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Tierd of feeling like this

Soo today my body really hurts arms , legs chestpains for some reason keep twiching cant relax my back i keep moving it sometimes always looking pale and having shaky hands a little bit and my vision like you dont know am really tierd of this everyday thing go to the docter say my blood work is fine ekg is fine only thing need to go now to see if my brain is alright is to get MRI all this started ever sense i smoking weed two months ago like it been happen like idk why am still feeling these sypthoms i could control them but just tierd of feeling like this And also to metion is that for soem reson sometimes i could feel my pulse beating in back of my legs like my heart beating like dont get it Like Seriously GUYS am Tierdd Of This !!!!!!😞

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Have the doctors given you any medication to try?


Yeah i have took any because i try to control it my self instead of taking meds like am getting use to these feelings but it seems not to go away at all


That how I was.. I was trying so hard to not take medicine because I didn't want to be dependent etc

But that didn't help me lol only kept me running back and forth to the er all for them to tell me it's anxiety and that I should try some medication and get counseling. I've finally decided to listen and I'm going to a counselor and on anti anxiety medication. It's actually very helpful 🙂

I wish you the very best


Oh okay i think probably ill take some until i start feeling better and how are you feeling now ? and how long you had this for ?


Sooo much better than when this all started. I've been like this since last July


Its sounding good then hopefully i get better soon aswell

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Let's start with the weed connection. Marijuana is a mild hallucinogenic, very mild. THC (the main ingredient in weed-aka-the stuff which gets you high) is stored in your fat cells. At most, THC can be found in your system from anywhere to two week, to a few months, after using it.

That being said, your half-life of THC is done. The minimal traces of weed in your system aren't causing anything. The weed is in no way the connector to your problems. (unless you smoked some seriously chemically altered weed, which would have been blatantly obvious and you wouldn't be here talking about side effects)

The weed kicked up a panic attack, that you won't accecpt, and now you're in the anxiety loop. You're anxious because you're scared and feel weird and you have physical symptoms, and you have symptoms and feel scared because you're anxious. The cycle is very hard to stop once it starts going.

The anxiety cycle is why the medication might be a good thing for you to quit avoiding. You may need help to stop feeding the cycle.

Take it from me, I fought medication off for 14 months. I'm now trying meds to help. My road to recovery is much harder now because I have 14 months of anxiety beating my body up to get over. My system is stressed.

If you only have a few weeks of a stressed system to overcome then the medication to help shouldn't have to be taken that long.

Of course, medication isn't always the answer. But if you're unable to fully relax and quit questioning why you feel the way you do, then the anxiety cycle won't stop.



Yeah i got three months feeling like this and you think i should take medication ever sense it happen i never have taken medication for it at all because i think the weed probably triggered in my brain thats why am getting a MRI Done but if my results come out good thenni will fully believe it is anxiety but it just all this is strange feeling the way i do


I think you should rule out any illnesses. Then, if you're given the clear, you need to fully accept that it's anxiety. That's the only way to beat anxiety.

Some need medication to do that, others don't. That's your choice, but anxiety is a huge issue and it can cause all kind of physical sensations and that makes it hard to get out of the cycle.


Yeah you right 💯


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