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Feeling like i am dying or i will have heart attack or any other diseases on my body whenever i heard of other illness costantly


Most of time i get nervous and panic attacks of heart attack i made examination but nothing wrong to my heart but still got some pain on my kidney sides and i cant face crowd and even dont wana go outside of room whenever i go outside i get afraid and feel like i will faint and start shortness of breathing dont know why always i fear of being some disease on me and feeling like i will die soon always costantly i cant stop thinking and its growing on everyday started taking on antidepressants but still i cant stop myself worrying

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Vryt, it's clear from your message that you have what's called health anxiety and the additional fear that your worries create help to keep your nervous system in a state of over sensitisation.

Speaking from experience I can assure you most definitely that you are not going to have a heart attack, you are not going to die and that you most certainly will not faint if you go outside.

If you can frame your mind to accept the symptoms without generating further fear then your nervous system will recover and all your bad feelings will disperse.

Believe me, Vryt, everything is going to be alright.

Vryt in reply to Jeff1943

Yes sometimes i feel like nothing will happen again after sometime i feel like i will have heart attack or will die soon simple things also make me come with panic attack like i dont wana listen people who suffer from several disease specially cancer and people dying from sucide as i hear all those news i stared comparing soon after i develop fearing of i will die and something wrong will be happening to me

Jeff1943 in reply to Vryt

Vryt, when we suffer from health anxiety all our normal fears are magnified ten fold, this is why your fear of heart attack, cancer and dying become obsessive.

As I say, to recover you must take charge of things and this means Accepting without fear all the strange thoughts and feelings that come your way. Only when you stop bombarding your already over sensitised nervous system with more and more fear and your nerves return to normal will you experience a recovery. Hold that thought, Vryt, and start to practice accepting which will set you free.

Vryt in reply to Jeff1943

Thank you i will try and i am trying to avoid all such feeling thanks buddy for your suggestion thats kind of thought all help me tp clam me down

Can I just add Vryt, that many, many people on this forum and elsewhere have recovered from anxiety disorder using the Acceptance method I refer to as set out in a short book many years ago by Doctor Caire Weekes, the book is titled 'Self help with your nerves' and it is life changing. Its available from Amazon and I commend the book to you.

I suffer from Health Anxiety as well. I just went back to the doctor yesterday because I have palpitations that they cannot get under control. Normally they give a Beta Blocker to help but my pulse is so low they cannot... I sobbed to my doctor who has dealt with me and this for 10 years. Another round of blood work and another round on the holter monitor which is mainly to appease me because if I do not get concrete proof that my heart is ok, I WILL end up at the ER.... Its damn near debilitating and I feel your pain. My health anxiety is ONLY with my heart...no idea why because no one in my family going back 3 generations has had ANY heart related issues and I have a clean cardiac bill of health except slow heart rate and palpitations. I feel so sad and embarrassed by this but... at least I found a doctor who understands and he is checking some other things like my thyroid and vitamin levels to see if we can stop the palpitations and finally ease my brain. My advice is to so whatever you need to to settle your mind. Take care of you!!! xo

You sound like me,if only we could switch off and think about all the good things in life Instead of making ourselves sick with worry over something that we probably don't even have😕

Vryt in reply to Little84em

Thanks buddy atleast there is someone like me

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