really bad panic attacks which isnt like me in the slightest this was all before Christmas, can have a few tokes but its just no fun

  • doo you still have sypthoms after you smoke that day like after that time do you ever felt physical body symthoms and heart racing head wierd feelings because i do and i havent smoked sense that time and still feel that way four months happen and ever sense that day it changed my life style i cant enjoy life how i use too

  • yes still get symptoms to this day it must have triggered anxiety just hope i can get back to normal me got dr appointment on the 25th just hope this time they do something to help me instead of just sending me away all the time

  • yeah for real all they do is throw me meds drink this and that like are you even really listening they say its anxiety disorder

  • yeah its so difficult to ignore all the symptoms as well

  • yeah i been like this for 4 months hopefully one day all this go away and say yesi dont have anymore

  • i hear that! it actually get in the way of life immensely

  • yeah mines started from smoking some realy strong weed i feel my head wierd likevit messed me up or triggered something

  • Johnnie, I have NEVER in my entire life heard of a reaction to marijuana like you described...I'm not saying you didn't have that reaction--but I am sincerely questioning if it was the pot. In fact, (and no one please take this is my sanctioning street drugs) but I've never of a reaction to ANY street drug like you have described... I really think something else caused this.. won't you please visit with a doctor about this... ??? It sounds like you need a dr to work with you and prescribe some medication... and maybe visit with a therapist... Problems we deal with can result in ALL kinds of physical symptoms...including all that you described. Good luck to you, Johnnie.

  • Yeah i know my friend was calm doe we smoked the same thing and this was four months ago and i still get the heart feeling going super fast and i havent been smoking ever sense it happen i did saw a DR i even went to the ER 7 to 10 times they say my blood work was fine x ray fine echo and even did a sonagram to see my heart and also saw a cardiologist tell this day i ask my friend did you feel anything wierd he goes hell no bro im still smoking still it didnt hit me like it hit you and we smoked from the same joint but honestly idk what to do anymore i see a therapist even tuesday and they gave me meds called paxil i never took it and the ER gave me beta blockers but the cardiologist say dont take it im to young but i takw it sometimes anyways because that calls down my arrthymias that goes super fast you know honestly i think it probably did mess up something in my brain that day it happend really hit me hard

  • Johnnie, talk to the therapist about the med situation...maybe he or she can help straighten this out... Just make sure you are TOTALLY truthful with the therapist...don't hide anything. (been to one myself! :) ) You do need something to help you... sometimes it takes awhile for the Rx's to kick in. Best wishes to you.

  • yeah thank you

  • With all respect, I wouldn't suggest medication so freely. Medication doesn't fix the problem, all it does is MAYBE block the anxiety symptoms for some time and when he wants to live a normal "medication free" life, he won't be able to because your body begins to depend on the meds.

    Therapy with a great counselor can be the only thing he may need. Finding the root cause of the anxiety and then learning to cope with symptoms when they arise. When you know where things come from that goes a long way. It isn't wise to suggest any supplements or medicine online. The best answer before you purchase anything suggested here is to speak with a doctor and they will lead you to where u should be.....

  • yeah idc about the symthoms i care about my heart worries that its always going fast mostly 24/7 and its like i get nervous off anything like really bad nerves

  • Smoking weed CAN bring on a psychosis, thats a fact, some people just react badly to it out of the blue for no apparent reason xx

  • yeahh thats happen to me damn i pray to god i get my life back i feel like im really going crazy

  • Have you ever told you Dr. What you did and ask if he thought that caused you to be this way, I don't think it was weed it's more like panic attacks and depression you should take medication for your problems!

  • i told him i smoked weed and thats what every one saying but i dont get it because i was good before that happen never had this problem that i have now after i smoked that time it messed me

  • I have a close friend who's son smoked weed regular whilst at uni, one out of the blue he suffered a psychosis, the doctors told him that this happens to some people, not many but some, he's.never touched it since and is on medication, have you ever thought it could be something in the weed that you weren't aware was there? Xxx

  • The weed it was street drug i know the person for years never had a problem like that i rolled it up aswell everything was good its smelled good me and my friend smoked from the same blunt he was fine and calm i was the only going nuts and my heart racing like it was going to stop it was going so fast that it felt like i was running on a track but literaly i wasnt i took a couple of pulls like 5 pulls i couldnt even finish it because my heart the only i calm down was by throwing up and after i was shaking alot but i was panicking alot even by drinking water it wasnt calming down when i threw up it calm down i didnt even go to the hospital the same day i shouldve im stupid for that but that same day i went out to get a drink and my heart started racing again so left from the bar got home showerd woke up still my heart racing i went to the ER More then 10 times they say everything looks normal plus my blood work and till this day i say my friend that i was smoking with and he still smoking and he tell me bro im fine look im still smoking and i finish the blunt that day

  • Hey there, I'm totally the same as you - I get anxious and bad psychosis for days afterwards. I used to smoke weed and put it in with food and it was great first few times but it seems to have negative effects on my anxiety. Hope you are well

  • Yeah i really have it really bad doe my heart is always racing really fast and yeah it effected me hard because i was good before that happen then when i smoked i cought a panick attack my heart was crazy fast for 30 minutes but my friend was fine he was calm we smoked from the same blunt before that i was smoking for two or three years before that happen to me i use to feel my heart racing but i wouldnt pay it no mind and it would go away but this time it hit me super hard like i stop smoking for 4 months after that happen now im stuck this way for 4 months feeling a whole bunch of symthoms rapid heart beat arrythmia and phycially pain also my head feels wierd and eyes feels unreal or dream like i dont get it sometimes i feel good and sometimes it really hits me hard like my body goes out of control

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